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Update Fixes 0.8.1 (11/30/2022)

Overall > Added Battle Jackets, Bases, Full Power, Shatter Your Limits, and Shadow Dragons. Ate the Four Star Dragon Ball Core Rules > Updated Tier of Power, Size Category, and Punching Down, added Resources, Ki Point Cost, and Movement Attributes > Moved Clairvoyance and… Continue Reading “Update Fixes 0.8.1 (11/30/2022)”

Update Fixes 0.8.0 (8/25/2022)

Overall > Added Navigation Links at the bottom of each page, minor typographical corrections, changed Skill Proficiency to Skill Ranks, changed Ground and Flight Speed to Normal and Boosted Speed respectively, added Parallel Quests, changed Critical Rate to Critical TargetCore Rules > Updated Botch… Continue Reading “Update Fixes 0.8.0 (8/25/2022)”

Update Fixes 0.7.5 (4/27/2022)

Introduction > Removed Defender Wins, Specific Over General, Minimums, Combat Round, and Rule of OneCore Rules > Added Defender Wins, Specific Over General, Minimums, Combat Round, Rule of One, and Gaining Transformations, updated Critical ResultActions & Combat > Clarified effect resolution order, Changed Attack… Continue Reading “Update Fixes 0.7.5 (4/27/2022)”

Update Fixes 0.7.4 (3/23/2022)

Introduction > Updated Combat RoundCore Rules > Added Will to SurviveActions & Combat > Updated Power Flare, Deflect, Intervene, and Energy ChargeAttacking & Conditions > Updated RageCharacter Creation > Updated Level Up Chart and Technique, added AptitudesTransformation Rules > Added Natural State and Returning… Continue Reading “Update Fixes 0.7.4 (3/23/2022)”

Update Fixes 0.7.3 (3/1/2022)

Transformations > Added Ultra Ego, Divinity Unleashed, Enraged, Mutation, No Ego Zone, Absorption, Super Android, Strongest Form, Cybernetic EnhancementTransformations > Class Up > Changed Class Selection and Enhanced ProwessTransformations > Demon God > Reworded Fiendish Sorcery, added minimalist artTransformations > Super Majin > Revised… Continue Reading “Update Fixes 0.7.3 (3/1/2022)”

Update Fixes 0.7.2 (1/14/2022)

Transformations > Added Class Up, Monster Form, Magical Formation, Mode Change, Full Power, Lightspeed Mode, Demon GodPure Progress > Updated the effects of Stance ChangeDark Demon > Updated the effects of Dark Energy, Shadow Magic, Swelling Darkness, and Dark Demon MasteryMetamorphosis > Updated the… Continue Reading “Update Fixes 0.7.2 (1/14/2022)”

Update Fixes 0.7.1 (12/16/2021)

Transformations >┬áMade changes to Alternate Form and Legendary Form Transformation Rules. Additional Aspects have been added. Minor balance changes throughout. Super Saiyan > Mastering Super Saiyan 3 removes the limitation to Blood of the Warrior. Super Saiyan God/Blue > Blue has been rolled into… Continue Reading “Update Fixes 0.7.1 (12/16/2021)”

Update Fixes 0.7.0 (12/09/2021)

Transformations > Made changes to Transformation Rules.  Removed Instinctual Forms category.  Added new Legendary Forms category.  Updated most transformations, and changed category for several transformations as well. Transformations > Aspects > Added Aspects to transformations.  Added new page detailing aspects for all transformations. Transformations… Continue Reading “Update Fixes 0.7.0 (12/09/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.8 (03/29/2021)

Page Talents > Primordial Control > New Talent Page Pure Form > Out-of-Control > Made changes to this trait. Page Actions & Combat > Empowered Maneuver > Add effect to this Action.