Greatest Warrior?

Whenever you fight, the crowd goes wild. When you stop to strike a pose, you can hear the crowd chanting your name, over and over. Everyone who’s anyone knows that you are the strongest fighter around. But your fabled, awe-inspiring might is just that: a fable. Your world-shattering deeds aren’t your deeds, but rather an exaggerated tale to put you in the spotlight. When faced with a truly powerful foe, you fold like tissue paper before them. But for the sake of the fans, you have to face them anyways…

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Manifested Power
  • Maximum No of Stacks. 1
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+

Savior of Worlds. As an Instant Action, you may spend One Action to suffer from a stomach ache. Target an Ally (other than a Minion) within 4 Squares of you and make an Opposed Skill Check – your Bluff against their Intuition. If they win, nothing happens. If you win, that character gains all of your remaining Actions for this Combat Round but you gain any Actions they would have gained through Bonus Momentum during this Combat Round on your next turn instead.

Once per Combat Encounter, you may spend all of your Actions during your Turn to target one Ally (other than a Minion), their next Attacking Maneuver gains a number of Energy Charges equal to the number of Actions you spent.

Increase all of your Skill Checks that use your Personality Modifier by +1d4.

Truly Unbeatable. Reduce your Maximum Life Points and Soak Value by -1/2. Any Attacking Maneuver that does not inflict Damage equal to or higher than 1/2 of your Maximum Life Points cannot reduce your Life Points lower than 1.

Reduce all of your Combat Rolls by -1(bT) and treat your base Tier of Power as if it was -1 lower (min. 1) for the sake of calculating Tier of Power Extra Dice for Combat Rolls. Once per Combat Round, you may automatically succeed at a Strike Roll on an Attacking Maneuver, but that Attacking Maneuver cannot possess any Energy Charges or Ki Wagers and loses any Extra Dice beyond your Tier of Power Extra Dice.

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