Arcosians are bipedal humanoids that have red eyes and white keratinous platting covering scaly reptilian-like skin. They also have other reptilian-like features such as horns, long tails, three-toed feet, and spikes. Arcosians’ keratinous plates can sometimes resemble gems, these types of plates are much stronger and seem to cover more vital parts of their bodies, mainly the head, torso, wrist, and ankles.  Theses plates form a type of exoskeleton known as a bio-suit which protects them from harm. Arcadians have long prehensile tails that can be used to lift large amounts of weight as well as for combat. It is unknown if Arcosians have always look this way or if it is the effects of a genetic mutation and a dominant clan’s genes. There are rumors that Arcosians weren’t always so distinct and eye-catching.

The average height for an Arcosian is around 4’3” and they weight around 120 pounds. Their platting is typically a shade of white or gray and their skin can be blue, purple or pink – although more vibrant colors have been known to exist. Despite their small stature and weight Arcosians are very fit and seem to have no trouble keeping a naturally athletic physique. How Arcosians age is unknown and it is impossible to tell how old one Arcosian to another is. Since their aging process is unknow no one is sure how old they can become or how long they live. Arcosians also do not have any defining gender features – it is believed that they possess no gender. Their method of birth is unknown, but they typically reference their parental figure as father.

Arcosian Lore

Arcosian Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. Both your Spirit and Potency scores increase by three (+3), your Tenacity score is increased by two (+2).

Age. The aging process of Arcosians is unknown and there is no way to tell if an Arcosian is young or old. It is believed Arcosian have a year of maturity and then remain the same with no effects of aging until they die.

Health Modifier. Three (+3)

Size. The average height for an Arcosian is around 4’3” and they weight around 120 pounds while in their suppressed form. They can grow to different heights and weight when they transform. Typically, their true form is roughly the same height and weight as their suppressed form.

Dexterity. Your base speed is two (2) squares or six (6) yards.

Z-Soul. Arcosians can have a wide range of personalities, but all Arcosians share the same defensive and distant disconnect from normal social interactions. Arcosian character will typically have a z-soul related to power, control, wealth, dominance or passion.

Arcosian Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Corporeal
Skills – Select two of the following: Acrobatics, Persuasion, stealth, survival or Thievery

Arcosian Racial Traits. There are no subspecies for the Arcosian race since the only known surviving clan is the Freiza clan – is it believed all living Arcosians are descendants of this family bloodline. Arcosians characters gain the following traits.

Survivor (Arcosian Trait). Arcosians have evolved to deal with a myriad of harmful environments. They cannot suffocate or freeze, even after days, in the vacuum of space. They can even accomplish this feat while mortally wounded. Arcosians can survive in any environment, no matter how harsh or limiting it is.

Arcosian characters increase their all saving throws, excluding morale, by two (+2T). Additionally, when rolling a Corporeal Saving Throw, they can repeat any natural results of three (3) or less – they must accept the second result. You can re-roll botch results with the survivor trait.

Arcosian are extremely durable and can survive bifurcation and vivisection wounds. Increase your soak value by two (+2T). However, when you reach a health threshold reduce your soak by one (-1T). This cannot cause your soak to be reduce to a negative value.

Keratinous Platting (Arcosian Trait). This natural bio-suit can cover your body in various combinations. You cannot gain the benefits of any type of wearable armor, although you can wear it aesthetically. When suffering lethal damage from any source you can reduce the total damage by two (-2T) to a minimum of one.

Cruel Intentions (Arcosian Trait). Merciless and cunning Arcosians aim during combat is to win by inflicting large amounts of damage to the enemy within a short time. Since their extreme power can over-stress their physical form, they must act quickly to end a battle. Whenever you successfully strike and wound a target, you gain the combat modifier superiority for the remainder of your turn. You can gain this effect more than once per round and the effects cannot increase or “double” due additional applications of this effect.

Brutal Assault (Arcosian Trait).  Arcosians are known for their brutality and ruthless during combat. It is unknown if this savagery stems from their bloodline, clan or the innate temperament of the Arcosians themselves. If you successfully strike a target with two (2) or more attack maneuvers increase the damage of a third attack maneuver against the same target by +1d8(T).

Prehensile Tail (Arcosian Trait). You have a long tail that is longer than your other appendages. You can use the tail as if it was a third hand, however, more delicate handlings such as untying knots are not possible. You cannot carry or use any type of weapon with your tail.

If you successfully wound a target with three (3) or more attack maneuvers you can make a bonus physical attack against the same target using your tail. When using your tail as a physical attack you can only add half your strength modifier to the wound roll. You also can not wager any ki points on this bonus attack.

Metamorphosis (Arcosian Trait). A mutated gene allows Arcosians to reduce the stress put on their physical forms. You have the ability to transform using metamorphosis – the stages of metamorphosis are described in the transformation section. Additionally, you has access to the Enhancement Form Ultimate Evolution.

Arcosian Starting Equipment

When creating an Arcosian character you can choose from the following gear and equipment, in addition to any items you purchase or are granted. You will select either item ‘1’ or ‘2’ from the list below.

  • (1) Energy Booster X
  • (1) Spiritualist kit or (2) Martial combat kit
  • 4d10 worth of starting wealth

Dynamic Statistics. You can use the following table to randomly determine your Arcosian character’s features. Such as age, height, and attributes.

1-9 years 10-19 years 20-29 years 30 + years
TypeBase HeightHeight modifierBase WeightWeight Modifier
Arcosian 4’3″ +3d10 inches 120lb. +5d10 lb.

Random Attribute hierarchy. Using the same rules for primary, secondary, tertiary, you will roll a die and the natural result will correspond to an attribute from the chart below. Make three separate rolls, one for primary, secondary and tertiary – re-roll any doubles, discard results of nine through ten and roll again. The remaining attributes start at two (2) like normal.

Natural ResultAttribute
1 Agility
2 Spirit
3 Insight
4 Scholarship
5 Personality
6 Strength
7 Potency
8 Tenacity

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