Update Fixes 0.8.0 (8/25/2022)

Overall > Added Navigation Links at the bottom of each page, minor typographical corrections, changed Skill Proficiency to Skill Ranks, changed Ground and Flight Speed to Normal and Boosted Speed respectively, added Parallel Quests, changed Critical Rate to Critical Target
Core Rules > Updated Botch Result, Critical Result, Size table, Proficient Roll, and Afterlife, added Round Down, Willing Failure, Critical Target, Effect Priority, and Dice Priority, cleaned up formatting and grammar
Attributes > Updated Speed and Super Stack
Actions & Combat > Updated Direct Hit, Deflect, Rebound, Blitz, Energy Charge, Intervene, Grapple, and Empower, removed Energy Duel, Rush Clash, and Combination Attack, added Duel Maneuver and United Attack Maneuver
Attacking & Conditions > Updated Health Triggers, added Absorbed and Pinned, changed Candy to Transfigured
Character Creation > Updated Power Level chart, Character Perks, Skills, Talents, and Techniques
Talents > Updated Adept Warrior, Combat Tactician, Combat Expertise, Cunning Evasion, Powered Strike, Instinctual Dodge, Focused Strike, Master of Self, Mushin, Multi-Type Attacker, Multi-Type Master, Power of the Z-Warrior, Archwizard, Master of Martial Arts, Ruthless Aggression, Pacifistic Warrior, Swaggering Wager, Effective Defenses, Resilience, Vigor, Wild Counter, Diehard, Fortitude, Undying Determination, Alert, Improved Initiative, Patient Fighter, Magic Blaster, Master of Minions, Minion Coordinator, Minion Mark, Ascended Minion, Minion’s Offering, Blitz Sweep, Fleet of Fist, Battle Blitz, Footwork, Power of Movement, Fleet of Foot, Return Stroke, Dramatic Pose, Dynamic Pose, Joyful Pose, Double Pose, Team Pose, Masterful Integration, Technical Prowess, Battle Goo, Saiyan Tail Resistance, Kiri Transfer, Tea Ceremony, Tuffle Parasite, Berserk Resolve, Burning Anger, Swift Wrath, Far Shot, Artillery Shot, Archetype Focus, Brutal Kata, Ballistic Specialist, Magic Specialist, Analytic Fighter, Strategic Attack, Battlefield Tactician, Taunt, Arrogant, Improved Taunt, Flexible Flanker, Interpose, Opportunist, Teamwork, Energy Control, Favored Technique, Powerful Technique, Technique Master, Ultimate Combination, Heavenly Training, Desperate Transformation, Inspiring Transformation, Overwhelming Transformation, Transforming Initiative, Surging Strength, Under Pressure, Specialized Transformation, Iron Fist, Supreme Fist, Brawler, Judo Training, Quick Strike, Genius Designer, Ki Deception, Lucky, Pursuit of Knowledge, Second Wind, and Stealth Strike, added Advantageous Scale, Valor of the Dragon Team, Spiritual Warrior, Lord of Balance, Serene Warrior, Combat Meditation, Magic Warrior, Nefarious Plating, Telepathic Awareness, Hatred to Power, Point Blank Shot, Blaster Master, Precision Kata, Power Specialist, Muscular Warrior, Hefty Muscle, Steel Muscle, Supporting Defender, Quick Learner, Perfect Mimicry, Walking Library, Spirit Control, Destruction Training, Full Angelic Training, Penetrating Strike, and Gunsmith, removed Armor Training, Weighted Fighter, Enhanced Optics, Inbuilt Weaponry, Callous Strike, Ice Cold Rebuttal, Ruthless Whip, Cellular Expansion, Genetic Focus, Biodiversity, Dragon Fury, Heart of the Earthling, Shapeshifter Diploma, Durable Rubber, Magical Mumbo Jumbo, Demonic Warning, Genius Warrior, Wisdom of the Dragon, Low Class Saiyan, Saiyan Elite, Potential of Shinjin, Vindication, On the Shoulders of Giants, Magical Adept, Style Expert, Force Specialist, Strike Specialist, Specialty Spell, Astounding Transformation, Hardened Transformation, Pinpoint Strike, Ground Fighter, Restraining Counter, Ace Pilot, Assessment, Backed Into A Corner, Dead Shot, Keen Eye, Resolve, Boundless Confidence, and Feral Counter
Gear & Equipment > Updated Gear Kits, Apparel, Weapon Type, Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Scope, Large Clip, Rapid Reloader, Precision Shot, Micro Band, and Cooking Utensils, added Ballistic, Standard, Pinpoint, High Power, Support Battery, Burst Shot, Ballistic Ranged Weapons, Metamo Ring, Sunglasses, Control Bracelet, Shock Collar, Suppression Crown, Fashionable Accessory, Sash, Shock Remote, Communicator, and Scout Scope, removed Focused, Buckshot, Piercing, Explosive, Mounted, Connecting Wires, Rapid Trigger, Tripping, Blutz Wave Generator, Medical Machines, and Gravity Machine
Cooking > Added Cooking
Minions > Updated Minions, Limited Control, Statistics, Minion Creation, Minion Perk, Different Scale, Phalanx Fighter, Aggressor, Sentry, and Transforming Minion
Android > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Android Combination, Functional Purpose, Power Core, Infinite Power, Technological Integration, and Metal Body
Arcosian > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Survivor, Keratinous Plating, and Cruel Intentions, removed Metamorphosis, added Divergent Evolution
Bio Android > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Bio Android Proficiencies, Cellular Memory, Genetic Splicing, and Organic Consumption, removed Path to Perfection, added Genetic Focus, Rapid Learning, and Genetic Modification
Earthling > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Perseverance, Last Resort, Earthling Subspecies Traits, and Wings, added Impaling Horns, Slender Build, and Treacherous Quills, removed Enhanced Aptitudes and Shapeshifter
Majin > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Spellbound, and From Goop, removed Majin See Majin Do
Namekian > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Exceptional Hearing, Antennae, Flexible Biology, Intelligent Fighter, Telepathic Warning, Namekian Conviction, Namekian Protector, Spirit of Namek, and Soul Denier, added Refined Combat and Pacifistic Teachings, removed Arm of Namek and Pacifist Magicks
Neo-Tuffles > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Tuffle Superiority, Energy of Revenge and Liquid Body, added Tuffle Rebuke, Hate Empowerment, Aggressive Destruction, and Power Hunger, removed Adolescent Evolution and Tuffleization
Saiyans > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Battle Born, Blood of the Warrior, Powerful Physique, Warrior’s Pride, Saiyan Heritage, Battle Fervor, Explosive Potential, and Raging Hero, added Ancient Saiyan
Shinjin > Updated Attribute Score Increase
Custom Species > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Custom Species Proficiencies, Racial Trait Selection, Subspecies, Racial Technique, Abnormal Anatomy, Environmental Adaptation, Invisibility, and Racial Trait, added Flaws, Arcane Adept, Beloved Beauty, Combative Organism, Forged in Battle, Giant’s Strength, Glorious Tactics, Innate Weaponry, Karmic Punishment, Ki Control, Killer Instinct, Savage Creature, Unyielding Rage, Weapon Master, Blazing Speed, Burrower, Death Defier, Defender’s Tactics, Dense Body, Pixie’s Grace, Rubber Rebound, Solid Guard, Creature Consumption, Crusher, Divide and Conquer, Energy Consumption, Invulnerability, Light Consumption, Natural Fusion, Portal Creation, Regenerative Anatomy, Race of Scholars, Sniper’s Eye, Bestial Might, Burdened with Power, Extra Limbs, Inherent Transformation, Magical Mastery, Minion Maker, Bulky, Brittle Bones, Cannibalism, Feral Creature, Fragile Heart, Karmic Loyalty, Limited Form, Limited Gigantism, Magical Dependency, Petite Warrior, Reclusive State, Reverse Gigantism, Sickly, Weak Spot, and Weakness, removed Burst of Speed, Fusion Trait, Enhanced Aptitude, Hardy Structure, Minion, Variant Size, Treacherous Quills, Transformation Trait, Possession, Dense, Skillful, Sharp Sense, Varied Attributes, Vitality, Low Sustenance, Abnormal Appendages, Cumbersome, Feeble, Environmental Incompatibility, Flawed Transformation, Flawed Fusion, and Oafish
Custom Species > Added Custom Species Examples page
Signature Techniques > Updated Ultimate Signatures, Combination, Rapid Fire, Explosion, Aura, Strengthened Aura, Burning Aura, Sparking Aura, Alotta Lotta Attacks, Aura Gathering, Explosive Magic, Knockback, Terrain Destruction, Flaring Aura, Protective Aura, Transformation Boost, Maximum Charge, Backlash, Concentration, and Short Range, added Chain Attack, Redirected Strength, Resilience, Restorative Shield, Searing Flame, Ascended Signature, Super Sparking, Big Bang, Restriction, Self-Explosion, and Volatile Explosion, removed Ultimate Aura, Super Signature Advantage, and Requirement
Signature Technique Examples > Added Dragon Fist, Stardust Breaker, Hellzone Grenade, Final Explosion, Tri-Beam Cannon, Change the Future, Gamma Burst Flash, Hyper Tornado, Sickle of Sorrow, Android Barrier, Punisher Guard, False Courage, Finisher Sign, Heat Armor, Destructo Disk, Cross-Arm Dive, Lightning of Absolution, Thunder Flash Attack, Blazing Magnetron, Flame Shower Breath, and Minus Energy Zone, updated Special Beam Cannon, Big Bang Attack, Death Beam, Final Flash, Spirit Bomb, and Wolf Fang Fist
Magical Abilties > Removed Magical Abilities
Spellbook > Removed Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and Magical Binding, updated all other Spellbook Options
Spellbook > Added Spellbook Advancements
Transformation Rules > Updated Accessibility, Ki Multiplier, Stacking Power, Shatter Your Limits, New Level of Power, and Stress Exhaustion
Aspects > Removed Controlled Fury and Size Decreasing, updated Bulky Form, Draining, Exhausting, Heartbeat, Perfect Ki Control, Power High, Rampaging, Raging, added Battle Uniform, Bright Aura, and Weakening Form
Transformations > Added Pure Resolve, Zenkai, Genetic Power, Evil Aura, God Aura, Hi-Tension, Ascended Form, Full Power Boost, Brilliant Evolution, and Release Inhibitors, removed Combined Form, Super Full Power, and Golden Evolution
Class Up > Updated Class Selection and Elite’s Pride
Cybernetic Enhancement > Updated Scientific Upgrade and Cybernetic Systems
Majin Mark > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses and Power Variance
Mutation > Updated Race Requirement, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, and Born with Power, removed Twisted Ambition, added Evolutionary Peak
Pure Progress > Updated Combat Imprinting and Stance Change
Reincarnated Power > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Lingering Power, and Emotional Response
Unlocked Potential > Updated Maximum No of Stacks, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Potential, and Power Unleashed
Perfection > Updated Maximum No of Stacks, Atavism, Genetic Combination, and Genepool Traits, removed Superior Offense, added Superior Being
Super Majin > Updated The Ultimate Majin, removed Superior Goop, added Unstoppable
Super Namekian > Added Enhanced Namekian and Wise Fighter, removed Enhanced Regeneration and Predictive Fighter
Strongest Form > Removed Golden Adornment and Gathered Power, added Apex Adornment and Precipice of Revenge
Ascension > Updated Celestial Perfection, removed Exposition of the Observer, added Skilled Watcher
Beyond God > Updated Touch of Divinity
Magical Formation > Updated Aspects, Power of Love, Storm of Love, Collecting Love, Ascending Love, Building Love, All Consuming Love, Fist of Love, and Magical Formation Mastery, added Battle Uniform
Mode Change > Updated Aspects, Form Change, New Hero, New Legend, Finishing Move, Level Up, Extreme Dream, Ultimate Rising Power, It’s Never Over, and Mode Change Mastery, added Battle Uniform
Monster Form > Updated Stress Test, Abomination, True Form Ascension, Beast of Wrath, Monster Form Mastery, and Monster Traits
Power Boost > Updated Aspects, Improved Power, Evolving Power, Keen, Boosting, Overflowing Power, and Power Boost Mastery
Metamorphosis > Updated Meta Traits, Transforming Physique, Restoration, Stage, Stress Test, Tier of Power Requirement, Aspects, Death Strike, True Terror, Bursting Power, Metamorphosis Mutations, Metamorphosis Mastery, and Meta Traits, added Full Suppression, Twisted Ambition, Restrictive Transformation, Weakest State, Coup de Grace, and True State, removed Transforming Aspects, Fierce Aggression, and Natural Body
Oozaru > Updated Aspects, Furious Beast, Hulking Mass, Pure Ferocity, and Oozaru Mastery, removed Pathway to Beyond
Super Saiyan > Updated Aspects, S-Cells, Lightning Reflexes, Raging Power, Aggressive Momentum, Sparking Ascension, Limitless, and Super Saiyan Mastery
Dark Demon > Updated Tier of Power Requirement, Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Dark Energy, Swelling Darkness, Shadow Magic, and Dark Demon Mastery, removed Unnatural Power
Awoken > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, and A Welcome Challenge, removed Sheer Skill, added A Show of Skill and A Chronicle of Growth
Enraged > Updated Aspects, Hateful Fury, Blind Rage, and Overwhelming Rage
Forced Maximum > Updated Stress Tests, Aspects, and Tremendous Drain
Full Power > Updated Stress Test, Over-Mastery, and Roaring Power
Fusion of Ki > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, Constant Maximum, and Synergistic Combat
Giant Form > Updated Race Requirement, Aspects, and Accelerated Growth, removed Cellular Enhancement, Massive Arms, Expansive Healing, and Growing Evil, added Battlefield Titan
Kaioken > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Exponential Power, Surge of Strength, and Crimson Acclimation
Lightspeed Mode > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, and Changing Gears
Powerhouse > Updated Muscular Proportions, Unbending Tissue, and Uninhibited Strength
Spirit Empowerment > Updated access requirements, Everyone’s Energy, and Miraculous Finish
Overdrive > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Overclock, Over Productive, and Full Power Engine
Wrathful > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Compressed Oozaru, and Empowering Fury, added Bestial Berserker, removed Furious Beast
Divine Halo > Updated Aspects, Circle of Light, and Restorative Light
Godly Powers > Updated Aspects, Realm of the Gods, and Godly Powers Mastery
Mystic > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Latent Power, Beyond Transformations, Mystic Mastery, and Brought to the Limit, added Potential Reborn
Ultra Ego > Updated Aspects, Egotistical Combat, Rising Hype, Thoughts of Destruction, and Ultra Ego Mastery
Ultra Instinct > Updated Aspects, Thoughtless Combat, Detached Calm, Overwhelming Heat, Ultra Instinct Omen Mastery, Instinctual Combat, Surpassing the Gods, and Perfected Ultra Instinct Mastery, added Divine Techniques
Super Evolution > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Apex Mutation, Ultra Brutality, Unstoppable Juggernaut, Ferocious Speed, Super Evolution Mastery, removed Mastered Offense, added Rising Bloodlust
Pure Form > Updated Aspects, Erratic, Unpredictable, Wild Aggression, and Pure Form Mastery
Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated Aspects, True Super Saiyan, Unlimited Power, Unstable Power, and Legendary Super Saiyan Mastery, removed Overflowing Power and Super Saiyan of Legend, added Unstoppable Power, Legend of Z, and Legend of Super
Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Utmost Saiyan Power, Perfected Oozaru, Multiplicative Technique, and Super Saiyan 4 Mastery, added Super Saiyan Divergence, removed Adaptive Body, Overwhelming Counter, and Super Full Power Saiyan 4
Super Saiyan God > Updated Aspects, Divine Acclimation, New Dimension, Flame of Life, Super Saiyan God Mastery, Deific Super Saiyan, Flame of Power, Seeking Further Strength, and Super Saiyan Blue Mastery
Demon God > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Demon God’s Wrath, Kiri Kasap, Corrupted Divinity, Fiendish Sorcery, Demon God Mastery, Demonic Fury, Unholy Smite, Diabolical Destruction, True Demon God Mastery, Demonic Presence, and Demonic Presence II, added Battle Uniform
Divinity Unleashed > Updated Aspects, Cosmic Flow, True Divinity, and Divine Ascension, added Battle Uniform
Variant Transformations > Updated Dark King, Destroyer Form, False Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan 4, and Super Saiyan Rose, removed Bio Super Saiyan, Bio Super Saiyan 2, Bio Super Saiyan 3, and Super Golden Evolution, added Descended Super Saiyan, Evil Saiyan, Great Namekian, Spirit Absorption, Super Brilliant Evolution, and True Super Saiyan God
Fusion > Updated Character Combination, Metamorese Fusion, and Potara Fusion, added Fusion types, Fused Technique, Fusion Timing, Fusion State, Repeating Fusions, Controlling a Fusion, Temporary Fusion, Lasting Fusion, Merge Fusion, and EX Fusion
DownTime > Updated Basic Training, Technique Training, Acquire New Transformation, Mentor, Studying, Crafting, Bonding, and Optional, added Increase Your Transformation Speed, Enhancement Modification, and Cooking

We’d like to apologize for the production delay in this update. Due to interference in our personal lives, the update to 0.8.0 took much longer than expected. For everyone who waited patiently, we humbly extend our thanks. Please continue to enjoy DBU!

9 Comments on “Update Fixes 0.8.0 (8/25/2022)

  1. Will the Battle Uniform aspect ever be removed? Like, it’s a cool idea, but there doesn’t seem to be a battle uniform to gain, and no premade battle uniforms to link to. Just wondering. Very nice update!

    • Mode Change, Magical Formation, Demon God, and Divinity Unleashed all have the Battle Uniform Aspect, and the Battle Uniforms they gain are described at the bottom of their pages.

  2. The update notes say a bunch of stuff was changed/added/etc. but it wasn’t. Am I looking at an old cached version of the site or something?

  3. A bunch of stuff that the notes say were updated or added, etc. don’t appear to have changed. Am I looking at an old cached version of the website?

    • Oh no, I didn’t meant to post more than once. I thought there was something going on with my browser. Sorry for the spam!

  4. Hello, friends! A question came up in our player group’s game. If someone succeeds on their Concealment roll to avoid being detected by a Scouter, do they have to roll again for each person who uses a scouter to scan them, or does the result apply for the whole group of scouter-users unless something changes in the hiding person’s battle power?

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