Brilliant Evolution

A golden, glimmering sheen. Your true form was already a dazzling show of power but through further training, you’ve found a way to bring this power up to even greater heights! Your new golden physique isn’t just for show and the golden aura that envelops your body warns others of your overwhelming brilliance. It may seem a little gaudy but let’s just call this your Brilliant Evolution.

  • Race. Arcosian
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 32
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 5+
  • Aspects: Enhanced Save (Corporeal/Impulsive), High Speed Form (Level 3), Raging (Level 1), Draining (Level 4), Bright Aura, Dedicated Transformation, Long Transformation (Level 1), Weakening Form.

Beyond Final. Once per Combat Encounter, you may use the Power Up Maneuver as an Instant Action. Additionally, when you use the Power Up Maneuver, increase your Capacity Rate by 1/2 instead of 1/4. Increase the bonus to Combat Rolls from Power Up to +2(T) instead of +1(T), but you can only use the Power Up Maneuver once per Combat Round and the benefits from Power Up cannot stack.

Additionally, you gain one of these benefits depending on which option you chose for Divergent Evolution:

  • Standard. Gain access to the Death Strike and Coup de Grace Traits of Metamorphosis.
  • Mutants. Gain access to all of the Meta Traits you possess in your True Form.

Refined Brutality. Once per Combat Round, during your turn, you may spend 4(T) Ki Points to convert a Counter Action into an Action that is lost at the end of your turn if not used. If you use this effect, you cannot convert any Actions into Counter Actions until the start of your next turn.

When making an attack that has gained additional bonuses from the Brutal Assault Racial Trait, increase the Damage Category of that attack by +1 (Standard becomes Direct, Direct becomes Lethal). If the attack would already be Lethal, that attack gains +1 free Energy Charge.

Brilliant Physique. When you gain access to this Transformation, select one option from the Keratinous Plating Racial Trait. While in this Transformation, you benefit from that option in addition to the option chosen at Character Creation.

If your Agility Modifier is lower than your Tenacity Modifier, increase your Dodge Rolls by 1/4 (rounded up) of your Tenacity Modifier. If your Agility Modifier is higher than your Tenacity Modifier, increase your Soak Value by +2(T) when using the Direct Hit or Guard Parry Maneuver before any calculations are made. If both your Agility Modifier and Tenacity Modifier are equal, increase both your Soak Value and your Dodge Rolls by +1(T).

Brilliant Evolution Mastery. Mastery for Brilliant Evolution can be gained twice. Each time you gain mastery for Brilliant Evolution, reduce the level of the Draining Aspect by -2. When you gain Mastery for Brilliant Evolution, you gain these bonuses in order of Mastery:

  • Full Power Evolution. Gain the effects of Beyond Final you did not gain due to your choice from Divergent Evolution. For an Arcosian who chose the Standard option, gain access to the Bio-Suit (as if it was selected twice), Redirected Energy, Last Resource and +1 Meta Trait of your choice.
  • Truly Brilliant Evolution. Remove the Weakening Form and Long Transformation Aspects and gain access to the Perfect Ki Control Aspect.

Legendary Trait

Deadly Glimmer. Each time you use the Energy Charge Maneuver, gain +1 stack of Cruelty. Additionally, if you have at least 3 stacks of Cruelty when using a Signature Technique, gain +1 free Energy Charge.

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