Pure Progress

Power is not measured by strength alone. You, more than anyone, know this to be true. Adapt. Evolve. Overcome. If you can do that, you can overpower anyone who stands before you. Studying your opponent and learning how to improve your own skills on the fly, you have developed the distinct ability to grow stronger and stronger as you fight, never allowing anyone to wield more power than you.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Manifested Power
  • Maximum No of Stacks: Three
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+

Combat Imprinting. When faced with an adversary of significant might, you improve during each second of combat. Once per Combat Round, at the start of the Combat Round, when facing an opponent who is at least one Tier of Power higher than you, you may increase your Strike, Dodge or Wound rolls by +1(T). This effect is cumulative, up to a maximum of +2(T). Increase the maximum bonus by +1(T) for each instance of Pure Progress gained after the first.

If you do not have access to an Alternate Form or Legendary Form, you may use the effects of Combat Imprinting if your opponent has entered either an Alternate Form or Legendary Form regardless of their Tier of Power.

Stance Change. Once per Combat Encounter, at the start of your turn, you may adjust your fighting style to fit your opponent. You may reduce your Attribute Scores on up to two attributes by an amount up to 4x your Tier of Power to create a temporary pool of Attribute Points equal to the total reduction. You may spend these Attribute Points on up to two other attributes. The changes remain until the end of Combat, at which point your attributes return to how they were before combat. You can end these changes as an Instant Action, returning your attributes to how they were before using Stance Change. You cannot reduce or increase the Attribute Scores of Scholarship or Personality.

For each instance of Pure Progress, you can treat your Tier of Power as one higher for the effects of Stance Change and you may use Stance Change one more time per Combat Encounter.

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