Through absorbing other people, a Majin can increase their power and gain the abilities of those they took into their body. They usually take on minor visual changes to be closer to that character and gain some aspects of their personality. The most obvious changes being a change to facial structure and partially mimicking the clothing of the most recently absorbed character.

Each stack of this Manifested Power is connected to an Absorbed Character. Make sure you identify each stack with the Absorbed Character. If an Absorbed Character manages to escape for any reason, you lose access to the stack of this Manifested Power associated with them.

Characters created through Fusion count as a number of characters equal to the number of fusion components for the sake of the number of Absorption stacks. While the fusion is still ongoing, you use the fused character for the sake of Assimilated Power but once it runs out, you act as if you assimilated the component characters of that fusion separately.

  • Race. Majin
  • Transformation. Manifested Powers
  • Maximum No of Stacks. Equal to your Tier of Power.
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+

Assimilated Power. When you gain a stack of this Manifested Power, you gain access to the Magical Abilities and Signature Techniques of the Absorbed Character. If you are a Majin, you may also change your current Apparel to those of the Absorbed Character with the highest Power Level or current Tier of Power (if the highest Power Levels are tied).

Additionally, increase your Attribute Modifier Bonuses for the Absorbed Character’s three highest Attribute Modifiers and one other Attribute Modifier of your choice by 1/2 of their Power Level (rounded up). You only gain this bonus from the Absorbed Character with the highest Power Level. If multiple Absorbed Characters have the same Power Level and that Power Level is the highest amongst your Absorbed Characters, you may choose which Absorbed Character you gain this bonus from.

Stolen Heritage. Each Combat Round, you may benefit from a number of Racial Traits or traits from transformations possessed by your Absorbed Characters equal to the number of stacks of Absorption you currently possess. You must announce what traits you intend to use this Combat Round at the start of each Combat Round and you lose access to any benefits gained from these traits at the start of your next turn, if you choose different traits. Traits from transformations that possess the Temporary Form Aspect can only be chosen once per Combat Encounter and you must choose different trait(s) to benefit from at the start of the next Combat Round after you have chosen a trait from a transformation with the Temporary Form Aspect.

For example, if you choose the Battle Born Racial Trait from a Saiyan Absorbed Character, you will lose access to the bonuses granted by Battle Born if you do not choose it again at the start of your next Combat Round. If you do, the effects of Battle Born will remain.

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