Cybernetic Enhancement

We can rebuild you. We have the technology. We can make you better, stronger, faster than you were before. All you have to do… is nearly die. It happens more often than you realize– someone loses a limb, or nearly dies, and thanks to the advances of medical science, they are restored to full health, and they’re somehow… better than before.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Manifested Powers
  • Maximum No of Stacks. 3
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+

Scientific Upgrade. When you gain the Cybernetic Enhancement Manifested Power, choose two Traits from the Cybernetic Systems list to gain. Each Trait from the Cybernetic Systems list also grants a +1 to the Attribute Modifier Bonus of an Attribute listed in parentheses after the name of the Trait. You can only gain each Trait once (see – Double Dip).

Cybernetic Systems

Synthetic Muscle Replacements (Force). Gain +1 instance of Super Stack. This counts as your initial stack of Super Stack if it would be the first instance of Super Stack you have gained.

Rocket Sleeves (Agility). You do not pay Ki Points when using your Boosted Movement Speed. Increase the number of squares you benefit from moving through the Blitz Maneuver by +2.

Life Support Systems (Tenacity). You do not need to breathe and do not suffer from the effects of Battle Environment or Battle Weather. You still receive damage from Battle Terrain and any effects of Battle Weather that would inflict damage.

Increase your racial Health Modifier by +2. This effect applies retroactively.

Signature Amplifier (Force). When you gain access to this Trait, select one Signature Technique you have access to. Once per Combat Round, when you use that Signature Technique, you may increase your Wound Roll by +2(T) for each stack of Cybernetic Enhancement you have access to.

Onboard Computer (Insight). You may use the effects of the Scouter Accessory even if you do not have access to one – this Scouter cannot break, as if it was a Scouter made with a Very Hard Craft TN. At the start of each Combat Round, you may select one opponent: increase either your Strike Rolls or Dodge Rolls against that opponent by +1(T) for the remainder of the Combat Encounter. This effect does not stack with itself but you may gain both a bonus to Strike and Dodge Rolls against the same opponent if you target them with this effect twice.

Nanomachine Repair (Tenacity). Regain +3(T) Life Points at the start of each Combat Round. Increase this effect by +1(T) for each Health Threshold you are currently below.

Once per Combat Encounter, if you are Defeated, you may spend 12(T) Ki Points when the Initiative Order comes to where your turn in Initiative would be to regain +6(T) Life Points and stop being Defeated.

Emergency Energy Stores (Force). Increase the amount of Life Points or Ki Points regained through Surge Maneuvers by +3(T) for each stack of Cybernetic Enhancement.

Once per Combat Encounter, while you are below the Injured Health Threshold, you may spend One Action to use a Power Surge Maneuver.

Armor Plating (Tenacity). Reduce Direct Damage by 3/4 (rounded up) of your Soak Value instead of 1/2 and reduce Lethal Damage by 1/4 (rounded up) of your Soak Value. This only applies to Attacking Maneuvers.

When using the Direct Hit or Guard options of the Parry Maneuver, increase your Soak Value by +2(T) before any calculations.

Integrated Weapon (Insight). When you choose this option, build any type of weapon. Once per Combat Encounter, you may spend an Instant Action to unsheathe this weapon from your body, as long as you have a hand free. You always have access to this weapon (as long as it is not destroyed) and do not suffer the Wielding Penalty for this weapon.

You may spend one hour outside of a Combat Encounter to make a Craft Skill Check, TN Hard, to fix your Integrated Weapon.

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