Update Fixes 0.7.5 (4/27/2022)

Introduction > Removed Defender Wins, Specific Over General, Minimums, Combat Round, and Rule of One
Core Rules > Added Defender Wins, Specific Over General, Minimums, Combat Round, Rule of One, and Gaining Transformations, updated Critical Result
Actions & Combat > Clarified effect resolution order, Changed Attack Maneuver to Basic Attack Maneuver, clarified rules concerning Action types, removed Counter Maneuver, Instant Maneuver, and Out-of-Sequence Maneuver, added No Effort Maneuver, updated Triggered Maneuver, Initiative Advantage, Holding Back Maneuver, Rebound, Grapple Maneuver, Pinning, Tail Restraint, and Moving a Target
Attacking & Conditions > Updated Health Thresholds and Superiority
Attributes > Updated Awareness, Speed, Athletics, and Intimidate, added Intuition, removed Lift and Push
Aspects > Updated Draining and Armored Form
Gear & Equipment > Updated Grappling and Lasting Wounds
Minions > Updated Limited Control
Talents > Updated Backed Into A Corner, Vigor, Under Pressure, Practiced, Ruthless Whip, Undying Determination, Ki Deception, Alert, Improved Initiative, Iron Fist, and Magical Adept, added Hardened Transformation, Specialized Transformation, Ultimate Combination, and Heavenly Training
Androids > Updated Energy Drain Maneuver, Energy Absorption, and Siphon
Bio Android > Updated Stamina Drain, Keratinous Armor, Resilience, Tail, Sai Sei, and Divine Excellence
Custom Species > Updated Burst of Speed and Cumbersome
Majin > Updated Bouncy Body
Namekians > Updated Pacifist Magicks
Saiyans > Updated Battle Born, Saiyan Heritage, and Blood of the Warrior
Shinjin > Updated Divine Origin
Signature Techniques > Updated Aura
Spellbook > Updated Illusion, Four Witches Technique, Instant Transmission, added Mind Reading and Mind Control
Transformation Rules > Updated Shatter Your Limits
Transformations > Added Awoken, Beyond God, and Warlock
Absorption > Updated Stolen Heritage
Demon God > Updated Demonic Presence and Transcended Demon God
Divinity Unleashed > Updated Otherworldly Revelation
Godly Powers > Updated Transformation, Stress Test, removed all traits, added Godly Training, Realm of the Gods, Divine Transformation, Godly Powers Mastery, and Divine Energy
Golden Evolution > Updated Beyond Final
Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated Unlimited Power and Controlled Movement
Majin Mark > Updated Inner Power
Metamorphosis > Updated Meta Traits, removed Aspects Meta Trait, added Transforming Aspects
Perfection > Updated Fight or Flight
Super Evolution > Updated Apex Mutation
Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Utmost Saiyan Power, Multiplicative Technique, Saiyan Potential, and Limit Breaker
Super Saiyan God > Updated Super Saiyan Blue Evolved
Ultra Ego > Updated Rising Hype and Destroying the Self, removed Breaking the Shell
Ultra Instinct > Updated Ultra Instinct Acclimation, removed Breaking the Shell
Variant Transformations > Updated Bio Super Saiyan, added Legendary Super Saiyan 4 and Destroyer Form
Removed Shatter Your Limits from all transformations which granted the ability.

Update Fixes 0.7.4 (3/23/2022)

Introduction > Updated Combat Round
Core Rules > Added Will to Survive
Actions & Combat > Updated Power Flare, Deflect, Intervene, and Energy Charge
Attacking & Conditions > Updated Rage
Character Creation > Updated Level Up Chart and Technique, added Aptitudes
Transformation Rules > Added Natural State and Returning to Normal
Aspects > Added Power High, updated Long Transformation
Gear & Equipment > Updated Spiritual and Protective Shield, added Snaring and Tripping
Minions > Updated Minions, Limited Control, and Statistics, added Generalist, Phalanx Fighter, Aggressor, Defender, Sentry, and Transforming Minion
Talents > Updated Backed Into A Corner, Desperate Transformation, Ruthless Aggression, Slow Starter, Cellular Expansion, Enhanced Optics, Inbuilt Weaponry, Swaggering Wager, Master of Martial Arts, Archwizard, Under Pressure, Shapeshifter Diploma, Undying Determination, Willpower, Saiyan Tail Resistance, Saiyan Elite, Ice Cold Rebuttal, Ruthless Whip, and Powered Strike, added Power of Movement, Masterful Integration, and Boundless Confidence
Signature Techniques > Updated Aura, Ultimate Aura, Damage Over Time, Condition, Penetration, and Genki, added Shield, Karmic, Offensive Shield, Shockwave, Delayed, Final Chance, Concentration, and Diminishing Shield
Magical Abilities > Updated Augment and added Binding
Spellbook > Updated Manipulation Sorcery, added Para Para Dance and Space-Time Connection
Races > Earthlings > Updated Earthling Subspecies Traits, Claws, Bite, Wings, Enhanced Aptitudes, and Tail, removed Bloodsucker, added Third Eye and Magical Techniques
Races > Saiyans > Updated Warrior’s Pride and Saiyan Heritage
Races > Bio Android > Updated Super Saiyan
Races > Arcosian > Updated Survivor, Keratinous Plating, Brutal Assault, Cruel Intentions, and Prehensile Tail
Races > Androids > Added Functional Purpose, update Siphon, removed Overdrive
Races > Majin > Updated Transfiguration Beam
Races > Shinjin > Added Heavenly Advantage and Demonic Advantage, removed Divine Halo and Dark Demon Form
Races > Namekians > Updated Health Modifier and Namekian Protector, replaced Magical Materialization with Magic Creation
Transformations > No Ego Zone > Updated Supreme Mortal Ki and Serene Combat
Transformations > Super Saiyan > Updated Aspects and Super Saiyan Mastery, removed Animosity
Transformations > Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Aspects, Perfected Oozaru, and Natural Form
Transformations > Majin Mark > Updated Inner Power
Transformations > Perfection > Updated Mighty Transformation
Transformations > Metamorphosis > Updated Aspects, Meta Traits, Metamorphosis Mastery, Burning Hatred, Bio-Suit, Unrelenting, added Transforming Physique, Natural Body, and Spiked Plating
Transformations > Golden Evolution > Updated Beyond Final, Golden Physique, True Golden Sheen, Hellborn Hatred, Glistening Bio-Suit, added Glimmering Blades
Transformations > Super Evolution > Updated Apex Mutation
Transformations > Overdrive > Updated Stress Test, Tier of Power Requirement, Overclock, and Full Power Engine, added Over Productive
Transformations > Pure Form > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifiers, Unpredictable, Truly Pure, Pure Form Mastery, added Wild Aggression
Transformations > Divine Halo > Updated Stress Test, Tier of Power Requirement, and Aspects
Transformations > Divinity Unleashed > Updated Aspects
Transformations > Dark Demon > Updated Dark Energy and Unnatural Power
Transformations > Super Full Power > Updated 100% Power
Transformations > Godly Powers > Updated Divine Energy
Transformations > Monster Form > Updated Abomination, Self-Acceptance, and True Form Ascension, added Beast of Wrath
Transformations > Kaioken > Updated Stress Test, Exponential Power, Surge of Strength, added Crimson Acclimation, removed Cost of Strength
Transformations > Added Fusion of Ki, Spirit Empowerment, Forced Maximum, Combined Form, Reincarnated Power, and Ascension
Variant Transformations > Updated False Super Saiyan, added Bio Super Saiyan

Update Fixes 0.7.3 (3/1/2022)

Transformations > Added Ultra Ego, Divinity Unleashed, Enraged, Mutation, No Ego Zone, Absorption, Super Android, Strongest Form, Cybernetic Enhancement
Transformations > Class Up > Changed Class Selection and Enhanced Prowess
Transformations > Demon God > Reworded Fiendish Sorcery, added minimalist art
Transformations > Super Majin > Revised Superior Goop.
Transformations > Metamorphosis > Revised Fierce Aggression, True Terror, Bursting Power, Gruesome Impalement, Mutations, and Mastery
Transformations > Super Namekian > Revised Enhanced Regeneration
Transformations > Super Full Power > Revised 100% Power
Transformations > Perfection > Revised Mighty Transformation and Junior Creation, added Perfected Ultimate Attack
Transformations > Super Evolution > Revised Stress Test, Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Apex Mutation, Ultra Brutality, Unstoppable Juggernaut, Ferocious Speed, Super Evolution Mastery, and replaced Rising Bloodlust with Mastered Offense
Transformations > Golden Evolution > Revised Aspects, Beyond Final, Refined Brutality, Golden Physique, Golden Evolution Mastery, and Effects of Training. Added Evolved Meta Traits.
Transformations > Oozaru > Revised Boulder Toss, Oozaru Mastery, Gained Bulky Form Aspect.
Transformations > Oozaru > Golden Oozaru > Revised Stress Test, Aspects, Hulking Mass. , Gained Bulky Form Aspect.
Transformations > Super Saiyan 4 > Revised Utmost Saiyan Power, Adaptive Body, and Overwhelming Counter. Added Perfected Oozaru.
Transformations > Mystic > Revised Latent Power
Transformations > Legendary Super Saiyan > Revised Super Saiyan of Legend
Transformations > Super Saiyan > Revised Aggressive Momentum
Transformations > Super Saiyan God > Revised Divine Acclimation, New Dimension, Flame of Life, Divine Energy, and Divine Remnants
Transformations > Super Saiyan God > Super Saiyan Blue > Revised Aspects, Deific Super Saiyan, Blue Burnout, Seeking Further Strength, Super Saiyan Blue Mastery, and Divine Remnants II
Transformations > Ultra Instinct > Split Ultra Instinct into two stages
Transformations > Lightspeed Mode > Revised Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Impossible to Catch, and High-Speed Assault. Added Changing Gears.
Transformations > Full Power > Revised Over-Mastery and Roaring Power. Changed Stress Test.
Transformations > Powerhouse > Changed Stress Test. Gained Bulky Form Aspect.
Transformations > Kaioken > Revised Aspects.
Transformations > Transformation Rules > Revised Transforming, New Level of Power, and Legend Realized.
Transformations > Transformation Rules > Aspects > Revised Temporary Form. Added Heartbeat. Added Bulky Form.
Techniques > Magical Abilities > Completely reworked Magical Abilities
Campaign & Settings > DownTime > Revised Downtime rules
Campaign & Settings > Battle Grounds > Revised Battle Terrain, Battle Weather, and Sight & Illumination. Added Battle Environment.
Campaign & Settings > Added Variant Transformations
Player > Gear & Equipment > Revised Armor, Weighted Clothing, Weapons, Weapon Qualities, Break Value, Gear Kits, Power Pole, Brave Sword, Bansho Fan. Added Weather Resistance.
Player > Talents > Reorganized Talents. Added Table of Contents, Berserk Resolve, Commander’s Fury, Burning Anger, Swift Wrath, Backed Into A Corner, Favored Technique, Specialty Spell, Powerful Technique, Return Stroke, Patient Fighter, Assessment, Analytic Fighter, Strategic Attack, Battlefield Tactician, Cellular Expansion, Genetic Focus, Biodiversity, Vindication, On the Shoulders of Giants, Tuffle Parasite, Armor Training, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Weapon Master, Weighted Fighter. Revised Low Class Saiyan, Ace Pilot, Brutal Kata, Focused Strike, Astounding Transformation, Overwhelming Transformation, Transforming Initiative, Master of Minions, Close Range Shot, Minion’s Offering, Minion Coordinator, Slow Starter, Ambidextrous, Ballistic Specialist, Iaijutsu, Master-At-Arms, Quick Strike, Weapon Specialist.
Races > Added Tuffles
Races > Namekians > Revised Cellular Proliferation and Namekian Clairvoyance. Added Namekian Conviction.
Races > Majins > Revised Elastic Regeneration, Mini Majin, From Goop, Assimilation, and Escaping Assimilation
Races > Saiyan > Revised Thrill of the Fight and Explosive Potential
Races > Shinjin > Revised Far Seeing
Races > Bio Android > Revised Zenkai. Added Tuffle (Race)
Races > Earthlings > Revised Earthling Resolve.
Races > Android > Revised Damage Inhibitor and Lock On. Added Machine Mutant Sub-Race.
Rules > Actions and Combat > Removed Barrage Maneuver. Revised Grappling, Reload, Out-of-Sequence Maneuver, Instant Action, Combat Recovery, Holding Back, Healing Surge, Knocked Down, and Intervene. Added Terrain Lift and Throw.
Rules > Attacking and Conditions > Revised Ki Wager and types of Basic Attacks available. Added Blinded and Attacking Maneuver.
Rules > Attributes > Revised Super Stack.
Rules > Character Creation > Revised Talent
Rules > Core Rules > Revised Target Number, Solid Dice, and Keep the Best. Added Breakthrough and Gigantic Grip.
Player > Z Soul > Revised Karma
Techniques > Signature Techniques > Revised Energy Focus, Intense Blast, Dead-Link, and Weapon-Assisted. Added Cutting, Aura Gathering, Splitting, Large Energy Weapon, Weapon Infusion, Focused Weapon, and Fragile Weapon.
Techniques > Magical Abilities > Spellbook > Revised Manipulation Sorcery, Multi-Form Technique, and Solar Flare. Added Afterimage Technique.

Update Fixes 0.7.2 (1/14/2022)

Transformations > Added Class Up, Monster Form, Magical Formation, Mode Change, Full Power, Lightspeed Mode, Demon God
Pure Progress > Updated the effects of Stance Change
Dark Demon > Updated the effects of Dark Energy, Shadow Magic, Swelling Darkness, and Dark Demon Mastery
Metamorphosis > Updated the effects of Death Strike, True Terror, Burning Hatred, Efficiency, Bio-Suit, Unrelenting, Furious Onslaught, and Metamorphosis Mastery, updated the Stress Test values
Super Saiyan > Updated the effects of Aggressive Momentum, Limitless, and Super Saiyan Mastery, added the Sparking Ascension trait, updated the Stress Test values
Power Boost > Updated the effects of Keen, Boosting, and Power Boost Mastery, added High Power Boost (Stage 2) and Maximum Power Boost (Stage 3), and the Improved Power, Evolving Power, Power Strike, and Overflowing Power traits, updated the Attribute Bonuses, updated Aspects
Divine Halo > Updated the effects of Circle of Light and Restorative Light
Powerhouse > Updated the effects of Unbending Tissue
Godly Powers > Updated the effects of Divine Energy and Aura of the Gods
Super Full Power > Updated the effects of 100% Power, Overwhelming the Weak, Invincible, Super Full Power Mastery, Restraint of the Strongest, added All-Consuming Aura, replaced Full Power with Greater Power, updated the Attribute Bonuses, updated Aspects, updated the Stress Test value
Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated the effects of True Super Saiyan, Unlimited Power, Overflowing Power, Unstable Power, Legendary Super Saiyan Mastery, and Super Saiyan of Legend, updated the Attribute Bonuses, updated Aspects, updated the Stress Test value
Super Saiyan 4 > Updated the effects of Adaptive Body, Multiplicative Technique, Overwhelming Counter, Super Full Power Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 4 Mastery, updated Aspects, updated the Stress Test value
Super Evolution > Updated the effects of Apex Mutation and Rising Bloodlust
Golden Evolution > Updated the effects of Refined Brutality, Golden Physique, Golden Evolution Mastery, and Effects of Training
Mystic > Updated the effects of Mystic Mastery
Aspects > Added Natural Form, updated the effects of God Ki
Shinjin > Updated the effects of Celestial Potential, Far Seeing, Inner Peace, and Kiri Drain, added Divine Origin and Skill of the Watcher, removed Obscured Energy
Arcosians > Updated the effects of Brutal Assault
Saiyans > Updated the effects of Thrill of the Fight and Battle Fervor
Talents > Updated the effects of Potential of Shinjin, Tea Ceremony, Kiri Transfer, Saiyan Elite, Close Range Shot, Adept Warrior, Dynamic Pose, Desperate Transformation, Surging Strength, Under Pressure, and Far Shot, added Genius Designer
Vehicles > Updated the effects of Turbo Boost
Gear & Equipment > Updated the effects of Rapid Trigger, updated the rules for Crafting, added Sealing Talisman and Cooking Utensils
Actions & Combat > Updated the effects of Barrage Maneuver, Miracle Empowerment, Parry Maneuver, Rush Clash, and Energy Duel, added Duel Escape Maneuver
Attacking & Conditions > Updated the effects of Candy Combat Condition, added Slowed Combat Condition and Shaken Combat Condition
Transformation Rules > Added New Level of Power
Core Rules > Added Afterlife
Attributes > Updated the descriptions of Craft and Science
Spellbook > Updated the effects of Magical Enhancement, Magical Materialization, Four Witches Technique, Size Change, Time Skip, and Magical Binding, updated the Ki Point Cost of Life Energy Absorption, added Fake Moon, Solar Flare, Stone Spit, Body Change, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, and Mafuba
Frequently Asked Questions > Added page
Variant Rules > Updated Dice Creep System, Alternate Attribute Generation, Limitless Capacity, Experience Purchase System, Easy Game Difficulty, Life Box System, Pure Progression, and Accumulation of Power, added Experience System and Average Life Points
Signature Techniques > Updated the effects of Combination, Explosion, Rapid Fire, Elemental, Alotta Lotta Attacks, and Potent Beam, added Crushing, Sweeping, Shattering Blow, Magical Infusion, Widespread Magic, Explosive Magic, Quick Reaction, and Grappling Technique

Update Fixes 0.7.1 (12/16/2021)

Transformations > Made changes to Alternate Form and Legendary Form Transformation Rules. Additional Aspects have been added. Minor balance changes throughout.

Super Saiyan > Mastering Super Saiyan 3 removes the limitation to Blood of the Warrior.

Super Saiyan God/Blue > Blue has been rolled into the second stage of Super Saiyan God as per request. Rules for multiple stages of Legendary Forms have been added.

Metamorphosis > Mastered stages of Metamorphosis retain their Stress Test Requirement but it does not need to be rolled for unless you are also using an Enhancement Power in conjunction with it.

Transfiguration Beam/Assimilation > Limited Transfiguration Beam to base Strike Value and the only Extra Dice allowed are Tier of Power Extra Dice to limit abuse from Bio Androids and certain builds. Assimilated Targets now gain +1 to their Cognitive Saving Throws each time they fail to break free of Assimilation.

Talents > You now gain 2 Talents at Character Creation and +1 Talent each time you reach a new Tier of Power. This is to assist in building unique and interesting characters. Some Talents have been changed to be more effective or inclusive (Brutal Kata, Second Wind and Powered Strike). New Talents have been added (Slow Starter, Master of Martial Arts, Multi-Type Attacker, Multi-Type Master, Dramatic Pose, Joyful Pose, Double Pose, Team Pose, Desperate Transformation and Pacifistic Warrior).

Actions & Combat > Two new maneuvers have been added (Holding Back Maneuver and Rush Clash Maneuver).

Update Fixes 0.7.0 (12/09/2021)

Transformations > Made changes to Transformation Rules.  Removed Instinctual Forms category.  Added new Legendary Forms category.  Updated most transformations, and changed category for several transformations as well.

Transformations > Aspects > Added Aspects to transformations.  Added new page detailing aspects for all transformations.

Transformations > Fusion > Changed Fusion Rules.

Races > Races have been updated.  Bio Android added as a new race.

Signature Techniques > Signatures have been changed, added technique types for Auras and the Magical Foundation.  Advantages and Disadvantages have been updated.  Spellbook added.

Gear and Equipment > Updated Gear and Equipment. Removed Wealth.  Separated Vehicles into separate page.

Talents > Talents have been updated.  New Talents have been added.

Z-Soul > Added new information

Downtime > Updated Downtime Activites and Training options

Core Rules > Updated Core Rules.  Split Attributes into a new page.  Combined Strength and Potency into a new Attribute: Force.

Actions and Combat > Updated Maneuvers.

Introduction > Updated Introduction text.

Character Creation > Updated the rules for Character Creation.

Attacking & Conditions > Major changes.  Rage is now a Combat Condition.

Adversaries & Villains > Changes made to simplify this system.

Minions > New system added for Minions.

UPDATE FIXES 0.6.0 (08/28/2021)

Character Creation > Size > Tweaked and added modifiers to size chart.

Combat & Actions > Grapple Maneuver > Changed effects of grappled from prone to guard down. Added prone effect to pinning.

Majin > Racial Traits > Reworked and tweaked all Majin racial traits.

New digital character sheet coming soon. New Feature Preview below.

  • Settings sheet where you can select variant rulesets for the sheet to use
  • Built-in dice roller
  • Place to input custom race information that will override the sheet’s lookups
  • New tab that tracks level up choices so you don’t have to wonder if you remembered that new talent

UPDATE FIXES 0.5.9 (08/24/2021)

Oozaru > Gargantuan > Minor tweaks to this trait.

Giant Namekain > Reworked and tweaked this form’s traits and Mastery.

Combat & Actions > Maneuvers > Combination Maneuver > New Maneuver (Feat. Worm)

Talent > Teamwork > New Talent.

UPDATE FIXES 0.5.8 (08/21/2021)

Races > Namekian > Racial Traits > Reworked Namekain Racial Traits.

Races > Saiyan > Saiyan Tail > Tweaks and changes.

Combat & Actions > Intervene Maneuver > New maneuver.

Talents > Interpose > New Talent.

Majin changes are being worked on and will becoming soon – Stay tuned.

UPDATE FIXES 0.5.7 (08/18/2021)

Transformation > Class Up > Blow for Blow > Reworked this trait.

Transformation Rules > Enhancement Power > Accumulating Power > New rule and variant rule

Adversaries & Villains > Premade Enemies > DBU: Heroes and Adversaries > New Adversaries created by community Collaborator Worm. Includes Vegeta, Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu. WIP (Inside “Complete” folder)

Namekian changes are being worked on and will becoming soon – Stay tuned.