UPDATE FIXES 0.5.4 (07/18/2021)

Website > General grammar and error correction

Signature Attack > Made changes and tweaked this section to improve clarity and readability.

Magical Ability > Made changes and tweaked this section to improve clarity and readability. Made changes to the cost and gain from effects to bring the metrics into line with Signature attacks. Both section now function the same for TP and KP cost and gain.

UPDATE FIXES 0.5.3 (07/17/2021)

Website > General grammar and error correction.

Core Rules > Scholarship > Medicine >  Change healing power from d6 to d8.

Core Rules > Spirit > Concealment > Changed this skills name from ‘concealment’ to ‘ki concealment’.

Tier of Power > Website > Changed the phase “for each Tier of Power” to reflect new Tier of Power rules. See Character Creation > Tier of Power & Cost of Power for extended details.

Tons of minor changes to ToP effected traits, abilities, talents, and other such aptitudes. This includes, but is not limited to, changes in numerical values, length, and strength.

Combat & Actions > Maneuvers > Reduced the number of free Counter Actions you gain from ToP.

Giant Form > Tweaked this Transformation, change to Enhancement Power. Added Mastery

Oozaru > Add new trait Gargantuan and removed Indomitable trait. Combined Bulky and Dense Strength Traits. Added Mastery.

Appendix > Removed this page. Was not turning into what was wanted.

UPDATE FIXES 0.5.2 (07/14/2021)

Website > General corrections and grammar changes.

Transformations > Alternate Forms > Super Saiyan > Reworked this entire transformation.

Actions & Combat > Initiative Advantage > Tweak this rule to add clarity.

Changes coming to Oozaru transformation coming soon.

UPDATE FIXES 0.5.1 (06/14/2021)

Page Attacking & Conditions > Variant Rule > Life Box System > Add variant Life Point system for more storyteller style of play.

Page Attacking & Conditions > Combat Conditions > Weakened New Combat Condition.

Page Attacking & Conditions > Combat Conditions > Fatigued New Combat Condition.

Page Metamorphosis > Personalize Power > Add text to clearly state Meta Traits stack from stage to stage as general rule.

Page Metamorphosis > Meta Traits > Removed Treacherous Quills

Page Metamorphosis > Metamorphosis Mastery > Add mastery to this transformation. Super Evolution is now part of Metamorphosis mastery.

UPDATE FIXES 0.5.0 (06/09/2021)

Website > General grammar and corrections

Page > Core Rules > Exceptional Save > Added Core rules for exceptional checks and saves.

Page > Metamorphosis > This transformation has been reworked and tweaked.

*Super Evolution will make a return in the near future as an new Enchantment Form.

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.9 (05/23/2021)

Page Pure Form > Reworked this form. Major changes and updates.

Short update, but as promised reworking all forms for balancing and playability. More to come soon. I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately – we are working on more content.

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.8 (05/09/2021)

Saiyan > Saiyan Tail > Damage can no longer be reduced or blocked.

Signature Attack > Stat Boosting > Damage can no longer be reduced or blocked.

Signature Attack > Backlash > Damage can no longer be reduced or blocked.

Attacking & Conditions > Guard Down > Reworked this condition.

Gear & Equipment > Wealth > Add Shinjin.

Gear & Equipment > Armor Proficiency > Changed Text.

Talents > Battle Proficiency > Changed name to Battle Suit Proficiency.

Talents > Ascension > Removed See Powerhouse.

New Page > Variant Rules > Located under Campaign & Settings.

Battle Grounds > Hardness > Altered text for clearer understanding.

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.7 (04/29/2021)

Dark Demon > Creeping Corruption > Changes to this trait.

Signature Attacks > Disadvantages > Short Range > Only usable with ranged attacks.

Signature Attacks > Efficiency > Tweaked this Advantage.

Signature Attacks > Energy Focus & Powers > Add text to clarify what damage modifiers can be added to attacks.

Signature Attacks > Ki Manipulation > Energy Focus > Attack now using Melee Attack Range Rule.

Signature Attacks > Disadvantages > Obligatory Charging > New Disadvantage.

Signature Attacks > Advantages > Condensed > New Advantage.

Talents > Heart of the Earthling > You can only use this talent once per combat.

Talents > Improved Taunt > Tweaked this talent.

Magical Abilities > Adding Effects > Changed the mathematical symbol for technique points from (+)s to (-)s for consistency with Signature. You will now subtrack the TP cost from your earned points and add ki point cost to your ability.

Introduction > The Rule of One > Add new core rule for minimum cost.

Attacking & Conditions > Combat Conditions > Guard Down > Tweaked this condition.

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.6 (04/14/2021)

Page Core Rules > Target Number > Changed starting TN’s from fives (5s) to threes (3s). Changed Tier of Power increase to TN’s from fives (5s) to threes (3s)

Page Core Rules > Spirit > Clairvoyant > Removed bonus to all Saving Throws. Other attributes grant these bonuses now.

Page Core Rules > Insight > Awareness > Add text for additional uses. Buff/Intimidate.

Page Talents > Oozaru Focus > Talent affects Unrelenting Rampage now.

Page Dark Demon > Creeping Corruption > Added to this trait

Page Divine Halo > New Enhancement Power > Kaio Transformation based by Harmony

Page Powerhouse > New Enhancement Power > New Transformation based by Worm

Changes to the Tier of Power requirements and Stress Test Value of all transformations.

Average Stress Test is 1d10 (5) + Power Level + 1 for every two (2) Personality modifier (Limit Breaker).

This is assuming you raise your Personality Modifier by at least two (2) once every Tier of Power or once every five (5) Power Levels.

This means by Power Level twenty (20) you should be able to take and pass a Target Number of twenty-nine (29) roughly 50-55% of the time. This is would be without any Talents, Karma, or other traits.

The Stress Test Value of all forms are based around this formula. Somewhere between ten (10) and fourteen (14) will be the average Stress Test for Transformations that require Tier of Power one (1) to use.

Tier of Power Zero (0)

  • (*) Great Ape
  • (8) Giant Form
  • (*) Rage
  • (10) Power Boost
  • (12) Powerhouse
  • (10+) Kaioken
  • (10) Dark Demon
  • (10) Divine Halo

Tier of Power One (1)

  • (13) Super Saiyan (Stage One)
  • (12) Metamorphosis (Stage Three)
  • (12) Pure Form
  • (11) Class Up
  • (*) Golden Ape

Tier of Power Two (2)

  • (19) Super Saiyan Two (Stage Two)
  • (17) Metamorphosis (Stage Two)

Tier of Power Three (3)

  • (25) Super Saiyan Two (Stage Three)
  • (24) Metamorphosis (Stage One)

Tier of Power Four (4)

  • (31)Super Saiyan Two (Stage Four)
  • (31) Metamorphosis (Stage Zero)
  • (30) Godly Powers

Tier of Power Five (5)

  • (26+) Ultimate Evolution (Stage Zero)
  • (38) Ultra Instinct`

*All transformations will be getting some updates in the near future and all forms, but Manifested Power, will be getting Mastery options. *

UPDATE FIXES 0.4.5 (04/13/2021)

Page Core Rules > Super Stack > Added additional bonus to this effect.

Page Encounter Creator > New Page > Located under the Adversaries & Villains Page. WIP

Page Battle Ground > Battle Backgrounds > Add more backgrounds