UPDATE FIXES 0.8.3 (04/01/2023)

New Additions



  • A race of sentient plant creatures, these fierce warriors are finally at your fingertips. From the traditional small humanoids, to the more extravagant divergent evolutions, defeat your foes with tricky and savage strategies!


Super Saiyan 5

  • Unleash the pinnacle of primal fury with the ultimate form of Super Saiyan!

Savior from Heaven

  • When all hope is lost and the world needs a hero… the Savior from Heaven descends! Let out your inner beast with a burning scar that signifies the light you contain!

Master Class

  • Through dedication or perhaps by chance, you have a unique specialization towards a particular method of fighting. In a class of your own, you are ready to defend even time itself!


  • As the highest pedigree of Saibamen, it is your job to protect and rule over your subjects. With great prestige, you are capable of giving aid to your allies better than any other.

Greatest Warrior?

  • You are the world’s greatest warrior! Or… So you think. At the very least, everyone else does! You may not be very capable compared to the insane superhumans that surround you, but you have something a bit more nuanced than any of them… Luck!

Variant Transformations – Super Saibamen

  • You have surpassed that of the average Saiba-warrior! Through means unknown to most, you have become the peak of all Saibamen kind.

Update Fixes 0.8.2 (03/28/2023)

Changes are listed by category (New Addition, Balance Change, etc.) and website page. Keep in mind many minor wording changes aren’t included. All credit for this Changelog goes to Tomacat!

Superiority Rework

Attacking and Conditions


  • Bonus begins at 1d4 and scales with your Tier of Power instead of being a flat 1d10. Also cannot apply to Skill Checks or Stress Tests.


  • Penalty now reduces your rolls by 1d4 and scales with your base Tier of Power. Also cannot apply to Skill Checks or Stress Tests.


Cruel Intentions 

  • The secondary effect simplified to just give Superiority.


Last Resort

  • Effect related to using the Signature for the first time in an encounter simplified to just give Superiority. 

Power Boost

Evolving Power

  • Benefit when having Superiority changed from +1d6 (with the category increasing for each Stage after the first) changed to gaining Extra Dice equal to your ToP Extra Dice.
  • Penalty received after losing Superiority granted by Evolving Power changed from Guard Down to Impediment on all Combat Rolls.


Saiyan Spirit

  • Now directly increases the Dice Category of Superiority gained through Warrior’s Pride instead of adding an additional bonus. 


Rampaging Assault – Boulder Toss

  • Bonus to Athletics checks changed to +3 from Superiority.

General Balance Changes

Character Creation

Skill Improvement

  • Gives 4 Skill Ranks instead of 2, but you can’t add more than 1 to any Skill.
  • Increased the amount of TP given to 15 from 10.


  • New rule about Signature Techniques, including giving you a free Technique or Magical Ability at Character Creation.

Technique Progression

  • A new rule limiting how much TP a technique can have spent on it depending on Tier of Power.

Actions and Combat

Initiative Advantage

  • Now requires having 1+3(bT) higher Initiative than all Opponents instead of 10. The bonus Action dependent on base Tier of Power was moved to Power Advantage. 

Power Advantage

  • The original rule for gaining an Action when having a higher base Tier of Power than all Opponents.

Grapple Maneuver

  • New option to Pull In grappled characters who are not adjacent to the Grappler.
  • Fixed wording to apply to all forms of movement.

Sense Maneuver

  • Added an effect that allows you to avoid the penalties of Limited Sight or No Sight. 
  • Can now only be used if you have at least 1 Rank in Clairvoyance.

No Effort Maneuver

  • Added an example for closing your eyes to avoid the effects of Attractive, Amorous Glance or Charming Doff.

Holding Back Maneuver

  • Now increases Concealment Skill Checks by +3 when you have maximum stacks.

Parry Maneuver – Deflect

  • Clarified rules deflecting an Area of Effect attack and if multiple characters use Deflect.

Attacking and Conditions

All changes to Profiles have also affected their Signature equivalents unless noted otherwise.


  • Ki Point Cost increased to 10(T) from 8(T). The Signature version did not increase.


  • Gives a free Energy Charge.


  • Ki Point Cost lowered to 4(T) from 6(T).


  • Doesn’t hit Allies.
  • Increases Melee Range by +1.


  • Melee Range bonus increased to +11 from +8.
  • Increases Wound by +1(T) for every 4 squares away the Opponent is.

Long Range

  • Can now affect Melee.

Absorbed (Condition)

  • Added the penalty to Cognitive for each Absorbed Character from Absorption.

Fury (Condition)

  • Replacement to the original Rage. Has the same effects, but also puts in you Rage.


  • Rage is now a general state with no inherent benefits, but triggers all effects that occur when you are in Rage. This change was made to better convey what a Trait means when it says it treats you as if you were in Rage, or only triggers if you were in Rage versus being in the Rage Combat Condition. This means that this change has a lot of wording changes on many Traits throughout the game, but for the sake of avoiding bloat this changelog won’t go over many examples. Just keep in mind any Traits based on Rage.



  • Gone. Dusted. Removed. Silenced. Didn’t Guard against a max Wager from a Super Saiyan.


Phalanx Fighter

  • Clarifications added relating to Foundations and Profiles.

Gear and Equipment


  • You can wear two now!


  • Ki Pool increased to 60 from 40.

Transformation Watch

  • Changes to work off of Equipment Points.

Quick Sheathe

  • The old effect was removed. It now gives bonuses for unsheathing and sheathing the Weapon, as well as letting you unsheathe any number of times per Combat Round.


  • Clarified the Weapon is made with a Medium TN.


  • Soak Value bonus changed to X instead of +1(T).


  • Completely revamped. Changes include blueprints, no longer needing to spend Karma, requiring only one roll (unless it’s Tech), and having to use your Craft Skill instead of being able to only use Science. 


Vehicles in Combat

  • Moving a vehicle into another character now requires a Strike Roll to collide with them.

Battle Jackets

  • You can fix broken Jackets.

Jacket Attributes

  • Starting Attribute Modifiers lowered to +3 from +5.

Step One: Attribute Modifiers

  • Chosen Attribute Modifier lowered to +6 from +7.

Step Two: Life Points + Ki Points

  • Starting Jacket Life Points lowered to 2d10 from 3d10.
  • Jacket Ki Points reduced to ¾ amount listed from the full amount listed on the Character Creation table.


  • Maximum number of Jacket Traits gained through Combination lowered to 8 from 9 and clarified that the number of stacks of each Permanent Jacket Mode may not exceed their normal maximum stacks.
  • Noted that when taking Attribute Modifiers the bonuses from Permanent Jacket Modes apply afterwards.
  • Each Jacket combined only increases FO instead of FO/TE.

Reflective Coating

  • Changed to work off of Attack Type.

Upgraded Specification – Enhance

  • Attribute Modifier Bonus replaced by a bonus to your Tier of Power Extra Dice.

Signature Techniques 

Foundations – Magic

  • Elemental (Fire) now applies either the Damage Over Time or Piercing Advantage on a Critical.
  • Elemental (Lightning) changed to have a lower Critical Target for Wound Rolls and if you score a Critical can either gain a rank of the Condition Advantage or increase the Wound Roll.
  • Elemental (Ice) completely renders the Opponent unable to move and gives them Slowed  on a Critical.
  • Elemental (Wind) wording slightly changed, triggers on hit and knocks the Opponent Prone on a Crit.
  • Karmic now deals Lethal Damage to those of the chosen alignment instead of Direct.
  • Karmic (Draining) increased to reduce Capacity Rate by ½ instead of ¼.

Magical Infusion

  • May now only apply the effect to Allies, and they may refuse the effect.


  • Impediment applies to a single Combat Roll for a turn instead of on your next Attacking Maneuver.
  • Added the Shaken and Blinded Combat Conditions as options.
  • If you would attack someone with your chosen Combat Condition you gain a Wound Bonus.


  • Reworked to reroll the entire roll and take the higher Dice Score, rather than only the base d10.
  • TP cost increased to 10 from 4.


  • May not be taken on any Signature that possesses an Area of Effect due to its Profile or Advantages.

Ki Extension

  • Increases your Melee Range by +8 instead of only treating it as 8 Squares.

Shattering Blow

  • Added a 2nd rank and adjusted costs.
  • No longer increases the Dice Category or reduces enemy Soak. Instead, each Rank deals additional damage based on the Opponent’s Soak.

Widespread Magic

  • TP cost lowered to 4 from 8.

Explosive Magic

  • TP cost lowered to 6 from 10.

Precise Strike

  • TP cost lowered to 2 from 8.

Intense Blast

  • Added a 2nd rank.
  • Each rank deals 1/5 of your Wound Roll when your target dodges.

Protective Aura

  • TP costs lowered to 4, 5 and 6 from 6, 6 and 8 respectively.

Aura Gathering

  • TP cost lowered to 8 from 10.

Ascended Signature

  • Clarified using the Signature as an Ultimate doesn’t increase the Ki Cost and it cannot gain Advantages that require an Ultimate Signature.

Final Chance

  • TP cost lowered to 4 from 10.


  • TP cost lowered to 8 from 12.

Maximum Charge

  • Increases the Dice Category of the Extra Dice from Energy Charge by +1. This results in the same effect most of the time.
  • TP cost lowered to 5 from 6.

Transformation Boost

  • Bonus Energy Charges changed to a flat +2 instead of being +1/2 the ToP Requirement of the Transformation.


  • Reworked to reroll the entire roll and take the lower Dice Score, rather than only the base d10.
  • TP refund increased to 6 from 3.


Space-Time Connection

  • Prerequisite now only requires access to the God Ki Aspect instead of both the Time Freeze Magical Ability and a Transformation with the God Ki Aspect.

Time Freeze

  • Ki Point cost lowered to 18 from 24.
  • None of your Maneuvers trigger Counter Actions while in stopped time unless your Opponent also has access to specific time abilities.
  • No longer has a limit on uses per Combat Encounter. 
  • You can now use Telekinesis with your Time Freeze Actions.

Gravity Manipulation

  • Added an effect requiring a forced check to stand up from Prone.

Magical Enhancement

  • Technique Point cost lowered to 10 from 16.
  • You may only target an Ally instead of any target. This means you cannot use it on yourself.

Magical Materialization

  • Clarified you may now instantly equip created items.

Multi-Form Technique

  • Clarified the Minions have the same Apparel as you.
  • They share your base Tier of Power instead of current, but also have their Tier of Power lowered by -1.
  • They are no longer classified as Allies, and instead are also considered to be the one who created them.

Spellbook Advancements

Divine Destruction & Improved Destruction

  • Added Spirit as alternative prerequisites.

Redirection Portal

  • Added option to add the Twin-linked Advantage instead of Knockback.

Dimensional Hole

  • Now requires an Opposed Cognitive Save to trigger its effect.

Planetary Consumption

  • Requires an Action to use the Out-of-Sequence Transformation Maneuver. 


  • Temporary Fusion gives an additional +3 Power Levels (to a total of 5).
  • Added Fused Transformation rules.


Blood of the Warrior

  • No longer grants a Counter Action.


Quick to Master

  • Ki Point Cost reduction increased to -3(bT) from -2(T).
  • When adding an Advantage, the TP cost cannot exceed 10.

Thick Hide

  • Cannot be gained if you have the Slender Body Beast-Man Trait. 

Slender Body

  • Cannot be gained if you have the Thick Hide Beast-Man Trait. 



  • Removed the penalty to Cognitive when absorbing someone and moved it into the Absorbed Condition.

Spellbound – Burrowed Strike

  • Changed to Once per Combat Round.
  • Reduces the Target’s Defense Value by 2x the amount they’d normally receive from an Attacking Maneuver instead of -1(T).

Spellbound – Transfiguration Beam

  • Changed to a Mind Trait.


Lock On

  • Perception bonus changed to +2 from +1(T).

Specialized Features – Pacifistic Intelligence

  • An Ally only needs to be put below the Injured Health Threshold to declare an Opponent as Unforgivable.
  • Added the ability to declare an Opponent as Unforgivable when you gain the Fury Combat condition or through roleplay means.



  • Ki Cost removed.
  • Only usable once per Combat Round.
  • If successful, you can move the Opponent or gain a bonus to your Grapple Checks.

Namekian Unite

  • Changed to fit the new Unification rules.


Inner Peace

  • Opposed Cognitive Saving Throw changed to a personal Morale Save with a Hard TN.

Kiri Drain

  • Multiple wording changes, notably Kiri Single is now a Magic Attack of the Spell Foundation. Kiri Orb is the same, but with the Explosive Magic Advantage, and had its cost increased to 8(T) from 6(T).

Bio Android

Genetic Splicing – Saiyan

  • Clarified that you cannot decrease your number of Battle Born stacks on a Combat Roll through the Defeated effect.

Genetic Splicing – Earthling

  • When adding an Advantage, the TP cost cannot exceed 8.

Genetic Modification

  • You may now treat the name of any Alternate or Legendary Form you enter as if it were ‘Monster Form’ for the effects of your Monster Trait.
  • Bonus to Intimidation changed to +2 from +1(T)

Shadow Dragon

Hazy Dragon

  • Activation now requires an Action.
  • Poisonous Bog squares move in accordance with you.

Natural Dragon

  • Added an effect relating to the Omega Manifested Power. 



  • You cannot target the body you’re possessing with any effects unless you could target yourself with them.

Custom Species

Armed Affinity (formerly known as Weapon Master)

  • Name change.

Environmental Adaptation

  • Ki Point Cost for Flaw effect increased to 5(T) from 2(T).

Innate Weaponry

  • Clarified that the Weapon is of Very Hard TN.

Beloved Beauty

  • Opposed Ability Check changed to an Opposed Morale Save.

Solid Guard

  • Flaw option removed.

Burdened with Power

  • The Flaw effect also applies to FO/SP respectively if you chose the other for its benefit.

Light Consumption

  • Aura Technique round reduction changed to -2 from -1(T). Ki Points regained through Aura Technique effect increased to +3(bT) per Combat Round from +1(T) per Combat Round.
  • Bright Aura effect Stress increase uses base Tier of Power.

Reversed Gigantism

  • Bonus changed from +1(T) to +1(T) for every instance of Giant’s Strength lost.

Reclusive State

  • Introduced mechanics for being targeted and destroyed as an item.


Armored Form

  • Changed to just reduce Damage Category by -1 for Attacking Maneuvers against you.

Battle Uniform

  • Given the Unbreakable Special Apparel Quality.


  • Wound Bonus lowered to +1(T) from +2(T).

Power Boost

Power Strike

  • You may now wager on the Out-of-Sequence Basic Attack.

Peak Condition

Peak Performance

  • Instead of treating every 4 Ki Points wagered as 5, it simply increases your Wound Roll by +1.


Born with Power

  • Option when putting +4 Mod into either FO/SP to add a free +4 Mod to the other, however it then limits the maximum you can put in another Attribute to +2.

Evolutionary Peak

  • Ki Points and Capacity gained increased to 12(bT) and 6(bT) from 6(bT) and 4(bT) respectively. 


  • The Modifier bonus to PE from Mutation now counts as a bonus to the Base Modifier for the effects of any Talents.


  • Free wager replaced by a free Energy Charge.


  • You may now wager on the Out-of-Sequence Basic Attack.

Mode Change

Form Change – Style Form

  • Bonus to Skill Checks changed to +2 from +1(T).

Level Up – Battle Form

  • You may now wager on the Out-of-Sequence Basic Attack.

Battle Uniform – Modular Apparel

  • The effect for when you are knocked through Injured is now once per Combat Encounter and ends if you leave the transformation.

Magical Formation

Battle Uniform – Type of Love

  • The effect that restores Ki Points if your Beloved is an ally gives +2(X) instead of X, and triggers on their turn as well.

Super Saiyan

Raging Power

  • Added an effect that gives Ki when transforming into a Stage of Super Saiyan once per Combat Encounter.


Restrictive Transformation

  • Penalties now function off base Tier of Power.

Pressure (Meta Trait)

  • Changed to double the amount of Defense Value reduced by Diminishing Defense instead of reducing their Dodge by -1(T)

Unfettered Power

  • Removed Once per Combat Encounter Power Up effect.

Long-Awaited 100%

  • Buff to Combat Rolls only lasts until the end of your next turn now.

Unending Cruelty

  • New trait that gives huge buffs for having stacks of Cruelty.


Warrior from Earth

  • Free attack may now be any Basic Attacking Maneuver or Signature Attack Maneuver.

Giant Form

Accelerated Growth

  • Stress Test is increased by +2 for every level of Size Increasing you are benefitting from, instead of every level the Transformation has after the firsts.

Battlefield Titan

  • New effect that gives a bonus to Strike or Wound depending on how many Targets you have when making an Attacking Maneuver.
  • Bonus Soak changed to Levels of Durable Form.


  • FO/SP Modifier bonuses increased to +2(T) from +1(T).

Blind Rage

  • The effect that grants Superiority to Strike Rolls now grants Superiority on Wound Rolls as well.
  • The effect that gives Signatures a free Energy Charge now grants an Energy Charge for every Action deducted by Blind Rage.
  • The effect for removing Negative Combat Conditions also gives you a Healing Surge.

Overwhelming Rage

  • Bonus to Wound Rolls for every Action deducted increased to +2(T) from +1(T).
  • You may now enter this Transformation when you gain the Fury Combat Condition if you already have access to it.

Evil Aura

Villainous Form

  • Karma based abilities removed and replaced with new effects.
  • You can now spend Evil Points to add the Condition Advantage to Basic Attacks, and spending Evil Points on Attacking Maneuvers gives them Power Shot.
  • Every Evil Point you spend regains a Ki Point.

Evil Saiyan

Dark Saiyan Power

  • Now works with any Transformation that has gained Traits from a Transformation with the ‘Saiyan’ Racial Requirement.
  • Stress increase for the base Tier of Power 4+ bonuses increased to +7 from +3.

Divine Halo

Circle of Light

  • You may now, once per Combat Round, choose from three different effects to use.
    • A modified version of the original effect. Instead of copying all the bonuses, you may just use the Signature or Magical Ability another time.
    • You may pay some Ki to add an Advancement you do not have to a Magical Ability for a single use.
    • You may pay some Ki to apply 2 Advantages (or convert one or both to Energy Charges) to a Signature Technique.

Spirit Absorption

  • Stress lowered to 16 from 20.

Everyone’s Energy

  • For every 1(T) Spirit Power you have, your Stress increases by +4 and you gain 1 level of Durable Form.
  • No longer reduces Life Points if you don’t have the Exhausting Aspect.

Life Force Feasting

  • Bonus dice for Wound are Solid.

Spirit Empowerment

  • Removed Temporary Form

Miraculous Finish

  • You cannot gain any Spirit Power after entering this Transformation, and reduce your Spirit Power by -1(T) at the end of every round you’ve attacked in.

Monster Form

True Form Ascension

  • Added an effect for using True Form with Full Power.

Petrification Plating

  • The temporary increase to Damage Reduction now occurs before the plate is removed. I think this was just a clarification.

Adaptive Toughness

  • Works on Attacking Maneuvers instead of only Physical Attacks.
  • Gives +1(T) Soak for every Health Threshold you are below.

Release Inhibitors 

Support Units

  • Minions are now noted that they must be the Android Race, and no longer automatically gain the Damage Inhibitor, Lock On and Functional Purpose Racial Traits.
  • Minions now possess a stack of Super Android if you possess at least 2.

Super Android

  • Reduced Tier of Power Requirement to 2 from 3.

Genetic Max

Overwhelming Perfection

  • The effect related to Punching Down was moved to Max Power.
  • Attribute Modifiers gained for each traded option lowered to +1 from +2, but you now get to choose from 3 options to gain for each option traded.
    • Max Power is the original Punching Down effect.
    • Max Resilience increases your Soak when attacked.
    • Max Efficiency lowers the cost of your Attacks.



  • The Earthling effect now lowers the bonus to Wound Roll to +2(T) from +3(T) when used. Or, you can ignore it and choose an Advantage worth up to 10 TP.
  • The Arcosian effect was changed from applying Brutal Assault into being able to spend some Ki to increase your Wound Rolls.

Cybernetic Enhancement

Scientific Upgrade

  • Attribute Modifier Bonus for Traits increased to +2 from +1.

Life Support Systems

  • Removed. (Don’t panic, go check New Additions).

Synthetic Muscle Replacement

  • Now increases the category of Extra Dice gained from Super Stack by +1, but they become Solid Dice.

Rocket Sleeves

  • The Blitz effect was changed to increase the Wound of Blitz and Attacking Maneuvers with Charging Assault.

Onboard Computer

  • The effect is now able to stack with itself, up to a bonus of +2(T).

Emergency Energy Stores

  • Bonus changed to +4(bT) from +3(T).

Nanomachine Repair

  • All health regained now functions off of base Tier of Power.
  • Increased the amount of Life Points regained for getting up from Defeated to +12(bT) from +6(T).

Integrated Weapon

  • Gives a bonus to Wound Rolls using your Integrated Weapon.

Divinity Unleashed

Otherworldly Revelation

  • Added option to spend your separate Ki Point Pool on the additional Ki Point Costs from the Circle of Light Trait’s effects (Divine Halo).


Brough to the Limit

  • Reworked. The main effect now lets you increase your Tier of Power when making an Attacking Maneuver while under the effects of Power Up. This synergizes better with the form itself.

Full Power Boost

All or Nothing

  • The bonus to Tier of Power only applies during Attacking Maneuver made by you or with you as the target.
  • When spending Power to use a Power Surge, you can choose between a free Power Up or Basic Attack Maneuver.

Super Full Power Boost

Surpass the Strongest

  • The bonus to Tier of Power now only applies during Attacking Maneuver made by you or with you as the target.

Burn the Foolish

  • Now works on anyone regardless of Tier of Power, and is considered an Attacking Maneuver for the effects of Surpass the Strongest.

Destroy the Rival

  • Made easier to activate, but only slightly. Largely the same.

Legendary Super Saiyan

  • Added High Speed Form (Level 3)

Unlimited Power

  • Free Wound Battle Born is given every other round instead of every round.

Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan Divergence

  • Added an effect to restore some Ki when using a Primal Surge once per Combat Encounter.

Super Saiyan Blue

Deific Super Saiyan

  • Added an effect to restore some Ki when using the Power Up Maneuver once per Combat Encounter.

Seeking Further Strength

  • Added Power Up as an option for your Instant Action.

True Super Saiyan God

Godly Bloodline

  • Extra Dice changed to 3d6 from 4d4.

Ultra Ego

  • Added Power High (Level 3).

Egotistical Combatant

  • Forced Saving Throw changed to just work off of Power High.

Ultra Instinct

Instinctual Combat

  • You can only get two stacks of Instinct every Combat Round.

Shatter Your Limits

Battle of Omega (Ascended Form)

  • Free Instant Action Signature gets +2 free Energy Charges instead of an amount based on the ToP of your Enhancement.

Legendary Super Saiyan

  • Extra Dice lowered to 1d4(bT) from 1d6(bT).

Super Saiyan Full Power

  • Opponents are treated as if their Size Category were -2 lower for the sake of Punching Down rules.

Beat the Unbeatable (Super Full Power Boost)

  • First effect is only active during Attacking Maneuvers you make or ones made with you as the target.

MAX Power Unleashed (Mystic)

  • Formerly known as simply Power Unleashed, the Action Cost was removed from using Potential Reborn again in a Combat Encounter.


Balanced Defender

  • Added a limit to the amount you can reduce your Soak or Defense Value by.
  • Reducing one Aptitude increased the other by the full amount instead of only half.

Cunning Evasion

  • Only the first two Attacking Maneuvers from your chosen Opponent do not inflict Diminishing Defense.

Refined Sensor

  • Clarified that only the base d10 has its Natural Result raised, and the bonus now begins at +1 and increases to +2 at Tier of Power 3+.
  • Clarified that you cannot target multiple characters with Refined Sensor and its effects do not stack.

Nefarious Plating

  • Clarified the Weapon is made with a TN of Hard.

Double Pose

  • Can now only be used Once per Combat Round, and it may no longer be used in response to an Out-of-Sequence Action given by the Double Pose Talent (no chaining double poses).


  • Instead of your minimum Natural Result being 3, you now roll 2d10 and keep the highest result.
  • While you have Initiative Advantage, you now increase a single Combat Roll by +1(T).

Burning Anger

  • The Soak reduction now takes place before the Wound Roll.

Point Blank Shot

  • Reduced Ki Point cost to increase Damage Category to 4(T) from 5(T).

Ballistic Specialist

  • Clarified the Strike Bonus is to a single Attacking Maneuver.

Transforming Initiative

  • You must now specifically use the Transformation Maneuver to get the bonus action
  • The bonus to Initiative from the second effect was lowered to 1d6 from 1d6(T).
  • You now gain +1(T) to all Combat Rolls while you have Initiative Advantage in either an Alternate or Legendary.

Ultimate Combination

  • Added Multi-Type Gambit as an alternative prerequisite to Multi-Type Master.

Close Range Shot

  • Now only affects Unarmed Energy and Magical Attacks.

Far Shot

  • Now only affects Unarmed Energy and Magical Attacks.

High Speed Ace

  • The bonus to Dodge Rolls now affects all Combat Rolls, but you must move 4(bT)+ squares instead of 5+ squares to benefit from it.

Lion’s Heart

  • Increased the amount gained to +2(bT) for each threshold you are below from +1(T) for each threshold you are below.

Focused Strike

  • Prerequisite changed from Powered Strike to Artful Strike (See – New Additions).

Combat Expertise

  • No longer affects Strike directly, instead affecting Awareness Modifier. Uses base Tier of Power instead of current.
  • Secondary effect now must be declared at the start of either your own Attack Maneuver or one you are targeted by, and lasts until the end of said Maneuver.

Overwhelming Transformation

  • Main effect has gone from giving opponents with an equal or lower Tier of Power Shaken and Guard Down to forcing an Opposed Save against Opponents to give them Impediment.

Wild Counter

  • You may now wager on the Out-of-Sequence Basic Attack.
  • Added option to attack after succeeding a Deflect.
  • Limited to once per Combat Round.

Weapon Master

  • No longer applies the extra Quality to every Weapon. Instead, you may wager up to 5(T) Ki after making your Strike Roll with a Weapon. For the original effect, see: Variety Specialist.

Dual Wielding Specialist

  • Added Deflect as a Parry option.

Tea Ceremony

  • Instead of increasing all Combat Rolls by +1d4, you choose a single Combat Roll to give Superiority until the end of your next turn.

Analytic Fighter

  • Buff is also granted to adjacent Allies.
  • Buff only applies to one target.
  • Prerequisite increased to 12 Scholarship from 10.

Strategic Attack

  • You can now pay a small amount of Ki Points to add your Scholarship Modifier on Called Shot Wound Rolls.
  • Prerequisite increased to 14 Scholarship from 12.

Battlefield Tactician

  • Removed the second effect and replaced it with an Opposed Check against all Opponents. Winning this Check lowers their Strike and Dodge against you.
  • Now increases the range of Analytic Fighter.

Flavored Technique

  • Extra TP can bypass the normal cap for Techniques. 

New Additions

Transformation Rules

Step-by-Step Evolution

  • A Stress reduction rule for entering Full Power or Shatter Your Limits from your Legendary Form. The effects are permanent until you leave that Transformation.


Zombie (Wonders of Technology)

  • Brought to life through the brilliance of science and questionable morals, you possess features similar to that of a living creature you were created with, but fall apart rather easily!

Large Scale Structure

  • You are massive in size, towering over most people with ease.

Android Fusion

  • Changed to fit the new Unification rules.

Custom Species

Mystic Attack

  • You possess stretchy limbs capable of pelting your enemies from afar!

Gear and Equipment

Trucker Hat

  • The road is where you belong, and with this hat, none will stand in the way of your truck.

Chef’s Hat

  • A true icon of those who cook masterpieces.

Flowing Fashion

  • This accessory signifies how cool you are.

Battle Jacket Belt

  • Ready for any time and looking good, your Battle Jacket is compacted within a sleek belt.


  • Your Apparel is designed in a way to let you better channel your inner power to unleash your most powerful attacks.

Yardrat Material

  • Clothing of this variety was made with special fabrics, making sensing others easier.


  • Your outfit represents a long history before you, and invigorates you to fight with as much heart as your predecessors have.

Resolute Belief (Combat Clothing)

  • Signifying the things you trust in, your purpose is clear to you.

Assassin’s Craft (Combat Clothing/Standard Clothing)

  • Tailored flawlessly to hide your movements when going for a fatal blow.

Master’s Garb (Combat Clothing)

  • Worn only by those of martial perfection.

Combat Ready (Armor/Standard Clothing)

  • Built for any scenario, you have an easier time moving in this outfit than you do than your own skin.


Favored Environment

  • New quality that buffs the vehicle in the chosen environment.


  • Quality that allows you to change your favored environment.

Energy Shield

  • This quality adds an on demand shield to aid against attacks.


  • Your vehicle has advanced evasive maneuvers, letting you avoid threats with ease!

Blutz Wave Generator

  • Not only are you capable of turning a Saiyan into the Oozaru with this wonderous technology, it’s portable!

Battle Jackets

Barrier System

  • A trait that adds a powerful all-purpose shield to your jacket.

Jacket Purpose

  • Trait that lets you choose a purpose for your Jacket, specializing towards that goal.

Mecha Finisher

  • Your Jacket can learn Techniques and Magical Abilties!



  • You can now add entrances to your base! Wait, how did you all get inside?

Global Radar

  • All-purpose radar for locating specific substances or energies.

Weather Control

  • By golly you’ve done it, you can change the weather!

Deployable Robots

  • Quality that lets you deploy an army of robots at your whim.

Protected Safe

  • A snug place to put your most treasured items.

Structural Reinforcements

  • Steel your walls for any threat.

Reinforced Entrance

  • For when you really don’t want people coming inside uninvited.

Blutz Wave Generators

  • Once again, you have mastered the technology required to unlock a Saiyan’s true potential!


  • A much needed room for when you need peace and quiet for studying.

Trap Door

  • This classic trap is now at your disposal for getting rid of pesky do-gooders.

Battle Chamber

  • A quite durable room that can be used for sparring, punishing invaders, or maybe hanging up decorations.

Variant Rules

Variable Duel

  • Sometimes you want to fight off a massive beam with a simple ki sphere, this rule lets you do that.

High Tier Play

  • A new form of character progression for gameplay past PL25.

Power Limit

  • Rules limiting how high any Attribute Score can get to based on your Tier of Power.


  • New type of Fusion made to better represent things like Namekian Unite.


Martial Focus 

  • A new Enhancement Power for those who have attained a practice and discipline in the way of martial arts that surpasses those of others.

Variant Transformations 

Dark Demon God

  • A new Variant of True Demon God that specializes in using Dark Energy to empower itself and unleash ruthless attacks.

Ascended Form

Chouzetsu Dynamic

  • A new trait that gives a bit more oomph and is particularly useful for single stage Transformations.

Cybernetic Enhancement

Life Support Systems

  • Original trait was removed and an improved version was added as an inherent trait to the Transformation.

Cloaking System

  • A new system that allows you to go invisible!

AI Control

  • A new system that lets you control all of your robotics Minions at once and enhance their combat potential.

Robotic Limb

  • A powerful replacement, or perhaps a willing addition, either way you possess a new limb.


Golden Fruit

  • Born of the highest pedigree, you are destined for godhood.

Signature Technique Advantages & Disadvantages

Last Legs

  • An Ultimate Advantage where you push past any pain to give a mighty attack.

Super Advantage

  • Unleash the true potential within one of the many Advantages you have using this Ultimate Advantage.

Power burst

  • Bringing your body to its physical limits, you’re Super Stacked and ready to go!

Environmental Burst

  • Restrict the battlefield and the movement of your enemies.

Weather Calling

  • It’s exactly what it sounds like, you change the weather.

Express Ticket

  • Grab your enemy and take them for a wild ride!

All or Nothing

  • No holding back, this one is to end it all! With this Disadvantage, you can’t help but put your everything into your attack.


God Meteor

  • You summon a literal meteor. This spell is a doozy, and you’ll need to meet some steep prerequisites to use it.

Cage of Light

  • Surround the enemy with lasers on all sides, preventing escape and limiting their dodging abilities.

Spellbook Advancements

Gravity Cage (Gravity Manipulation)

  • Trap your opponent in a cage of gravity, crushing them with deadly force.

Gravity Barrage (Gravity Manipulation)

  • Unleash nonstop gravity on your enemies.

Gravity Fist (Gravity Manipulation)

  • Don’t give them a single breath, crush them with the might of gravity and follow it up immediately with a decisive strike!

Gravity Burst (Gravity Manipulation)

  • You have perfected gravity magic, increasing its intensity to newfound heights.

Masterful Combat Transmitter (Instant Transmission)

  • You have perfectly woven Instant Transmission into your fighting style, flawlessly transitioning between it and attacking.

Spirit Transporter (Instant Transmission)

  • Having garnered a better understanding of control, you can remotely target others and transport them alone.

Punisher Shield

  • You’ve learned to turn enemy attacks back at them with incredible ease by using a fast acting guard.


Comfortable Transformation

  • Slow Starter Talent centered around holding back in a transformation. 

Jump Start

  • Not everyone wants to start slow and warm up over time, and this is perfect for them.

Targeted Obsession

  • For whatever reason, you have a bit of a fixation on a particular individual, and you will not allow any harm to come their way.

Lightning Surge 

  • Gain powerful benefits based on the type of surges you use.


  • For when you’re just a bit too distracting to look at. Master Roshi won’t stand a chance.

Flexible Technique 

  • You’ve figured out a method to make your Favored Technique far more applicable to a multitude of scenarios.

Herculean Power

  • Simply having immense muscle mass wasn’t enough for you. No, you’ve taken it a step further and learned to make use of every bit of your power to give incredible weight to your attacks.

Artful Strike

  • A new Strike based talent for landing those key hits.

Aggressive Style

  • Push the offensive and break through any defense.

Defensive Style

  • Stay on your toes. Never give the enemy an opening.

Reserved Combatant

  • For just a moment, you can unleash your true power, surely throwing your enemies for a loop.

Dueling Specialist

  • You prefer to use a single One-Handed weapon, and have learned how to more effectively defend while still dealing heavy damage.

Variety Specialist

  • The same old just isn’t enough for you. Keep the enemy guessing, and switch up your choice of weapon constantly.

Tough Warrior

  • Resilience has a Talent line! Reinforce yourself Ki in response to pain, and shake off the effects of terrain with ease.

Superior Durability 

  • Tank through the deadliest of blows, and power through any debilitations holding you back.

Synchronized Combatants

  • It’s all about teamwork. You and one other person have tuned your fighting styles to work in tandem with one another.

Superior Synchronization

  • The two of you have perfected the art of fighting alongside another, and are practically one and the same. 


  • Clothing can’t hold you back! You just love to let it all free!


Dark Demon

  • Given the High Speed Form Aspect.

Dark Energy

  • You now gain 6(bT) Dark Energy when transforming into Dark Demon.
  • Maximum Dark Energy wager lowered to 3(bT) from 5(bT).
  • Cost to add an Advantage via Dark Energy lowered to 2(bT) from 5(bT).

Swelling Darkness

  • Darkness Level affects High Speed Form as well as Durable Form.
  • Increasing Darkness Level no longer costs Dark Energy. You only need to have the required amount in order to increase it.

Shadow Magic

  • Energy Charge effect only works on Signature Techniques instead of all Attacking Maneuvers.
  • You no longer gain Superiority when you have maximum Dark Energy. Instead, you gain +1(T) to all Combat Rolls each time you gain Dark Energy, until the start of your next turn.

Dark Factor Essence

  • Removed in favor of the new Variant Form (See: Dark Demon God), but part of its functionality was moved to Ascending Darkness.

Ascending Darkness

  • New trait! It reduces the stress increase of Swelling Darkness by half when in Ascended Form.


  • Quick Gathering now functions off base Tier of Power and reduces the Dark Energy Costs of any Dark Demon trait by ½.

Demon God

Demonic Presence

  • All Transformations with the Shinjin Race Requirement are now considered ‘Dark Demon’ for the effects of Dark Energy. 

Demonic Presence II

  • When you spend Dark Energy for the Ki Cost of Maneuvers, each spent is counted as 2 Ki Points.

Explosive Power

  • Stress Test lowered to 12 from 16.
  • Added the Strainless Aspect.
  • Attribute Modifiers moved to a Trait.

Zero Warning

  • You may no longer use the free Out-of-Sequence while already using an Attacking Maneuver (such as if you entered the Transformation through Surging Strength mid-attack).
  • Strike Bonus on Out-of-Sequence Actions lowered to +1(T) from +2(T).
  • You gain the Attribute Modifier Bonuses the form previously had during Attacking Maneuvers.
  • Using 3 Energy Charges automatically lets you use the Attack as an Out-of-Sequence Action.

Efficiency is Power

  • No longer reduces Ki Costs.
  • You may now ignore the Tier of Power Requirement for any Transformation used in conjunction.


Exponential Power

  • The ‘stages’ of Kaioken now have Tenacity Score prerequisites to use them.
  • The Life Point Costs of all stages have been altered, each having their own specific cost and using base Tier of Power.
  • ToP Requirement removed for later stages.
  • Life Point Cost only applies to Maneuvers that cost at least One Action or either is an Attacking Maneuver or Magical Ability (that includes an Opposed Check or Opposed Saving Throw).

Surge of Strength

  • The ability to quickly enter a higher stage is now done through Surging Strength.
  • Wound Roll bonus gives +1/4 of Life Points lost instead of none when used in conjunction with a Transformation that doesn’t possess the Perfect Ki Control Aspect.
  • Now gives a bonus to Wound when using an Ultimate Signature.

Crimson Acclimation 

  • Changed to allow you to use a higher stage of Kaioken then you’d normally be able to use by taking a penalty.
  • Now governs how many levels of High Speed Form each stage has.

Introducing the ARC Guide







Optional Rules 

  • Downtime
  • New and revised Downtime rules. The core is the same, but many minor adjustments have been made and completely new rules have been added, such as an entirely new gravity system!
  • Injury
  • Optional Rules for when you take a most gruesome attack and are left maimed, perhaps permanently without the right medical equipment. 
  • Fighting Styles
  • For every martial art, there is a practitioner. Those who have molded their way of fighting in a unique way. These Optional Rules allow you to be one of those people.
  • Generations System
  • Optional Rules for representing upbringings and heritages.
  • Roles
  • Throughout all of the universes, there are those with unique and powerful positions. With these Optional Rules, you can attain these roles and wonderful powers they bestow.
  • Horde
  • You’ve been surrounded on all sides, your back to the corner as dozens of soldiers ready to attack. But you aren’t any ordinary fighter, and these soldiers are nothing to you individually. Through these Optional Rules, you’re ready to make a final stand no matter how many enemies there are.
  • Dragon Balls
    • Create your own set of Dragon Balls that grant powerful wishes!
  • Minor Optional Rules
  • The Goku Rule
  • The Vegeta Rule
  • Tension Rules
  • Rust Rules
  • Style Change Rules
  • Restrained Transformation Rules
  • Planet Destruction Rules
  • Kaioken x100 Rules
  • Off Guard Rules
  • Ping Pong Rules
  • Tooth and Nail Rule
  • Stamina Rules
  • Surge Mode
  • United Transformation Rules
  • Bald and Beautiful 
  • Power Level 0
  • Technology Levels
  • Dragon Rush Rules

Update Fixes 0.8.1 (11/30/2022)

Overall > Added Battle Jackets, Bases, Full Power, Shatter Your Limits, and Shadow Dragons. Ate the Four Star Dragon Ball

Core Rules > Updated Tier of Power, Size Category, and Punching Down, added Resources, Ki Point Cost, and Movement

Attributes > Moved Clairvoyance and Concealment to Insight, updated Skill Ranks, Skill Ability Checks, Passive Checks, Cooperation, Craft, Gifted Student, Intimidate, Medicine, Sensing, and Soak Value, added Cooking

Attacking & Conditions > Updated Attacking Maneuver, Strike Roll, Long Range, Diminishing Defense, Kiai, Blast, Explosion, Cutting, Sweeping, Powered, Soak, Damage Types, Health Triggers, Steadfast, Slowed, and Impediment, added Anatomy of an Attack, Soaring, Damage Over Time (DOT), and Poisoned

Character Creation > Updated Character Perks

Talents > Updated Magic Warrior, Slow Starter, Iron Fist, Penetrating Strike, Brawler, Close Range Shot, Far Shot, Point Blank Shot, Artillery Shot, Minion Mark, Precision Kata, Brutal Kata, Blaster Master, Combat Expertise, Analytic Fighter, Battlefield Tactician, Inspiring Transformation, Overwhelming Transformation, Stealth Strike, Masterful Integration, Tuffle Parasite, Pacifistic Warrior, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Ki Deception, Effective Defenses, Archetype Focus, Ballistic Specialist, Power Specialist, Magic Specialist, Favored Technique, Multi-Type Attacker, Multi-Type Master, Cunning Evasion, Nefarious Plating, Interpose, Patient Fighter, Ascended Minion, Archwizard, Master of Martial Arts, Joyful Pose, Double Pose, Dynamic Pose, Team Pose, Pursuit of Knowledge, Ascended Minion, and Practiced, removed Spiritual Warrior, Ambidextrous, Master-at-Arms, Quick Strike, and Iaijutsu, added Balanced Warrior, Warm Up, Never Surrender, Lion’s Heart, Silent Footsteps, Assassinate, Master Assassin, Designated Prey, Magic Master, Balanced Defender, Fierce Counter, Perfect Counter, Combat Trickster, Deceptive Trickster, Gag Meister, Trick Master, Drunken Fist, Splendid Cooking, Poisonous Cooking, Multi-Type Gambit, Jolt Counter, Terrifying Presence, Expert Pilot, Battlefield Doctor, Amorous Glance, Charming Doff, Refined Sensor, Variant Fighter, Variant Champion, Dual Wielding Specialist, Iaijutsu Specialist, Masochistic Potential, Snack Fiend, Wrestler, and Rapid Fist

Gear & Equipment > Updated Gear Kit, Gear Kits at Higher Tiers, Doff Bonus, Apparel Category, Apparel Grade, Unique Decal, Team Outfit, Joint Protection, Reinforced, Intellectual, Layered, Accessories, Champion Belt, Control Bracelet, Fashionable Accessory, Galactic Receiver, Helmet, Jetpack, Mask, Metamo Ring, Micro Band, Sash, Scouter, Shock Collar, Sunglasses, Suppression Crown, Time Breaker Mask, Transformation Watch, Break Value, Weapon Size, Weapon Qualities, Breaker, Lasting Wounds, Serrated Edge, Burst Shot, Handgun, Machine Gun, Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Cooking Utensils, Crystal Ball, Capsule, Robotic Minions, Saibamen Capsule, Flying Nimbus, Seed(s) from the Tree of Might, Crafting, Step One (Research), and Step Two (Assembly), added Environment Resistant, Seductive, Sleek Design, Stealthy Suit, Exploration Features, Leader’s Insignia, Armed, Focal, Ceramic Armor, Loose, Mystical, Notorious Symbol, Special Event, Hologram Device, Bloodstained Accessory, Sheath/Holster, Eyeglasses, Eyepatch, Ki-Sealing Handcuffs, AI Goggle, Bunny Ears, Armored Gloves, Weapon Attack Types, Shish-Kebab, Shotgun, Grenade, Flamethrower, Poison Vial, Shield, Smoke Bomb, Bomb, Remote Detonator, Z Sword, and Blood Ruby Necklace, removed Step Three (Crafting)

Vehicles > Updated Vehicle rules, removed Battle Jackets

Cooking > Updated Fruit of the Tree of Might, added Longevity Supplement

Minions > Updated Statistics, Minion Creation, Specialized Minion, Healthy Minion, Regenerating Minion, and Sentry, added Allies and Minion Transformations, removed Transforming Minion and Minion Perk

Signature Techniques > Updated Kiai, Blast, Explosion, Cutting, Sweeping, Powered, Elemental (Fire), Aura, Condition, Chain Attack, Concentration, Stat Drain, Long Range, Magical Infusion, Final Chance, Damage Over Time, Precise Strike, Large Energy Weapon, Weapon Infusion, Widespread Magic, Explosive Magic, and Penetration, added Soaring and Giant Sphere

Androids > Removed Cybernetic Upgrades, Android Combination, Power Core, Power Absorption, Unlimited Energy, Infinite Power, Technological Integration, and Metal Body, added Wonders of Technology, Energy Core, and Specialized Features, updated Damage Inhibitor, Lock On, and Functional Purpose

Spellbook > Added Eight Arms Technique, Gravity Manipulation, Magical Binding, and Illusion Smash, updated Magical Materialization, Magical Enhancement, Four Witches Technique, Forced Spirit Fission, Time-Skip, Petrification, Instant Transmission, Para Para Dance, Second Sight, Solar Flare, Hakai, and Life Energy Absorption

Advancements > Updated Greater Absorption, Continuous Absorption, Psychic Grip, and Stress Eater, added Bunkai Teleport, Transmission Block, Spirit Transporter, Projectile Materialization, Restrictive Weights, Dematerialize, Galactic Donut, Super Donut Volley, Energy Web, Web Save, Psycho Thread, Threaded Energy, Immovable Barrier, Environmental Shielding, Tight Grip, Expanded Illusion, Combat Illusion, Redirection Portal, Smash Barrage, Dimensional Hole, Magic Touch, Metal Breath, and Petrification Barrage

Arcosians > Updated Brutal Assault

Bio Androids > Updated Genetic Splicing, Genetic Focus, Rapid Learning, and Genetic Modification

Earthlings > Updated Last Resort, Bite, Claws, Treacherous Quills, and Magical Techniques

Majins > Updated Rubbery Body, Spellbound, From Goop, and Goop Aptitudes, added Disarming Demeanor

Namekians > Updated Namekian Protector and Dark Vassals

Neo-Tuffles > Updated Legacy of the Scholars, Tuffle Rebuke, Possession Maneuver, and Aggressive Destruction

Saiyans > Updated Powerful Physique

Shinjin > Updated Cosmic Efficiency and Far Seeing

Custom Species > Updated Beloved Beauty, Giant’s Strength, Innate Weaponry, Pixie’s Grace, Extra Limbs, Creature Consumption, Portal Creation, Race of Scholars, Killer Instinct, Ki Control, Unyielding Rage, Rubber Rebound, Crusher, Inherent Transformation, and Burdened with Power, added Fluid Physique, Dissipating Dodge, and Slimy Consistency

Transformation Rules > Removed Shatter Your Limits

Transformations > Added Peak Condition, Strongest Warrior, Genetic Max, Doping, Explosive Power, Tuffleization, Saiyan Pride, Beast, Liquid Metal, Mightiest Majin, Ajisa Namekian, Super Grudge Amplification, Omega, Shattered Shell, and Super Star Dragon

Class Up > Updated Class Selection

Cybernetic Enhancement > Updated Armor Plating

Mutation > Updated Race requirements and Evolutionary Peak

Pure Progress > Updated Stance Change

Pure Resolve > Updated No Shortcuts

Unlocked Potential > Updated Potential

Super Android > Updated Compatible Hardware and Living Weapon

Perfection > Updated Atavism, Potent Zenkai, Divine Power, Perfect Signature, Resilience, and Karyon Core

Absorption > Updated Stolen Heritage

Strongest Form > Updated Apex Adornment

Zenkai > Updated On the Brink and Saiyan Spirit

Mode Change > Updated Modular Apparel

Monster Form > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Beast of Wrath, Monster Form Mastery, Adaptive Toughness, Limber, Extra Arms, Terrifying Visage, and Magical Monstrosity, added Mutating Beast, Monstrous Persona, Bloodlust, Ravaging Charger, Petrification Plating, Brood Parent, Monstrous Regeneration, and Unstoppable

Power Boost > Updated Evolving Power

Metamorphosis > Updated Ruler, Restrictive Transformation, Unfettered Power, and Last Resource, added Long-Awaited 100%

Genetic Power > Updated Genetic Transformation, Genetic Transformation II, Super Perfect Form, Surpassing Perfection, and Genetic Power Mastery, added Power Stressed

Super Saiyan > Updated Super Saiyan Mastery, Aggressive Momentum, and Super Saiyan 3 Aspects, added Graded Advancement and Pushing the Limit

Dark Demon > Updated Swelling Darkness, added Dark Factor Essence

Awoken > Updated A Welcome Challenge and A Chronicle of Growth

Evil Aura > Updated Villainous Form and added Supervillain

Giant Form > Updated Battlefield Titan

Kaioken > Updated the table for Exponential Power

Powerhouse > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses and Muscular Proportions

Overdrive > Updated Overclock, Over Productive, and Full Power Engine

Hi-Tension > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Stress Test, and Warrior from Earth

Divine Halo > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses

Ascended Form > Updated Limit Break x Survivor, Dragon Soul, We Gotta Power, and Dan Dan Kokoro

Mystic > Updated Latent Power, Beyond Transformations, Potential Reborn, and Mystic Mastery

Ultra Ego > Updated Rampant Ultra Ego

Ultra Instinct > Updated Aspects, Divine Techniques, Autonomous Ultra Instinct, and Autonomous Ultra Instinct II, added Divine Movement

Release Inhibitors > Updated Core Upgrades, Pinnacle of Technology, and Support Units

No Ego Zone > Updated Perfected Self, Supreme Mortal Ki, Serene Combat, Seeking Enlightenment, No Ego Zone Mastery, and Contained Aura

Pure Form > Updated Unpredictable Chaos

Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated Unstoppable Power and Unstable Power

Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Utmost Saiyan Power, Super Saiyan Divergence, Multiplicative Technique, and Super Saiyan 4 Mastery

Super Saiyan God > Updated Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Aspects and Super Saiyan Blue Mastery

Variant Transformations > Removed Legendary Super Saiyan 4 and Super Brilliant Evo, added Namekian Potential, updated Super Saiyan Rose Aspects, Signs of Power, and Dark Saiyan Power

Fusion > Updated Character Combination and Temporary Fusion Creation

Downtime > Added Train Minion/Update Battle Jacket and Push the Limits of a Transformation, updated Gravity, removed Crafting and Cooking

Battle Grounds > Updated Battle Environment

Update Fixes 0.8.0 (8/25/2022)

Overall > Added Navigation Links at the bottom of each page, minor typographical corrections, changed Skill Proficiency to Skill Ranks, changed Ground and Flight Speed to Normal and Boosted Speed respectively, added Parallel Quests, changed Critical Rate to Critical Target
Core Rules > Updated Botch Result, Critical Result, Size table, Proficient Roll, and Afterlife, added Round Down, Willing Failure, Critical Target, Effect Priority, and Dice Priority, cleaned up formatting and grammar
Attributes > Updated Speed and Super Stack
Actions & Combat > Updated Direct Hit, Deflect, Rebound, Blitz, Energy Charge, Intervene, Grapple, and Empower, removed Energy Duel, Rush Clash, and Combination Attack, added Duel Maneuver and United Attack Maneuver
Attacking & Conditions > Updated Health Triggers, added Absorbed and Pinned, changed Candy to Transfigured
Character Creation > Updated Power Level chart, Character Perks, Skills, Talents, and Techniques
Talents > Updated Adept Warrior, Combat Tactician, Combat Expertise, Cunning Evasion, Powered Strike, Instinctual Dodge, Focused Strike, Master of Self, Mushin, Multi-Type Attacker, Multi-Type Master, Power of the Z-Warrior, Archwizard, Master of Martial Arts, Ruthless Aggression, Pacifistic Warrior, Swaggering Wager, Effective Defenses, Resilience, Vigor, Wild Counter, Diehard, Fortitude, Undying Determination, Alert, Improved Initiative, Patient Fighter, Magic Blaster, Master of Minions, Minion Coordinator, Minion Mark, Ascended Minion, Minion’s Offering, Blitz Sweep, Fleet of Fist, Battle Blitz, Footwork, Power of Movement, Fleet of Foot, Return Stroke, Dramatic Pose, Dynamic Pose, Joyful Pose, Double Pose, Team Pose, Masterful Integration, Technical Prowess, Battle Goo, Saiyan Tail Resistance, Kiri Transfer, Tea Ceremony, Tuffle Parasite, Berserk Resolve, Burning Anger, Swift Wrath, Far Shot, Artillery Shot, Archetype Focus, Brutal Kata, Ballistic Specialist, Magic Specialist, Analytic Fighter, Strategic Attack, Battlefield Tactician, Taunt, Arrogant, Improved Taunt, Flexible Flanker, Interpose, Opportunist, Teamwork, Energy Control, Favored Technique, Powerful Technique, Technique Master, Ultimate Combination, Heavenly Training, Desperate Transformation, Inspiring Transformation, Overwhelming Transformation, Transforming Initiative, Surging Strength, Under Pressure, Specialized Transformation, Iron Fist, Supreme Fist, Brawler, Judo Training, Quick Strike, Genius Designer, Ki Deception, Lucky, Pursuit of Knowledge, Second Wind, and Stealth Strike, added Advantageous Scale, Valor of the Dragon Team, Spiritual Warrior, Lord of Balance, Serene Warrior, Combat Meditation, Magic Warrior, Nefarious Plating, Telepathic Awareness, Hatred to Power, Point Blank Shot, Blaster Master, Precision Kata, Power Specialist, Muscular Warrior, Hefty Muscle, Steel Muscle, Supporting Defender, Quick Learner, Perfect Mimicry, Walking Library, Spirit Control, Destruction Training, Full Angelic Training, Penetrating Strike, and Gunsmith, removed Armor Training, Weighted Fighter, Enhanced Optics, Inbuilt Weaponry, Callous Strike, Ice Cold Rebuttal, Ruthless Whip, Cellular Expansion, Genetic Focus, Biodiversity, Dragon Fury, Heart of the Earthling, Shapeshifter Diploma, Durable Rubber, Magical Mumbo Jumbo, Demonic Warning, Genius Warrior, Wisdom of the Dragon, Low Class Saiyan, Saiyan Elite, Potential of Shinjin, Vindication, On the Shoulders of Giants, Magical Adept, Style Expert, Force Specialist, Strike Specialist, Specialty Spell, Astounding Transformation, Hardened Transformation, Pinpoint Strike, Ground Fighter, Restraining Counter, Ace Pilot, Assessment, Backed Into A Corner, Dead Shot, Keen Eye, Resolve, Boundless Confidence, and Feral Counter
Gear & Equipment > Updated Gear Kits, Apparel, Weapon Type, Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Scope, Large Clip, Rapid Reloader, Precision Shot, Micro Band, and Cooking Utensils, added Ballistic, Standard, Pinpoint, High Power, Support Battery, Burst Shot, Ballistic Ranged Weapons, Metamo Ring, Sunglasses, Control Bracelet, Shock Collar, Suppression Crown, Fashionable Accessory, Sash, Shock Remote, Communicator, and Scout Scope, removed Focused, Buckshot, Piercing, Explosive, Mounted, Connecting Wires, Rapid Trigger, Tripping, Blutz Wave Generator, Medical Machines, and Gravity Machine
Cooking > Added Cooking
Minions > Updated Minions, Limited Control, Statistics, Minion Creation, Minion Perk, Different Scale, Phalanx Fighter, Aggressor, Sentry, and Transforming Minion
Android > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Android Combination, Functional Purpose, Power Core, Infinite Power, Technological Integration, and Metal Body
Arcosian > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Survivor, Keratinous Plating, and Cruel Intentions, removed Metamorphosis, added Divergent Evolution
Bio Android > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Bio Android Proficiencies, Cellular Memory, Genetic Splicing, and Organic Consumption, removed Path to Perfection, added Genetic Focus, Rapid Learning, and Genetic Modification
Earthling > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Perseverance, Last Resort, Earthling Subspecies Traits, and Wings, added Impaling Horns, Slender Build, and Treacherous Quills, removed Enhanced Aptitudes and Shapeshifter
Majin > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Spellbound, and From Goop, removed Majin See Majin Do
Namekian > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Exceptional Hearing, Antennae, Flexible Biology, Intelligent Fighter, Telepathic Warning, Namekian Conviction, Namekian Protector, Spirit of Namek, and Soul Denier, added Refined Combat and Pacifistic Teachings, removed Arm of Namek and Pacifist Magicks
Neo-Tuffles > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Tuffle Superiority, Energy of Revenge and Liquid Body, added Tuffle Rebuke, Hate Empowerment, Aggressive Destruction, and Power Hunger, removed Adolescent Evolution and Tuffleization
Saiyans > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Battle Born, Blood of the Warrior, Powerful Physique, Warrior’s Pride, Saiyan Heritage, Battle Fervor, Explosive Potential, and Raging Hero, added Ancient Saiyan
Shinjin > Updated Attribute Score Increase
Custom Species > Updated Attribute Score Increase, Custom Species Proficiencies, Racial Trait Selection, Subspecies, Racial Technique, Abnormal Anatomy, Environmental Adaptation, Invisibility, and Racial Trait, added Flaws, Arcane Adept, Beloved Beauty, Combative Organism, Forged in Battle, Giant’s Strength, Glorious Tactics, Innate Weaponry, Karmic Punishment, Ki Control, Killer Instinct, Savage Creature, Unyielding Rage, Weapon Master, Blazing Speed, Burrower, Death Defier, Defender’s Tactics, Dense Body, Pixie’s Grace, Rubber Rebound, Solid Guard, Creature Consumption, Crusher, Divide and Conquer, Energy Consumption, Invulnerability, Light Consumption, Natural Fusion, Portal Creation, Regenerative Anatomy, Race of Scholars, Sniper’s Eye, Bestial Might, Burdened with Power, Extra Limbs, Inherent Transformation, Magical Mastery, Minion Maker, Bulky, Brittle Bones, Cannibalism, Feral Creature, Fragile Heart, Karmic Loyalty, Limited Form, Limited Gigantism, Magical Dependency, Petite Warrior, Reclusive State, Reverse Gigantism, Sickly, Weak Spot, and Weakness, removed Burst of Speed, Fusion Trait, Enhanced Aptitude, Hardy Structure, Minion, Variant Size, Treacherous Quills, Transformation Trait, Possession, Dense, Skillful, Sharp Sense, Varied Attributes, Vitality, Low Sustenance, Abnormal Appendages, Cumbersome, Feeble, Environmental Incompatibility, Flawed Transformation, Flawed Fusion, and Oafish
Custom Species > Added Custom Species Examples page
Signature Techniques > Updated Ultimate Signatures, Combination, Rapid Fire, Explosion, Aura, Strengthened Aura, Burning Aura, Sparking Aura, Alotta Lotta Attacks, Aura Gathering, Explosive Magic, Knockback, Terrain Destruction, Flaring Aura, Protective Aura, Transformation Boost, Maximum Charge, Backlash, Concentration, and Short Range, added Chain Attack, Redirected Strength, Resilience, Restorative Shield, Searing Flame, Ascended Signature, Super Sparking, Big Bang, Restriction, Self-Explosion, and Volatile Explosion, removed Ultimate Aura, Super Signature Advantage, and Requirement
Signature Technique Examples > Added Dragon Fist, Stardust Breaker, Hellzone Grenade, Final Explosion, Tri-Beam Cannon, Change the Future, Gamma Burst Flash, Hyper Tornado, Sickle of Sorrow, Android Barrier, Punisher Guard, False Courage, Finisher Sign, Heat Armor, Destructo Disk, Cross-Arm Dive, Lightning of Absolution, Thunder Flash Attack, Blazing Magnetron, Flame Shower Breath, and Minus Energy Zone, updated Special Beam Cannon, Big Bang Attack, Death Beam, Final Flash, Spirit Bomb, and Wolf Fang Fist
Magical Abilties > Removed Magical Abilities
Spellbook > Removed Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and Magical Binding, updated all other Spellbook Options
Spellbook > Added Spellbook Advancements
Transformation Rules > Updated Accessibility, Ki Multiplier, Stacking Power, Shatter Your Limits, New Level of Power, and Stress Exhaustion
Aspects > Removed Controlled Fury and Size Decreasing, updated Bulky Form, Draining, Exhausting, Heartbeat, Perfect Ki Control, Power High, Rampaging, Raging, added Battle Uniform, Bright Aura, and Weakening Form
Transformations > Added Pure Resolve, Zenkai, Genetic Power, Evil Aura, God Aura, Hi-Tension, Ascended Form, Full Power Boost, Brilliant Evolution, and Release Inhibitors, removed Combined Form, Super Full Power, and Golden Evolution
Class Up > Updated Class Selection and Elite’s Pride
Cybernetic Enhancement > Updated Scientific Upgrade and Cybernetic Systems
Majin Mark > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses and Power Variance
Mutation > Updated Race Requirement, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, and Born with Power, removed Twisted Ambition, added Evolutionary Peak
Pure Progress > Updated Combat Imprinting and Stance Change
Reincarnated Power > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Lingering Power, and Emotional Response
Unlocked Potential > Updated Maximum No of Stacks, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Potential, and Power Unleashed
Perfection > Updated Maximum No of Stacks, Atavism, Genetic Combination, and Genepool Traits, removed Superior Offense, added Superior Being
Super Majin > Updated The Ultimate Majin, removed Superior Goop, added Unstoppable
Super Namekian > Added Enhanced Namekian and Wise Fighter, removed Enhanced Regeneration and Predictive Fighter
Strongest Form > Removed Golden Adornment and Gathered Power, added Apex Adornment and Precipice of Revenge
Ascension > Updated Celestial Perfection, removed Exposition of the Observer, added Skilled Watcher
Beyond God > Updated Touch of Divinity
Magical Formation > Updated Aspects, Power of Love, Storm of Love, Collecting Love, Ascending Love, Building Love, All Consuming Love, Fist of Love, and Magical Formation Mastery, added Battle Uniform
Mode Change > Updated Aspects, Form Change, New Hero, New Legend, Finishing Move, Level Up, Extreme Dream, Ultimate Rising Power, It’s Never Over, and Mode Change Mastery, added Battle Uniform
Monster Form > Updated Stress Test, Abomination, True Form Ascension, Beast of Wrath, Monster Form Mastery, and Monster Traits
Power Boost > Updated Aspects, Improved Power, Evolving Power, Keen, Boosting, Overflowing Power, and Power Boost Mastery
Metamorphosis > Updated Meta Traits, Transforming Physique, Restoration, Stage, Stress Test, Tier of Power Requirement, Aspects, Death Strike, True Terror, Bursting Power, Metamorphosis Mutations, Metamorphosis Mastery, and Meta Traits, added Full Suppression, Twisted Ambition, Restrictive Transformation, Weakest State, Coup de Grace, and True State, removed Transforming Aspects, Fierce Aggression, and Natural Body
Oozaru > Updated Aspects, Furious Beast, Hulking Mass, Pure Ferocity, and Oozaru Mastery, removed Pathway to Beyond
Super Saiyan > Updated Aspects, S-Cells, Lightning Reflexes, Raging Power, Aggressive Momentum, Sparking Ascension, Limitless, and Super Saiyan Mastery
Dark Demon > Updated Tier of Power Requirement, Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Dark Energy, Swelling Darkness, Shadow Magic, and Dark Demon Mastery, removed Unnatural Power
Awoken > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, and A Welcome Challenge, removed Sheer Skill, added A Show of Skill and A Chronicle of Growth
Enraged > Updated Aspects, Hateful Fury, Blind Rage, and Overwhelming Rage
Forced Maximum > Updated Stress Tests, Aspects, and Tremendous Drain
Full Power > Updated Stress Test, Over-Mastery, and Roaring Power
Fusion of Ki > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, Constant Maximum, and Synergistic Combat
Giant Form > Updated Race Requirement, Aspects, and Accelerated Growth, removed Cellular Enhancement, Massive Arms, Expansive Healing, and Growing Evil, added Battlefield Titan
Kaioken > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Exponential Power, Surge of Strength, and Crimson Acclimation
Lightspeed Mode > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, and Changing Gears
Powerhouse > Updated Muscular Proportions, Unbending Tissue, and Uninhibited Strength
Spirit Empowerment > Updated access requirements, Everyone’s Energy, and Miraculous Finish
Overdrive > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Overclock, Over Productive, and Full Power Engine
Wrathful > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Compressed Oozaru, and Empowering Fury, added Bestial Berserker, removed Furious Beast
Divine Halo > Updated Aspects, Circle of Light, and Restorative Light
Godly Powers > Updated Aspects, Realm of the Gods, and Godly Powers Mastery
Mystic > Updated Stress Test, Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Latent Power, Beyond Transformations, Mystic Mastery, and Brought to the Limit, added Potential Reborn
Ultra Ego > Updated Aspects, Egotistical Combat, Rising Hype, Thoughts of Destruction, and Ultra Ego Mastery
Ultra Instinct > Updated Aspects, Thoughtless Combat, Detached Calm, Overwhelming Heat, Ultra Instinct Omen Mastery, Instinctual Combat, Surpassing the Gods, and Perfected Ultra Instinct Mastery, added Divine Techniques
Super Evolution > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Apex Mutation, Ultra Brutality, Unstoppable Juggernaut, Ferocious Speed, Super Evolution Mastery, removed Mastered Offense, added Rising Bloodlust
Pure Form > Updated Aspects, Erratic, Unpredictable, Wild Aggression, and Pure Form Mastery
Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated Aspects, True Super Saiyan, Unlimited Power, Unstable Power, and Legendary Super Saiyan Mastery, removed Overflowing Power and Super Saiyan of Legend, added Unstoppable Power, Legend of Z, and Legend of Super
Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Utmost Saiyan Power, Perfected Oozaru, Multiplicative Technique, and Super Saiyan 4 Mastery, added Super Saiyan Divergence, removed Adaptive Body, Overwhelming Counter, and Super Full Power Saiyan 4
Super Saiyan God > Updated Aspects, Divine Acclimation, New Dimension, Flame of Life, Super Saiyan God Mastery, Deific Super Saiyan, Flame of Power, Seeking Further Strength, and Super Saiyan Blue Mastery
Demon God > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Demon God’s Wrath, Kiri Kasap, Corrupted Divinity, Fiendish Sorcery, Demon God Mastery, Demonic Fury, Unholy Smite, Diabolical Destruction, True Demon God Mastery, Demonic Presence, and Demonic Presence II, added Battle Uniform
Divinity Unleashed > Updated Aspects, Cosmic Flow, True Divinity, and Divine Ascension, added Battle Uniform
Variant Transformations > Updated Dark King, Destroyer Form, False Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan 4, and Super Saiyan Rose, removed Bio Super Saiyan, Bio Super Saiyan 2, Bio Super Saiyan 3, and Super Golden Evolution, added Descended Super Saiyan, Evil Saiyan, Great Namekian, Spirit Absorption, Super Brilliant Evolution, and True Super Saiyan God
Fusion > Updated Character Combination, Metamorese Fusion, and Potara Fusion, added Fusion types, Fused Technique, Fusion Timing, Fusion State, Repeating Fusions, Controlling a Fusion, Temporary Fusion, Lasting Fusion, Merge Fusion, and EX Fusion
DownTime > Updated Basic Training, Technique Training, Acquire New Transformation, Mentor, Studying, Crafting, Bonding, and Optional, added Increase Your Transformation Speed, Enhancement Modification, and Cooking

We’d like to apologize for the production delay in this update. Due to interference in our personal lives, the update to 0.8.0 took much longer than expected. For everyone who waited patiently, we humbly extend our thanks. Please continue to enjoy DBU!

Update Fixes 0.7.5 (4/27/2022)

Introduction > Removed Defender Wins, Specific Over General, Minimums, Combat Round, and Rule of One
Core Rules > Added Defender Wins, Specific Over General, Minimums, Combat Round, Rule of One, and Gaining Transformations, updated Critical Result
Actions & Combat > Clarified effect resolution order, Changed Attack Maneuver to Basic Attack Maneuver, clarified rules concerning Action types, removed Counter Maneuver, Instant Maneuver, and Out-of-Sequence Maneuver, added No Effort Maneuver, updated Triggered Maneuver, Initiative Advantage, Holding Back Maneuver, Rebound, Grapple Maneuver, Pinning, Tail Restraint, and Moving a Target
Attacking & Conditions > Updated Health Thresholds and Superiority
Attributes > Updated Awareness, Speed, Athletics, and Intimidate, added Intuition, removed Lift and Push
Aspects > Updated Draining and Armored Form
Gear & Equipment > Updated Grappling and Lasting Wounds
Minions > Updated Limited Control
Talents > Updated Backed Into A Corner, Vigor, Under Pressure, Practiced, Ruthless Whip, Undying Determination, Ki Deception, Alert, Improved Initiative, Iron Fist, and Magical Adept, added Hardened Transformation, Specialized Transformation, Ultimate Combination, and Heavenly Training
Androids > Updated Energy Drain Maneuver, Energy Absorption, and Siphon
Bio Android > Updated Stamina Drain, Keratinous Armor, Resilience, Tail, Sai Sei, and Divine Excellence
Custom Species > Updated Burst of Speed and Cumbersome
Majin > Updated Bouncy Body
Namekians > Updated Pacifist Magicks
Saiyans > Updated Battle Born, Saiyan Heritage, and Blood of the Warrior
Shinjin > Updated Divine Origin
Signature Techniques > Updated Aura
Spellbook > Updated Illusion, Four Witches Technique, Instant Transmission, added Mind Reading and Mind Control
Transformation Rules > Updated Shatter Your Limits
Transformations > Added Awoken, Beyond God, and Warlock
Absorption > Updated Stolen Heritage
Demon God > Updated Demonic Presence and Transcended Demon God
Divinity Unleashed > Updated Otherworldly Revelation
Godly Powers > Updated Transformation, Stress Test, removed all traits, added Godly Training, Realm of the Gods, Divine Transformation, Godly Powers Mastery, and Divine Energy
Golden Evolution > Updated Beyond Final
Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated Unlimited Power and Controlled Movement
Majin Mark > Updated Inner Power
Metamorphosis > Updated Meta Traits, removed Aspects Meta Trait, added Transforming Aspects
Perfection > Updated Fight or Flight
Super Evolution > Updated Apex Mutation
Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Utmost Saiyan Power, Multiplicative Technique, Saiyan Potential, and Limit Breaker
Super Saiyan God > Updated Super Saiyan Blue Evolved
Ultra Ego > Updated Rising Hype and Destroying the Self, removed Breaking the Shell
Ultra Instinct > Updated Ultra Instinct Acclimation, removed Breaking the Shell
Variant Transformations > Updated Bio Super Saiyan, added Legendary Super Saiyan 4 and Destroyer Form
Removed Shatter Your Limits from all transformations which granted the ability.

Update Fixes 0.7.4 (3/23/2022)

Introduction > Updated Combat Round
Core Rules > Added Will to Survive
Actions & Combat > Updated Power Flare, Deflect, Intervene, and Energy Charge
Attacking & Conditions > Updated Rage
Character Creation > Updated Level Up Chart and Technique, added Aptitudes
Transformation Rules > Added Natural State and Returning to Normal
Aspects > Added Power High, updated Long Transformation
Gear & Equipment > Updated Spiritual and Protective Shield, added Snaring and Tripping
Minions > Updated Minions, Limited Control, and Statistics, added Generalist, Phalanx Fighter, Aggressor, Defender, Sentry, and Transforming Minion
Talents > Updated Backed Into A Corner, Desperate Transformation, Ruthless Aggression, Slow Starter, Cellular Expansion, Enhanced Optics, Inbuilt Weaponry, Swaggering Wager, Master of Martial Arts, Archwizard, Under Pressure, Shapeshifter Diploma, Undying Determination, Willpower, Saiyan Tail Resistance, Saiyan Elite, Ice Cold Rebuttal, Ruthless Whip, and Powered Strike, added Power of Movement, Masterful Integration, and Boundless Confidence
Signature Techniques > Updated Aura, Ultimate Aura, Damage Over Time, Condition, Penetration, and Genki, added Shield, Karmic, Offensive Shield, Shockwave, Delayed, Final Chance, Concentration, and Diminishing Shield
Magical Abilities > Updated Augment and added Binding
Spellbook > Updated Manipulation Sorcery, added Para Para Dance and Space-Time Connection
Races > Earthlings > Updated Earthling Subspecies Traits, Claws, Bite, Wings, Enhanced Aptitudes, and Tail, removed Bloodsucker, added Third Eye and Magical Techniques
Races > Saiyans > Updated Warrior’s Pride and Saiyan Heritage
Races > Bio Android > Updated Super Saiyan
Races > Arcosian > Updated Survivor, Keratinous Plating, Brutal Assault, Cruel Intentions, and Prehensile Tail
Races > Androids > Added Functional Purpose, update Siphon, removed Overdrive
Races > Majin > Updated Transfiguration Beam
Races > Shinjin > Added Heavenly Advantage and Demonic Advantage, removed Divine Halo and Dark Demon Form
Races > Namekians > Updated Health Modifier and Namekian Protector, replaced Magical Materialization with Magic Creation
Transformations > No Ego Zone > Updated Supreme Mortal Ki and Serene Combat
Transformations > Super Saiyan > Updated Aspects and Super Saiyan Mastery, removed Animosity
Transformations > Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Aspects, Perfected Oozaru, and Natural Form
Transformations > Majin Mark > Updated Inner Power
Transformations > Perfection > Updated Mighty Transformation
Transformations > Metamorphosis > Updated Aspects, Meta Traits, Metamorphosis Mastery, Burning Hatred, Bio-Suit, Unrelenting, added Transforming Physique, Natural Body, and Spiked Plating
Transformations > Golden Evolution > Updated Beyond Final, Golden Physique, True Golden Sheen, Hellborn Hatred, Glistening Bio-Suit, added Glimmering Blades
Transformations > Super Evolution > Updated Apex Mutation
Transformations > Overdrive > Updated Stress Test, Tier of Power Requirement, Overclock, and Full Power Engine, added Over Productive
Transformations > Pure Form > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifiers, Unpredictable, Truly Pure, Pure Form Mastery, added Wild Aggression
Transformations > Divine Halo > Updated Stress Test, Tier of Power Requirement, and Aspects
Transformations > Divinity Unleashed > Updated Aspects
Transformations > Dark Demon > Updated Dark Energy and Unnatural Power
Transformations > Super Full Power > Updated 100% Power
Transformations > Godly Powers > Updated Divine Energy
Transformations > Monster Form > Updated Abomination, Self-Acceptance, and True Form Ascension, added Beast of Wrath
Transformations > Kaioken > Updated Stress Test, Exponential Power, Surge of Strength, added Crimson Acclimation, removed Cost of Strength
Transformations > Added Fusion of Ki, Spirit Empowerment, Forced Maximum, Combined Form, Reincarnated Power, and Ascension
Variant Transformations > Updated False Super Saiyan, added Bio Super Saiyan

Update Fixes 0.7.3 (3/1/2022)

Transformations > Added Ultra Ego, Divinity Unleashed, Enraged, Mutation, No Ego Zone, Absorption, Super Android, Strongest Form, Cybernetic Enhancement
Transformations > Class Up > Changed Class Selection and Enhanced Prowess
Transformations > Demon God > Reworded Fiendish Sorcery, added minimalist art
Transformations > Super Majin > Revised Superior Goop.
Transformations > Metamorphosis > Revised Fierce Aggression, True Terror, Bursting Power, Gruesome Impalement, Mutations, and Mastery
Transformations > Super Namekian > Revised Enhanced Regeneration
Transformations > Super Full Power > Revised 100% Power
Transformations > Perfection > Revised Mighty Transformation and Junior Creation, added Perfected Ultimate Attack
Transformations > Super Evolution > Revised Stress Test, Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Apex Mutation, Ultra Brutality, Unstoppable Juggernaut, Ferocious Speed, Super Evolution Mastery, and replaced Rising Bloodlust with Mastered Offense
Transformations > Golden Evolution > Revised Aspects, Beyond Final, Refined Brutality, Golden Physique, Golden Evolution Mastery, and Effects of Training. Added Evolved Meta Traits.
Transformations > Oozaru > Revised Boulder Toss, Oozaru Mastery, Gained Bulky Form Aspect.
Transformations > Oozaru > Golden Oozaru > Revised Stress Test, Aspects, Hulking Mass. , Gained Bulky Form Aspect.
Transformations > Super Saiyan 4 > Revised Utmost Saiyan Power, Adaptive Body, and Overwhelming Counter. Added Perfected Oozaru.
Transformations > Mystic > Revised Latent Power
Transformations > Legendary Super Saiyan > Revised Super Saiyan of Legend
Transformations > Super Saiyan > Revised Aggressive Momentum
Transformations > Super Saiyan God > Revised Divine Acclimation, New Dimension, Flame of Life, Divine Energy, and Divine Remnants
Transformations > Super Saiyan God > Super Saiyan Blue > Revised Aspects, Deific Super Saiyan, Blue Burnout, Seeking Further Strength, Super Saiyan Blue Mastery, and Divine Remnants II
Transformations > Ultra Instinct > Split Ultra Instinct into two stages
Transformations > Lightspeed Mode > Revised Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Impossible to Catch, and High-Speed Assault. Added Changing Gears.
Transformations > Full Power > Revised Over-Mastery and Roaring Power. Changed Stress Test.
Transformations > Powerhouse > Changed Stress Test. Gained Bulky Form Aspect.
Transformations > Kaioken > Revised Aspects.
Transformations > Transformation Rules > Revised Transforming, New Level of Power, and Legend Realized.
Transformations > Transformation Rules > Aspects > Revised Temporary Form. Added Heartbeat. Added Bulky Form.
Techniques > Magical Abilities > Completely reworked Magical Abilities
Campaign & Settings > DownTime > Revised Downtime rules
Campaign & Settings > Battle Grounds > Revised Battle Terrain, Battle Weather, and Sight & Illumination. Added Battle Environment.
Campaign & Settings > Added Variant Transformations
Player > Gear & Equipment > Revised Armor, Weighted Clothing, Weapons, Weapon Qualities, Break Value, Gear Kits, Power Pole, Brave Sword, Bansho Fan. Added Weather Resistance.
Player > Talents > Reorganized Talents. Added Table of Contents, Berserk Resolve, Commander’s Fury, Burning Anger, Swift Wrath, Backed Into A Corner, Favored Technique, Specialty Spell, Powerful Technique, Return Stroke, Patient Fighter, Assessment, Analytic Fighter, Strategic Attack, Battlefield Tactician, Cellular Expansion, Genetic Focus, Biodiversity, Vindication, On the Shoulders of Giants, Tuffle Parasite, Armor Training, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Weapon Master, Weighted Fighter. Revised Low Class Saiyan, Ace Pilot, Brutal Kata, Focused Strike, Astounding Transformation, Overwhelming Transformation, Transforming Initiative, Master of Minions, Close Range Shot, Minion’s Offering, Minion Coordinator, Slow Starter, Ambidextrous, Ballistic Specialist, Iaijutsu, Master-At-Arms, Quick Strike, Weapon Specialist.
Races > Added Tuffles
Races > Namekians > Revised Cellular Proliferation and Namekian Clairvoyance. Added Namekian Conviction.
Races > Majins > Revised Elastic Regeneration, Mini Majin, From Goop, Assimilation, and Escaping Assimilation
Races > Saiyan > Revised Thrill of the Fight and Explosive Potential
Races > Shinjin > Revised Far Seeing
Races > Bio Android > Revised Zenkai. Added Tuffle (Race)
Races > Earthlings > Revised Earthling Resolve.
Races > Android > Revised Damage Inhibitor and Lock On. Added Machine Mutant Sub-Race.
Rules > Actions and Combat > Removed Barrage Maneuver. Revised Grappling, Reload, Out-of-Sequence Maneuver, Instant Action, Combat Recovery, Holding Back, Healing Surge, Knocked Down, and Intervene. Added Terrain Lift and Throw.
Rules > Attacking and Conditions > Revised Ki Wager and types of Basic Attacks available. Added Blinded and Attacking Maneuver.
Rules > Attributes > Revised Super Stack.
Rules > Character Creation > Revised Talent
Rules > Core Rules > Revised Target Number, Solid Dice, and Keep the Best. Added Breakthrough and Gigantic Grip.
Player > Z Soul > Revised Karma
Techniques > Signature Techniques > Revised Energy Focus, Intense Blast, Dead-Link, and Weapon-Assisted. Added Cutting, Aura Gathering, Splitting, Large Energy Weapon, Weapon Infusion, Focused Weapon, and Fragile Weapon.
Techniques > Magical Abilities > Spellbook > Revised Manipulation Sorcery, Multi-Form Technique, and Solar Flare. Added Afterimage Technique.

Update Fixes 0.7.2 (1/14/2022)

Transformations > Added Class Up, Monster Form, Magical Formation, Mode Change, Full Power, Lightspeed Mode, Demon God
Pure Progress > Updated the effects of Stance Change
Dark Demon > Updated the effects of Dark Energy, Shadow Magic, Swelling Darkness, and Dark Demon Mastery
Metamorphosis > Updated the effects of Death Strike, True Terror, Burning Hatred, Efficiency, Bio-Suit, Unrelenting, Furious Onslaught, and Metamorphosis Mastery, updated the Stress Test values
Super Saiyan > Updated the effects of Aggressive Momentum, Limitless, and Super Saiyan Mastery, added the Sparking Ascension trait, updated the Stress Test values
Power Boost > Updated the effects of Keen, Boosting, and Power Boost Mastery, added High Power Boost (Stage 2) and Maximum Power Boost (Stage 3), and the Improved Power, Evolving Power, Power Strike, and Overflowing Power traits, updated the Attribute Bonuses, updated Aspects
Divine Halo > Updated the effects of Circle of Light and Restorative Light
Powerhouse > Updated the effects of Unbending Tissue
Godly Powers > Updated the effects of Divine Energy and Aura of the Gods
Super Full Power > Updated the effects of 100% Power, Overwhelming the Weak, Invincible, Super Full Power Mastery, Restraint of the Strongest, added All-Consuming Aura, replaced Full Power with Greater Power, updated the Attribute Bonuses, updated Aspects, updated the Stress Test value
Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated the effects of True Super Saiyan, Unlimited Power, Overflowing Power, Unstable Power, Legendary Super Saiyan Mastery, and Super Saiyan of Legend, updated the Attribute Bonuses, updated Aspects, updated the Stress Test value
Super Saiyan 4 > Updated the effects of Adaptive Body, Multiplicative Technique, Overwhelming Counter, Super Full Power Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 4 Mastery, updated Aspects, updated the Stress Test value
Super Evolution > Updated the effects of Apex Mutation and Rising Bloodlust
Golden Evolution > Updated the effects of Refined Brutality, Golden Physique, Golden Evolution Mastery, and Effects of Training
Mystic > Updated the effects of Mystic Mastery
Aspects > Added Natural Form, updated the effects of God Ki
Shinjin > Updated the effects of Celestial Potential, Far Seeing, Inner Peace, and Kiri Drain, added Divine Origin and Skill of the Watcher, removed Obscured Energy
Arcosians > Updated the effects of Brutal Assault
Saiyans > Updated the effects of Thrill of the Fight and Battle Fervor
Talents > Updated the effects of Potential of Shinjin, Tea Ceremony, Kiri Transfer, Saiyan Elite, Close Range Shot, Adept Warrior, Dynamic Pose, Desperate Transformation, Surging Strength, Under Pressure, and Far Shot, added Genius Designer
Vehicles > Updated the effects of Turbo Boost
Gear & Equipment > Updated the effects of Rapid Trigger, updated the rules for Crafting, added Sealing Talisman and Cooking Utensils
Actions & Combat > Updated the effects of Barrage Maneuver, Miracle Empowerment, Parry Maneuver, Rush Clash, and Energy Duel, added Duel Escape Maneuver
Attacking & Conditions > Updated the effects of Candy Combat Condition, added Slowed Combat Condition and Shaken Combat Condition
Transformation Rules > Added New Level of Power
Core Rules > Added Afterlife
Attributes > Updated the descriptions of Craft and Science
Spellbook > Updated the effects of Magical Enhancement, Magical Materialization, Four Witches Technique, Size Change, Time Skip, and Magical Binding, updated the Ki Point Cost of Life Energy Absorption, added Fake Moon, Solar Flare, Stone Spit, Body Change, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, and Mafuba
Frequently Asked Questions > Added page
Variant Rules > Updated Dice Creep System, Alternate Attribute Generation, Limitless Capacity, Experience Purchase System, Easy Game Difficulty, Life Box System, Pure Progression, and Accumulation of Power, added Experience System and Average Life Points
Signature Techniques > Updated the effects of Combination, Explosion, Rapid Fire, Elemental, Alotta Lotta Attacks, and Potent Beam, added Crushing, Sweeping, Shattering Blow, Magical Infusion, Widespread Magic, Explosive Magic, Quick Reaction, and Grappling Technique

Update Fixes 0.7.1 (12/16/2021)

Transformations > Made changes to Alternate Form and Legendary Form Transformation Rules. Additional Aspects have been added. Minor balance changes throughout.

Super Saiyan > Mastering Super Saiyan 3 removes the limitation to Blood of the Warrior.

Super Saiyan God/Blue > Blue has been rolled into the second stage of Super Saiyan God as per request. Rules for multiple stages of Legendary Forms have been added.

Metamorphosis > Mastered stages of Metamorphosis retain their Stress Test Requirement but it does not need to be rolled for unless you are also using an Enhancement Power in conjunction with it.

Transfiguration Beam/Assimilation > Limited Transfiguration Beam to base Strike Value and the only Extra Dice allowed are Tier of Power Extra Dice to limit abuse from Bio Androids and certain builds. Assimilated Targets now gain +1 to their Cognitive Saving Throws each time they fail to break free of Assimilation.

Talents > You now gain 2 Talents at Character Creation and +1 Talent each time you reach a new Tier of Power. This is to assist in building unique and interesting characters. Some Talents have been changed to be more effective or inclusive (Brutal Kata, Second Wind and Powered Strike). New Talents have been added (Slow Starter, Master of Martial Arts, Multi-Type Attacker, Multi-Type Master, Dramatic Pose, Joyful Pose, Double Pose, Team Pose, Desperate Transformation and Pacifistic Warrior).

Actions & Combat > Two new maneuvers have been added (Holding Back Maneuver and Rush Clash Maneuver).