Peak Condition

Reaching a state of prime fighting prowess, you’re in the best fighting condition you’ve ever been in through your entire life. This Transformation can be gained through any means of removing one of your main limitations, should be a major RP reward or something gained through Dragon Balls. (Examples: King Piccolo wishing for youth, Vegeta balancing himself and fixing his bad training habits, Buu getting fit – so on.)

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Manifested Powers
  • Maximum No of Stacks. 1
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+

Ideal Condition. Once per Combat Encounter, you may use a Healing Surge Maneuver as an Instant Action. Increase the amount of Life Points gained from Healing Surge Maneuvers by +3(T).

While you are in the Healthy Health Threshold, increase your Soak Value and Defense Value by +1(T). 

Peak Performance. Once per Combat Encounter, you may increase the amount of Ki Points you would regain from a Power Surge Maneuver by 2x.

When you would roll your Wound Roll for an Attacking Maneuver with a Ki Wager, increase the Wound Roll for that Attacking Maneuver by an additional amount equal to +1/4 (rounded up) of the Ki Points wagered by that Ki Wager.

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