Saiyan Pride

As a warrior race, Saiyans are particularly prideful, but this takes it even further. Becoming the embodiment of the Saiyan race, you are a paragon of what it means to be a warrior. Taking your pride to the next level, you let the true strengths of the Saiyan race shine through in everything you do.

  • Race. Saiyan
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 12
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+
  • Aspects: Raging (Level 2), Durable Form (Level 1), High Speed Form (Level 1), Draining (Level 2)

Saiyan Power. Once per Combat Encounter, while you are below the Bloodied Health Threshold, you may use the Power Up Maneuver as an Instant Action. If you do, gain +2 stacks of Battle Born immediately.

Depending on your base Tier of Power, gain these additional effects:

  • 2+: Increase each Combat Roll that has 2+ stacks of Battle Born by +1(T).
  • 4+: When you use the Power Up Maneuver, you may choose to enter Rage until you are not longer benefiting from Power Up.
  • 6+: When this Enhancement Power is used in conjunction with the Full Power Transformation with a Mastered Legendary Form as its Maximized Transformation, you may Shatter Your Limits (even if the Maximized Transformation is not the highest stage of its Transformation). While this Enhancement Power is used in conjunction with the Shattered Limits Transformation, reduce the Stress Test Requirement of Saiyan Pride by -6.

Furious Heart. Once per Combat Round, while you are in Rage, you may use a Basic Attack Maneuver as an Instant Action.

While you are in Rage, reduce all damage you suffer by -2(T) and increase all of your Combat Rolls by +1(T).

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