Strongest Form

Gathering the energy from your friends or followers, you are able to contain it within yourself to improve all of your abilities. With the power of others pulsing through your body, at the whim of your genius, there’s no doubt about it. With the right body, you have become the strongest being in the universe. So, this golden plating you’ve obtained and the ability to twist the bodies you’ve taken to look akin to you must be a sign of your ascension. Therefore, take it as a sign that this surely is the Strongest Form.

  • Transformation. Manifested Power
  • Race: Tuffle
  • Maximum No. of Stacks: 2
  • Tier of Power: 3+

Golden Adornment. For each stack of this Manifested Power, increase your Soak Value by 1/4 the amount of your current Revenge Points (rounded down). For example, if you have 12 Revenge Points, you would gain +3 to your Soak Value with one stack of Strongest Form and +6 to your Soak Value with two stacks of Strongest Form.

Increase the Natural Result of Extra Dice by +1 for each stack of the Strongest Form Manifested Power. This cannot cause the Natural Result to exceed the maximum dice roll. If you have two stacks of this Manifested Power, Tuffle Superiority applies to the Extra Dice gained from the Legacy of the Scholars Racial Trait.

Gathered Power. While you are possessing a character, at the start of each Combat Round, you may make an Opposed Cognitive Saving Throw against the possessed character. If you lose, nothing happens and you are not ejected. If you win, they gain +1 Action and they must use it to use the Empower Maneuver with you as the target. If they manage to expel you, they can use this additional action during their turn without restriction.

Once per Combat Encounter, if you are possessing another character and have 2 stacks of Strongest Form, when the body you are possessing uses the Empower Maneuver with you as the target, you may count that as if two characters had given you energy for the sake of Miracle Empowerment. This does not increase the amount of Ki Points you recover.

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