Saibamen, Cell Jrs, an army of Frieza Force Soldiers… Dragon Ball has plenty of minion examples. Minions allow for you to deal with problems without getting your own hands dirty, to gain support against superior numbers, or simply attempt to tire out an opponent while you are given the space to recover energy.

Minions. Minions are classified as characters that are controlled by another character, known as that minion’s Master. They themselves cannot take any Actions unless their master uses the Command Maneuver. Minions themselves have Two Actions but no Counter Action and one of their Actions must either be a Movement Maneuver or transferred into a Counter Action.

Minions do not have a Capacity Rate or Health Thresholds. If you have multiple Minions, they all share a place in Initiative. A minion’s Initiative Roll is equal to their master’s Initiative Roll -1.

Minions are killed if their Life Points reach 0, unless you spend a Karma Point to keep them alive. When a Minion has their Life Points reduced to 0, the character that made the attack which defeated them gains One Action to spend immediately. You can only gain One Action through this method.

Limited Control. While the Command Maneuver lets you command a Minion, it can only be used once per turn on a single Minion. The number of Minions you can control in a single turn depends on your Personality Attribute Modifier. At +1 or higher, you can only use the Command Maneuver once per Combat Round. At +6 or higher, you can use the Command Maneuver twice per Combat Round. At +10 or higher, you can use the Command Maneuver three times per Combat Round.

You can only have a number of Minions equal to half your Personality Modifier.

If you do not give your Minions orders with the Command Maneuver, they use their Actions to use the Combat Recovery Maneuver and suffer from the Guard Down Combat Condition until the Command Maneuver is used with them as a target.

Statistics. While the capabilities of Minions vary from Minion to Minion, their Life Points and Ki Points remain the same. A minion’s Maximum Life Points is equal to 1/5 the Maximum Life Points of their master and their Ki Point Pool is equal to 1/3 the Ki Point Pool of their master.

Minion Creation

Either through magic, racial abilities, super advanced technology, or good old army conscription, creating a Minion is an easy process, akin to a small Character Creation, but based almost exclusively on their master’s Tier of Power. Attributes, Skills, Talents and even the special ‘Minion Traits’ are selected in relation to your Tier of Power.

Follow the below steps to create your own minion! It’s heavily suggested to create them before your actual sessions, so as to not clog a session with the creation process, but since it is a relatively quick and simple process, you should be able to temporarily pause combat and create a Minion if necessary.

As a note, Minions do not have Racial Traits and are one Tier of Power lower than you are when you create them. Minions do not grow stronger with you and remain as they are when created. By default, Minions are Medium Size.

Step One: Attributes and Saving Throws. Select two Attributes; these Attributes start with an Attribute Score of 6 while every other Attribute starts with an Attribute Score of 2. You gain 4(T) Attribute Points to spend on your Minion’s Attribute Scores.

In addition, you may select one Saving Throw for them to become Proficient in. It must be a Saving Throw tied to an Attribute that they have at least an Attribute Score of 6 in.

Step Two: Skills and Talents. You gain 2(T) Skill Proficiencies to give to your Minion and 1(T) Talents.

Step Three: Minion Traits. You can select 1(T)+1 Minion Traits from the list below. Minion Traits cannot be taken multiple times unless specified in the trait.

Minion Traits

Minion Perk (Minion Trait). You can gain this trait multiple times. Select one of the following bonuses to gain:

  • You gain +4 Attribute Points to spend on your minion.
  • Your minion gains one additional Talent.
  • Your minion gains two additional Skill Proficiencies.

Monstrous (Minion Trait). Select one of the Beastman Racial Traits. Your Minion gains that Racial Trait. You can gain this trait multiple times.

Different Scale (Minion Trait). Minions, by default, are Medium. By taking this trait, you can either increase/decrease their Size Category by one category. You can gain this trait multiple times.

Specialised Minion (Minion Trait). You gain 10(T) Technique Points (TP) to make Signature Techniques for your Minion. If it is a Technique you already know, reduce its total TP Cost by -2(T).

Healthy Minion (Minion Trait). Increase your Minion’s Life Points by +5(T) and their Soak Value by +1(T).

Regenerating Minion (Minion Trait). At the start of their turn, your Minion regains +3(T) Life Points.

Dynamic Ability (Minion Trait). Work with your ARC to create a unique ability for your Minion.

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