Known to some as “King Kai’s Fist”, the Kaioken manifests as a brilliant crimson flame surrounding the user. With this almost divine power, you can multiply your power by many times, allowing you to ascend to the highest echelons of greatness. But this power comes at a cost; don’t abuse this great strength, lest the strain it causes on your body forces you to explode…

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 8
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+
  • Aspects: Exhausting, Enhanced Save (Impulsive), High Speed Form (Level *), Heartbeat

Exponential Power. When you enter Kaioken, you must choose a multiplication between x2, x3 or x4, depicted on the table below. During your turn you can also change the level of Kaioken you are using by spending One Action.

When using Kaioken, you always gain the bonuses from x2 but the higher multiplications are modifiers that are added onto x2. If you are using the x4 multiplication, you do not benefit from the x3 modifier. The only exception to this is the High Speed Form Aspect, whose current level is based on your current multiplication.

Kaioken Tablex2x3x4
High Speed FormLevel 1Level 2Level 2
Initiative Bonus+1(T)+1+2
Extra DiceToP +1+1+1
Stress Test+2+6
Attribute Bonus+1(T)+1+2
Life Point Cost2(T)+2+6

When using Kaioken, you increase the Extra Dice gained from Tier of Power to a higher category based on the table above; for example, if you are Tier of Power 1, you will gain the Tier of Power Extra Dice of 1d4 when using the x2 multiplier and 1d6 when using the x3 and x4 multipliers.

The bonuses gained to your Initiative detailed above does not change your position in Initiative and are used solely to determine if you gain Initiative Advantage.

To make any attacking maneuvers when using the Kaioken, you must pay the Life Point cost listed. Double the total Life Point cost if you are using Kaioken in conjunction with any Alternate Form or Legendary Form that does not possess the Perfect Ki Control Aspect.

Surge of Strength. Once per Combat Round, when you are making a Dodge Roll or any form of attacking maneuver, you may choose to use the bonuses of a higher Kaioken Multiplication by paying the Life Point cost. This does not count as your usual Life Point cost required when making an attacking maneuver and is suffered in addition to that if making an attacking maneuver.

Increase the Wound Roll of all attacks you make by 1/2 of the Life Point cost you paid for that attacking maneuver.

If you are in an Energy Duel or Rush Clash, you may choose to enter a higher multiplication of Kaioken during the maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Maneuver. Additionally, when entering an Energy Duel or Rush Clash, you can choose to pay up to 10(T) Life Points to regain that many Ki Points.

Crimson Acclimation. With a durable enough body, you can tap into the true strength of Kaioken. When you have a Tenacity Score of 18 or higher, replace x3 and x4 multipliers with the x10 and x20 multipliers and replace the table above with the one below.

Kaioken Tablex2x10x20
High Speed FormLevel 1Level 3Level 3
Initiative Bonus+1(T)+1(T)+3(T)
Extra DiceToP +1+2+2
Stress Test+6+10
Attribute Bonus+1(T)+1(T)+2(T)
Life Point Cost2(T)+1(T)+3(T)
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