Ultra Instinct

The most powerful transformation in the known universes, Ultra Instinct. This is an extremely rare and hard to achieve transformation state. It is notorious among the Shinjin Hierarchy and even among the Gods themselves. No mortal being has learned to master this transformation or control its complete power. Ultra Instinct is the absolute peak of power.  

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Instinctual Form
  • Stress Test. Thirty-Eight (38)
  • Tier of Power Requirement. Five (5+)
* * * * * ** *

Physical Cultivation. When you use Ultra Instinct double all your attribute modifiers, with a minimum increase of twenty-five (25). Meaning when you use Ultra Instinct you will increase all your attribute modifiers by at least twenty-five or more depending on your current attribute scores.

Zen Combat. When you transform in Ultra Instinct select one of the following abilities to use. You can only select one ability each time you use Ultra Instinct. To select a different ability you must end Ultra Instinct and transform again.

  • Observing the Mind. When making any dodge rolls, roll twice and select the best result.
  • Pointing to the Mind. When making any strike rolls, roll twice and select the best result.
  • Countering the Mind. You can use as many Counter Actions as you want while using this Ultra Instinct ability. Additionally, you can NOT provoke counter actions or trigger actions against you.  

Mindfulness of Breathing. Reduce the cost of all Maneuvers and Actions by one (-1) Action to a minimum of one (1). Additionally, your critical rate is seven (7) and you are not affected by botch rolls; reroll all results of a one. Mindfulness of Breathing increases the effects of Perseverance by two (+2), meaning an Earthling or Half-Saiyan with that trait while using Ultra Instinct rerolls any results of four (4) or lower.

Instinctual Ki. Your energy is completely hidden from outside sources. Whenever another character or outside force attempts to use any kind of ability to scan or search for potential life forces, they will be unable to locate your character – this includes mechanical devices such as scouters. Not even the Gods themselves can track or locate you.

Additionally, you are not bound by your Capacity Rating – you can spend as many ki points as you wish during a round up to your ki point maximum. Moreover, while using Ultra Instincts reduce all ki point costs by one-half (1/2) – Ki wagers are unaffected by this ability.

Unalterable Calm. You are immune and/or can ignore all negative effects and/or modifiers imposed on you by any outside force other than Ultra Instinct itself – this includes but is not limited to Diminishing Defense.

Insurmountable Presence. While using Ultra Instinct, at the start of every round of combat all combatants within ten (10) squares of you must take a Morale Save, medium TN. If they pass nothing happens. If a combatant fails, they count as having combat condition impediment when taking actions against you until the end of the current round. Additionally, when a combatant fails you are granted the combat condition Superiority against them until the end of the current round.

Shattered Limits. When you fail to successfully strike (miss) any target, increase your strike roll against all target by +1d8. This effect is cumulative and will stack for each failed strike roll taken against any target. Any amassed strike roll bonuses will carry from attack to attack and from round to round.

When you fail to successfully dodge (hit) by any target, increase your dodge roll against all targets by +1d8. This effect is cumulative and will stack for each failed dodge roll taken. Any amassed dodge roll bonuses will carry from dodge to dodge and from round to round.

You can NOT elect to fail a strike roll or a dodge roll to gain the bonuses from Shattered Limits. You can NOT manipulate rolls to gain these effects, no matter how clever your logic. You only gain Shattered Limits effects if you miss an attack or are hit in combat without electing to be hit automatically – you can only gain Shattered Limits naturally.

Each time you gain the effects of shattered Limits increase the stress test of Ultra Instinct by six (6). There is no limit on how high this effect can increase the stress test of Ultra Instinct. You can NOT alter the stress test of Ultra Instinct for any reason other than Shattered Limits.

Ultra Instinct Mastery. You can achieve the perfect balance of power and mindfulness combat. The mastery of Ultra Instinct typically comes with great discipline and training; some ARCs will give this out as a plot point.

When you master Ultra Instinct increase the minimum attribute bonus of Physical Cultivation from twenty-five to thirty. Reduce the stress test increase effect of Shattered Limits by one-half (1/2). When using Ultra Instinct’s Zen Combat ability you gain access to all three effects and you no longer must choose between each ability when you transform, you can use all three at once.

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