Beyond God

After experiencing divine power for an extended period, you’ve found yourself able to call upon some of that divine might in a less taxing manner. In fact, most would say you don’t transform at all as nothing changes about your body but you know better. It’s not about your appearance, your very nature as a warrior has changed as your mortal ki becomes a secondary resource behind the divine.

You gain access to this Alternate Form immediately if you master a Legendary Form with the God Ki Aspect. Your ARC may allow you to gain this form independent of that if you train with a divine figure or manage to experience God Ki for a short period.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Stress Test. 20
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Impulsive), High Speed Form (Level 2), Durable Form (Level 2), Natural Form, God Ki

Touch of Divinity. When you use a Transformation Maneuver to enter this Alternate Form, select one Trait from a Mastered Legendary Form with the God Ki Aspect you have access to. Replace Touch of Divinity with that Trait until you leave this Transformation. If you choose a Transformation with multiple stages, you can only choose a Trait from the first stage of that Transformation.

If you have no Mastered Legendary Forms with the God Ki Aspect, replace this Trait with Divine Transformation from the Godly Powers Legendary Form.

Brilliant Aura. When you Power Up, you are cloaked in an immense aura. The effects and bonuses gained from the Power Up maneuver, either through its own effects or through the effects of other Traits, last +1 additional Combat Round. Additionally, increase the level of the Durable Form Aspect by +2 while you are benefiting from the Power Up Maneuver.

You gain an additional +1 Counter Action at the start of each Combat Round to be used by the end of that Combat Round. 

Tip of the Iceberg. If you use a Transformation Maneuver to transform into a Legendary Form with the God Ki Aspect while you were in the Beyond God Alternate Form, the reduction to that Transformation’s Stress Test from Step-by-Step Transformation is applied to all Stress Tests for that Transformation until you leave that Transformation.

Beyond God Mastery. When you gain Mastery for the Beyond God Transformation, it gains the following benefits:

  • Full Divine Power. Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus for AG/FO/SP for this Transformation by +4 and increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus for IN by +2. You may choose to gain two Traits through Touch of Divinity instead of one but they must be from the same Transformation. If you do not have a Legendary Form with the God Ki Aspect, gain access to Godly Powers.
  • Natural Divinity. When you gain Mastery for Beyond God, gain +8 Attribute Points to be spent immediately. You can only spend these Attribute Points on Agility, Force, Spirit or Insight. This Transformation gains the Heartbeat Aspect.
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