Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When using a transformation with the Natural Form Aspect along with an Enhancement Power, the text says to “follow the standard rules for Stress Tests”. Does this mean that your Stress is calculated as if you were stacking an Enhancement Power on top of another transformation, or as if you are solely using an Enhancement Power? Calculate your stress as if you were stacking an Enhancement Power on top of another transformation. Natural Form only ignores the transformation’s Stress Test when you use that transformation alone. Alongside any Enhancement Power, the transformation’s full Stress Test value is used.

Q. Do Variant Transformations count as a different and new transformation for the sake of New Level of Power? Yes! They’re their own transformation for such effects!

Q. Do free Energy Charges count towards the limit of times you can perform an Energy Charge Maneuver on a single Signature Technique? Yes. Unless directly specified otherwise, a free Energy Charge counts against the limit for Energy Charge Maneuvers.

Q. For Surpassing Perfection, does Ascended-? No. Ascended Form is never treated as the third stage of a Transformation. Each time you select Super Genetic Power by the effect of Limit Break x Survivor, you may choose to treat Super Genetic Power as the third stage of Genetic Power, with all the benefits and drawbacks that entails. If you do not treat Super Genetic Power as the third stage, you do not get the additional trait from Surpassing Perfection.

Q. Does Monster Form’s True Form Ascension affect Ascended Form’s Stress Test? No. This is because the Stress Test increase applies in the moment your base ToP increases, and Ascended Form doesn’t replicate that. If it did apply the Stress Test increase, it would also apply the Attribute Modifier Bonus increases an additional time! But neither of those happen, so Ascended Monster Form’s Stress Test isn’t prohibitive.

Q. How do I destroy a planet?/How many Life Points does a planet have? The short answer is, simply, that there is no answer. While it’s true that destroying various celestial bodies is an iconic feat of strength in Dragon Ball for many, the truth is that such absolute levels of destruction are best left to the ARC’s discretion. Such events should be left to narrative impact, and not sought out. If your ARC wants to allow “planet busting”, they should inform you directly how to achieve such a feat in their campaign.

Q. Does Steaming Fury make me automatically succeed on Strike Rolls? No. Steaming Fury treats you as if you were in Rage for the purposes of all effects that might depend on it (such as Talents, Traits and the Raging Aspect), but it doesn’t actually give you the effects of Rage. This means you neither gain its direct benefits, nor its drawbacks.

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