Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Magical Adept be used to meet prerequisites for spells with your Force Attribute? Can you use Spirit to calculate Carry Weight? No. Magical Adept utilizes your Force or Spirit Modifier. Anything that requires a Force Score or a Spirit Score is excluded from Magical Adept.

Q. Does Super Saiyan of Legend apply to Legendary Super Saiyan? Yes. Legendary Super Saiyan benefits from the effects of the Legendary Trait Super Saiyan of Legend. In order to prevent this bonus from applying twice, the True Super Saiyan trait explicitly stops this from stacking onto any form of Super Saiyan you benefit from alongside Legendary Super Saiyan.

Q. Do free Energy Charges count toward the limit of times you can perform an Energy Charge Maneuver on a single Signature Technique? Yes. Unless directly specified otherwise, a free Energy Charge counts against the limit for Energy Charge Maneuvers.

Q. When using a transformation with the Natural Form Aspect along with an Enhancement Power, the text says to “follow the standard rules for Stress Tests”. Does this mean that your Stress is calculated as if you were stacking an Enhancement Power on top of another transformation, or as if you are solely using an Enhancement Power? Calculate your stress as if you were stacking an Enhancement Power on top of another transformation. Natural Form only ignores the transformation’s Stress Test when you use that transformation alone. Alongside any Enhancement Power, the transformation’s full Stress Test value is used.

Q. Manifested Powers are not counted as transformations, does this mean that they affect your base Attribute Modifiers? With the exception of what is specified in the Natural State rule, yes! If you increase your Force Modifier or Personality Modifier through a Manifested Power, it will influence Super Stack and your Stress Test rolls as if you had gained that Attribute Modifier Bonus through Attribute Points!

Q. Do Variant Transformations count as a different and new transformation for the sake of New Level of Power? Yes! They’re their own transformation for such effects!

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