Racial Rules

Races are used to refer to the various species that inhabit the Dragon Ball Universe. They vary in many ways, but each one tends to have unique and interesting abilities. One of the core aspects of any character will be the chosen race for them, which will be decided at Character Creation.

Attribute Score Increases. Every race grants an Attribute Score Increase of +4 to two Attributes and +2 to an additional third Attribute.

Racial Traits. Racial Traits are the primary ability for each race and usually the main reason to want to play one! You gain access to all Racial Traits listed on your race, unless otherwise stated.

Subrace Traits. There are some Racial Traits that are only gained by one of multiple Subraces. At Character Creation, when deciding your race, some races may have a Subrace – you must select one of the listed Subraces at Character Creation. While you gain all of the Racial Traits listed above the Subraces, you only gain the traits from your listed Subrace unless specified otherwise.

The Earthling race has a couple of unique Subraces (see – Earthling), which are explained on the page.

Racial Trait Categories. All Racial Traits are split between the Body and Mind Categories, representing that trait being either due to biology or upbringing.

Some Racial Traits are listed as Dynamic instead. This means that these Traits can be of either category, chosen at the time you gain that Trait. Make sure to include your ARC in these decisions.

Spells. Some Racial Traits will grant you Magical Abilities from the Spellbook. You do not need to meet the Requirements to use these Magical Abilities and you do not need to spend any Technique Points to gain them.

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