Fusion is the process of merging two separate beings into one, combining their attributes and fighting strengths. There are different types of fusion in the Dragon World and each has its own special requirements. Fusion can be an extremely powerful combination and has the potential of creating powerful warriors of unmatched skill. 

Character Combination. When two characters fuse together, you will create a new character. Use the highest Attributes of the two characters as the starting Attributes for the new fused character. As an example, if two characters have Force Scores of 12 and 16 respectively, the starting Force Score of the fused character will be 16. You will then increase the new character’s starting Attribute Scores by both fusing character’s Power Levels added together and divided by two. Then you will apply racial modifiers from one of the two characters. The new character will also gain all Racial Traits, Skill Proficiencies, Talents, Signature Attacks, Magical Abilities, Transformations and Karma Points of both fused characters. Ignore any duplicate talents, traits or the like. Additionally, treat the new character as if they were 2 Power Levels higher than the highest Power Level of the fused characters. Also, their Tier of Power is treated as if it was +1 higher than the highest Tier of Power amongst the fusing characters. If they have an Alternate Form with a higher stage that they would have access to due to passing the Tier of Power requirement while fused, they may use that stage of their Alternate Form.

The fused character gains a number of Technique Points equal to 10 plus the combined Power Levels of the fused characters. They can use these Technique Points to make new techniques. Additionally, fused characters can create ‘Combined Techniques’. Combined Techniques are very draining but immensely powerful Signature Techniques. When a fusion is created, choose one Signature Technique from each of the fusing characters to combine. The Combined Technique gains all of the Advantages of the two techniques with none of the Disadvantages. Shared Advantages are not doubled up, unless they have ranks, in which case you can add the ranks of the Advantages together to decide the number of ranks they have in that Advantage – up to the typical maximum. The two Combined Techniques must be of the same Foundation but can be of different types, in which case you choose one of their types to be the type for the Combined Technique.

When fusing two characters together that are 5+ Power Levels higher or lower than one another, the bonus they receive to Attribute Scores from their divided power levels is capped at +5.

When fusing two characters together that are the same race, increase their AG/FO/TE/IN/SP Attribute Modifiers by +1 for every two shared Racial Traits. If all of their Racial Traits are the same, treat the fusion’s Tier of Power as +2 higher instead of +1 higher than the highest Tier of Power amongst the fused characters.

Fusions typically last only for a number of Combat Rounds, after which the fused character defuses into its component characters, but there are several factors that influence that. A fusion will automatically end if the fused character’s Life or Ki Points reach 0. Additionally, if a fused character uses a transformation, reduce the number of Combat Rounds they remain in their fused form by half the Tier of Power Requirement of that transformation (rounded down). If this would reduce their remaining Combat Rounds to 0, they instead remain fused for the remainder of the current Combat Round. If the transformation has the Draining Aspect, additionally reduce the number of Combat Rounds they can remain in the transformation by an amount equal to the number of levels that transformation has in the Draining Aspect.

When a fusion ends for any reason, the component characters suffer the effects of Stress Exhaustion and cannot attempt to fuse again until they are not suffering from Stress Exhaustion. If they are still in the same Combat Session, they regain their previous places in Initiative. If, for any reason, their previous places in Initiative are not present or they are involved in a new Combat Session, they must roll Initiative. Characters who have fallen out of fusion cannot take any actions during the Combat Round their fusion ends.

While fused, you possess all equipment owned by both characters. The only exception is your apparel. Choose one character’s clothing. Your fused character wears that clothing, but it takes on visual features of both character’s attire.

Metamorese Fusion Dance

This is a special type of dance created by the Metamorans that align two separate beings into one form. Metamorese Fusion, more commonly referred to as the Fusion Dance, is known for its distinctive posing and chance of failure. The fusion is done by two characters performing a sequence of moves in complete unison. The ability to perform the Metamorese Fusion must be given by the ARC or gained through a Downtime Activity with the ARCs permission. Both characters attempting the fusion must have the ability to perform the Metamorese Fusion but if only one character possesses that ability, they can attempt to teach another character the basic concept. Attempting to teach the Metamorese Fusion costs Two Actions and involves the character who can perform the Fusion Dance doing a Performance Skill Check, TN Very Hard. If they fail, the attempt is a failure. If they succeed, the learning character must spend a Counter Action and attempt a Performance Skill Check, TN Hard. If they fail, the attempt is a failure. If they succeed, they can attempt to perform the Fusion Dance for the rest of the Combat Session. They lose access to this ability after this Combat Session and must either be taught again or gain the ability through another means.

To perform the Fusion Dance, one character must initiate it by asking another character to fuse with them. If they decline, nothing happens. If they accept, both characters lose all of their actions for this Combat Round and move to the bottom of Initiative. If either of them are successfully hit and suffer damage this Combat Round after the initiation, the fusion does not go through. If it manages to get to their turn with neither party receiving damage after the initiation, the Fusion Dance can begin.

Both characters make a Performance Skill Check, TN Hard. Depending on the results, multiple situations can happen:

  • Complete Failure: If both characters fail the Performance Skill Check, nothing happens.
  • Partial Failure: If one character succeeds the Performance Skill Check and the other fails, roll a 1d10. If the result is 5 or lower, you become a skinny, anorexic version of your fusion while if it is 6 or higher, you become an overweight, obese verison of your fusion. Undergo Character Creation as usual but do not increase the Attribute Scores after selecting the highest ones from the two characters. Additionally, halve your Force Modifier (rounded down). If your fused character becomes skinny, halve their Tenacity Modifier (rounded down) and if they become overweight, halve your Agility Modifier (rounded down). You do not gain additional Technique Points or make a Combined Technique. The fused character cannot use the Transformation Maneuver, Signature Techniques, Surge Maneuvers or the Ki Wager mechanic. A partially successful Metamorese Fusion lasts for 2 Combat Rounds. You only suffer Stress Exhaustion for falling out of this type of fusion for one Combat Round.
  • Successful Fusion: If both characters succeed at the Performance Skill Check, they successfully combine into a fusion according to the Character Combination section. A successful Metamorese Fusion lasts for 10 Combat Rounds.

Fusions made with the Metamorese Fusion retain the equipment of both parties but they lose access to either party’s clothing. Instead, they gain the below attire. The Metamoran Clothing has a Break Value of 10.

Standard ClothingPersuasion + Bluff BonusDodge BonusPerformance Bonus
Metamoran Clothing+1T+1T+1T

Potara Earrings

Potara earrings are artifacts of the Kaioshin, and are known for their distinct method of fusion; using magic to force two bodies to join as one. Each character intending to fuse must wear a single earring on opposite ears. Putting on an earring costs One Action, when both earrings are put on properly then the fusion will immediately take place. Pause Combat as the fusion is carried out and the new character is created. When the new character has been created add them to the Initiative Order and continue combat.

There is no chance to fail a Potara Fusion. However, if either of these earrings are destroyed or removed, the fusion immediately ends. Unless the fusion involves a Kaioshin, it will last for 15 Combat Rounds. If a Kaioshin is a component of the fusion, it will be permanent.

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