Saiyans are a naturally aggressive warrior race who were brought to the brink of extinction by a powerful Arcosian named Frieza. The Saiyans are a race who, since ancient times, have lived a violent and inhumane lifestyle, attacking numerous planets to build up their wealth and power. Saiyans are from the planet Vegeta, originally named planet Plant, though they aren’t native to that planet. It is unknown how exactly they made their way there, but the Saiyans used to share Plant with another race called the Tuffles. After many years of war, the Saiyans destroyed nearly all the Tuffles. Before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the Saiyan race was employed by Frieza as hired mercenaries in a galactic planet trading scheme.

Without a doubt one of the most powerful combatants in the North Quadrant, or even the known universes, Saiyans are known for their natural combat prowess and the ability to improve after each battle. Always searching for a good- yet fair- fight, Saiyan characters will always be up for a bout.

Saiyan Lore

Saiyan Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. Both your Force and Tenacity scores are increased by +4 and your Agility score is increased by +2.

Age. Saiyans mature from childhood to adulthood quickly, they can live up to one hundred years and they stay in prime condition until the last few years of life.

Health Modifier. +3

Size. Saiyans are muscular and bulky, so they can weigh anywhere from 140 pounds to 300 pounds and have a height range from 5’0” to roughly 7’0”. Saiyan characters can choose to be Small, Medium, or Large.

Z-Soul. Most Saiyans share a lot of the same personality traits. A warrior race who thrives on strength and power, Saiyans have an innate hunger for combat and battle. Saiyan characters will typically have a Z-soul related to conflict, violence, competition, or desire.

Saiyan Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Corporeal
Skills – Select two of the following: Athletics, Acrobatics, Intimidation, Survival, or Creature Handling

Battle Born (Saiyan Trait) (Body). Every part of the Saiyan body has evolved for two things: fighting, and getting better at fighting. Every two Combat Rounds, at the start of the Combat Round, you gain +1 stack of Battle Born. Whenever you gain a stack of Battle Born, you can choose to have it affect Strike, Dodge or Wound. You can only have 2 stacks of Battle Born on a single Combat Roll. Each stack of Battle Born increases the selected Combat Roll by +1(T). Reaching a Health Threshold grants a stack to either Strike, Dodge or Wound (your choice). This effect can be cumulative, up to the limit.

If a Saiyan stops being Defeated for any reason; set the number of Battle Born stacks on each Combat Roll to 3, regardless of the limit. This effect cannot decrease the number of Battle Born stacks on any Combat Roll.

Blood of the Warrior (Saiyan Trait) (Body). A Saiyan is always breaking their limits, especially in the heat of battle. They can release their innate limiters, or even unlock hidden reserves of stamina. When you are knocked through a Health Threshold, immediately activate a Power Surge Maneuver and gain +1 Counter Action to be used until the start of your next turn.

Powerful Physique (Saiyan Trait) (Body). The body of a Saiyan is known for its natural power and resilience. Increase your Soak Value by 1/4 of your Force Modifier (rounded up, min. +1). You do not suffer the negative effects of the Bloodied Health Threshold, and reduce the negative effects of the Injured and Wounded Health Thresholds by -1(bT).

Additionally, once per Combat Encounter, if a Saiyan’s Life Points are reduced to 0 by an Attacking Maneuver, they may make a Steadfast Saving Throw but the Natural Result of their base d10 is reduced by -2. If they fail, nothing happens. If they succeed, they set their Life Points to 1 and they are no longer Defeated (ignore the Returning to Normal rule for any Transformation you were in at the time you were Defeated). Any threshold met this way is automatically failed. If you stop being Defeated due to this effect, you can make an Out-of-Sequence attack with your full Capacity Rate. Increase the Damage Category of this Attacking Maneuver by +2.

Warrior’s Pride (Saiyan Trait) (Mind). If there is one thing a Saiyan is known for other than being monsters of combat, it’s having an overwhelming pride and a powerful force of will. Increase your Cognitive Saving Throw by +1(T).

Once per Combat Encounter, when you use the Power Up Maneuver, you may gain Superiority to all Combat Rolls until the end of your next turn.

Saiyan Heritage (Saiyan Trait) (Body). You naturally possess a tail. While you still have this tail, you have access to the Oozaru Alternate Form. It will automatically activate if you stare at a Full Moon, causing you to use the Transformation Maneuver as soon as you can do so.

While you have access to your tail, reduce the Stress Test Requirement for any transformation with ‘Super Saiyan’ in its name by -1(T).

When you lose your tail, or at Character Creation, you may choose to not regrow your tail or not have a tail respectively. If you do not possess a tail and will not regrow one, reduce the Stress Test Requirement for any transformation with the Saiyan Racial Requirement when used in conjunction with an Enhancement Power by -1(T).

If you suffer from Tail Restraint during a Grapple, you are considered Prone and you must make a TN Hard Corporeal save, gaining the Weakened Combat Condition on a failure.

When you lose your tail, roll a 1d4. Increase your Dice Score by +1. You must participate in a number of Combat Encounters equal to your Dice Score and regrow your tail once the final Combat Encounter has ended. If you are on the last Combat Encounter before your tail would regrow and are below the Injured Health Threshold, you may regrow your tail as an Instant Action. You may reduce the number of Combat Encounters required to grow your tail by -1 by spending a Karma Point during a Combat Encounter.

Full-Blooded Saiyan Traits

Thrill of the Fight (Full-Blooded Saiyan Trait) (Mind). When you begin combat, gain one stack of Battle Born immediately. Additionally, once per Combat Encounter, if you are facing an opponent that has an equal or higher Tier of Power compared to your base Tier of Power, you can use an Instant Action to increase your Tier of Power by +1 until the end of your next turn (see – Breakthrough in Core Rules).

Battle Fervor (Full-Blooded Saiyan Trait) (Body). For each Health Threshold you are below, starting from Bloodied, treat your Tier of Power as if it was +1 higher when calculating your Tier of Power Extra Dice for Wound Rolls.

Additionally, while you are below the Wounded Health Threshold, increase your Damage Category by +1 (Standard becomes Direct, Direct becomes Lethal).

Half-Blood Saiyan Traits

Explosive Potential (Half-Blood Saiyan Trait) (Body). Through your combined genetics, you’ve got a deep rooted potential. The first time you would activate Raging Hero in a Combat Encounter, gain +2 stacks of Battle Born. These stacks of Battle Born can only be added to your Strike and/or Wound Rolls. 

If you have 4+ stacks of Battle Born, you may activate Raging Hero as an Instant Action by spending 8(T) Ki Points. If you use this effect, you cannot activate Raging Hero when knocked through the Wounded Health Threshold and you cannot use this effect if you have already used Raging Hero during this Combat Encounter.

Raging Hero (Half-Blood Saiyan Trait) (Mind). If you are knocked through the Wounded Health Threshold, you may activate Raging Hero. If an ally is knocked through the Wounded Health Threshold or Defeated, you may also activate Raging Hero – this effect activates only once per Combat Encounter for each ally.

When you activate Raging Hero, you can select to gain one of the following benefits:

  • (1). Increase your Strike and Wound Rolls by 1d8(T) when attacking the responsible adversary. This effect lasts until the end of your next turn. 
  • (2). Increase your Strike and Wound Rolls by 1d6(T) when attacking the responsible adversary. This effect lasts for 2 Combat Rounds from the start of your next turn.
  • (3). Increase your Strike and Wound Rolls by 1d4(T) when attacking the responsible adversary. This effect lasts for 3 Combat Rounds from the start of your next turn.

The effects of Raging Hero cannot stack (see – Double Dip).

Ancient Saiyan Traits

Primitive Durability (Ancient Saiyan Trait) (Body). For each Combat Roll you have 2+ stacks of Battle Born in, increase your Soak Value by +1(T).

In addition, if you successfully pass the Steadfast Saving Throw for Powerful Physique and set your life points to 1, you may make a Healing Surge as an Out-of-Sequence Maneuver.

Primordial War (Ancient Saiyan Trait) (Mind). Once per Combat Encounter, while you are in Rage, you may use the Power Up Maneuver as an Instant Action. If you do so, gain +1 stack of Battle Born.

Additionally, depending on the alignment of your Z-Soul at Character Creation, you gain one of the following benefits:

  • Good Z-Soul. If you would gain access to the Super Saiyan God Legendary Form, gain access to the True Super Saiyan God Variant Transformation instead.
  • Neutral Z-Soul. You may choose to gain either the Good Z-Soul benefit or the Evil Z-Soul benefit of Primordial War.
  • Evil Z-Soul. If you would gain access to the Evil Aura Enhancement Power, gain access to the Evil Saiyan Variant Transformation instead.
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