Fusion of Ki

Either through having your power connected via the Space-Time Connection Magical Ability or through intense training to master the art of cooperation, you have connected your energy with another character. Through this connection, both of you have reached a greatly enhanced state!

The Fusion of Ki is a state of being with a concept similar to Fusion, but instead of combining two characters, only their energies are combined. The Fusion of Ki State can be entered through mystical means (see – Space-Time Connection) or can be allowed by an ARC if two characters are completely in sync with one another and have found a way to share their energies.

Combining energies in such a manner is a last resort for most fighters and risks exhausting both combatants. This is a very powerful technique that eliminates the weakness of Fusion (the reduction of allied combatants) while benefiting from its increased power, albeit for a very limited time.

Fusion of Ki State

The FK State is not a Transformation, but a different kind of power up that affects both Linked Characters in addition to their Transformations. While in the FK State, both Linked Characters gain the following benefits:

  • Select the highest base Attribute Modifier for each Attribute from the Linked Characters. These become the Base Attribute Modifiers for both Linked Characters while in the FK State. Additionally, increase the current Attribute Modifier for the two highest base Attribute Modifiers possessed by the Linked Characters by an additional +2(bT). If there is a tie, the Linked Characters may collectively decide which Attribute is increased. If one of those Attribute(s) is Force or Spirit, you may increase the current Attribute (FO/SP) for the Attribute that wasn’t increased by the FK State by +2(bT).
  • Combine the Ki Points possessed by both Linked Characters into a single Ki Point Pool known as the Linked Ki Point Pool. When spending Ki Points for any reason, both Linked Characters use the Linked Ki Point Pool. Additionally, while in the FK State, treat your current Ki Point Pool as if it was equal to your Maximum Ki Point Pool for the sake of Traits, Aspects or any other effects.
  • While the Linked Characters are on adjacent Squares to one another, increase their Combat Rolls by +1(T).
  • If a character in the FK State uses the United Attack Maneuver and targets the Attacking Maneuver of their Linked Character, increase the Strike Roll of that Attacking Maneuver by an additional +1/4 (rounded up) of their combined Haste and Awareness and increase the Wound Roll of that Attacking Maneuver by an additional +1/2 (rounded up) of their Force or Spirit (whichever is higher).
  • Even if only one character within the Fusion of Ki State has access to the God Ki Aspect, both characters benefit from the effects of the God Ki Aspect.

Entering the Fusion of Ki State. The Fusion of Ki (FK) State requires, first and most importantly, a Linked Character. The Linked Character is the other character that will enter the FK State with you. When you first gain access to the FK State, you become the Linked Character for the character you gained access to the FK State with and vice-versa until the end of this Combat Encounter.

To enter the FK State, you and your Linked Character must be on adjacent Squares. At this point, you may declare that you intend to enter the FK State with your Linked Character and they must agree. In doing so, you may spend One Action to enter the FK State.

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): Two characters who entered the FK State together may remain Linked Characters with one another between Combat Encounters. You can possess any number of Linked Characters but you can only enter the FK State with one Linked Character at a time.

Leaving the Fusion of Ki State. The FK State ends on the 3rd Combat Round after it was entered, at the end of the turn of the character that initiated it. The FK State may also end if either of the Linked Characters are Defeated or if they fail a Stress Test and suffer from Stress Exhaustion as a result.

Once the FK State ends, reduce the Linked Ki Point Pool by -3/4 and this becomes the current Ki Point Pool for both Linked Characters. Additionally, if any Linked Character was in a Transformation, they must immediately make a Stress Test for that Transformation. Additionally, you cannot enter the FK State again for the remainder of this Combat Encounter.

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