The people of planet Earth in the Dragon World are identical to actual humans in the real world. Except for some uncommon hair and skin colors along with some odd features or statures, Earthlings are the same as real-life humans. Although not all Earthlings are like true-blue humans; there are intelligent anthropomorphic animals. These types of animals are considered part of human civilization.

Earthling characters are the ever heroic and vigilant defenders of their beloved planet Earth and are willing to protect her at all costs. Filled with moments of heroism, Earthling players will never experience a dull moment. With the desire to never fail and unparalleled bravery, Earthling characters are without a doubt the heroes of the universe.

Earthling Lore

Earthling Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. Select two attribute scores and increase their scores by +3. Select one different attribute and increase its score by +2.

Age. Earthlings live roughly eighty to ninety years on average, although some Earthlings have been known to live well into their early one hundreds.

Health Modifier. +4

Size. Earthlings have a height of 4’5” to 6’5” and weigh anywhere from 120lbs to 300lb. With such a large varies of heights and weights your characters can be a large range of sizes. Earthling characters can choose to be Small, Medium, or Large.

Dexterity. Your base speed is two 2 Squares.

Z-Soul. Earthlings have a strong yearning for adventure, exploration and the protection of life. As an Earthling, you could have a z-soul related to discovery, adventure, travel, peace, or justice.

Earthling Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Morale
Skills: Select any four skills to be proficient with.

Perseverance (Earthling Trait). As an Earthling, you have a powerful will and drive to never give up. Up to twice per Combat Round, you can re-roll any d10 natural result of 2 or less – you must accept the second result. This means if you roll a 1 you can re-roll the result in an attempt to score a different outcome. If you re-roll your first result do not apply any of its effects, only apply the effects of the second result. Perseverance ignores the solid dice rule for botch results.

Quick to Master (Earthling Trait).  Earthlings are known for their ability to learn fast and effectively. At character creation, you gain one additional Talent and whenever you gain technique points from any source, increase the amount you gain by +3.

Additionally, when using any Signature Technique, you may choose to reduce its Ki Point Cost by -2(T) or add one additional Advantage. If you already have an Advantage that can have multiple ranks, you can increase its rank by one instead.

Earthling Resolve (Earthling Trait). Earthlings have immeasurable and unbreakable determination to protect life, their allies, and their world. As an Earthling, you will never give up and you will never back down. When you reach any Health Threshold, increase your Strike and Wound rolls by +1(T), this effect stacks for each threshold reached.

Eye of the Dragon (Earthling Trait). Earthlings can overexert themselves to a small extent. You can override your body’s protective restraints that prevent self-harm, allowing for more direct, pure control over your ki. Once per Combat Round, when you use a Signature Attack, you can reduce your Life Points by up to 8(T) to add an equal amount to your Wound Roll as a Ki Wager.

Last Resort (Earthling Trait).  No matter the situation, no matter how grim it looks, you always have an ace up your sleeve. Once per Combat Encounter, if you are below the Injured Health Threshold, you can use a Signature Technique without paying its Ki Point Cost. If you do so, you must also use the maximum possible Ki Wager with the Eye of the Dragon Racial Trait.

If this is the first time you’ve used this Signature Technique in this Combat Session, you gain Superiority on both the Strike and Wound rolls.

Experienced Fighter (Earthling Trait). Earthling martial artists are warriors reliant on high levels of skill. Through prediction and exploitation of openings, even more powerful foes can be made to submit to an Earthling’s prowess! Once per Combat Round, as an Instant Action, you may make an Insight Ability Check against one opponent, TN Hard. If you fail, nothing happens. If you succeed, you may activate one of these abilities:

  • Exploitation Strike: Increase your next Strike Roll against that target by +2(T). Treat their Diminishing Defense as doubled for this attack.
  • Instinct-Driven Dodge: Increase your Dodge Rolls against that target by +2(T) until the start of your next turn. You may use your opponent’s Tier of Power instead of your own for deciding this bonus.
  • Punishing Blow: The next attack you make against that opponent will have its damage type increased by one category (Standard becomes Direct, Direct becomes Lethal). Increase that Wound Roll by +2(T).

Earthling Subspecies Traits. You can play as either a true-blue human or as an anthropomorphic animal called a Beast-Man. As an Earthling character, you are automatically considered human and you gain the traits shown above. To choose to be a Beast-Man instead, you can trade any number of your Racial Traits for an equal number of Beast-Man racial traits – you cannot take a Beast-Man trait more than once.

Beast-Man Traits

Claws (Beast-Man Trait). You have claws that count as melee weapons that can be used without any type of weapon-wielding penalty. If you successfully strike (hit) an opponent after having moved 2+ Squares this Combat Round, the target must make an Acrobatics Skill Check, TN Medium. If they pass, nothing happens. If they fail, the target is knocked prone.

Bite (Beast-Man Trait). Once per Combat Round, you can bite your opponent using a basic Physical Attack. A bite attack causes Direct Damage to the target. Additionally, if you inflict damage to a target, they will bleed for the next three turns causing 2(T) Lethal Damage at the start of each of their turns. Bleeding targets can use One Action to attempt a Corporeal Saving Throw, TN Easy to stop bleeding.

Tail (Beast-Man Trait).  You have a tail that is longer than your other appendages. You can use the tail as if it was a third hand, however, more precise activities, such as untying knots, are impossible. You cannot carry or use any type of weapon with your tail.

Once per Combat Round, you can make a basic Physical Attack with your tail as an Instant Action. You cannot Ki Wager on this attack. Additionally, you can treat your Melee Range as if it was one square larger for this attack.

Wings (Beast-Man Trait). You have some sort of wing-type appendage that allows you to move faster and fly. With wings, you increase your Flight Movement Speed by +3. Additionally, after using Flight Movement, increase your dodge rolls by +2(T) until the start of your next turn.

Thick Hide (Beast-Man Trait). You have strong and durable thick skin that allows you to withstand more damage. Increase your Soak Value by +2(T). Additionally, you gain proficiency in the Corporeal Saving Throw.

Enhanced Aptitudes (Beast-Man Trait). You have a superior aptitude that allows you to perform better with said aptitude than others. Select one of the following aptitudes: sight, smell or hearing. When making any type of Attribute/Skill Check or Save related to your chosen aptitude, increase your roll by +2(T) and you score a Critical on natural results of 8 or higher.

Bloodsucker (Beast-Man Trait). Your fangs are a tool to help you indulge in the blood of your targets. You can’t gain this Trait unless you have the Bite Beast-Man Trait. When you successfully bite an opponent, you may add +2(T) to your Wound Roll. Your target must roll a Corporeal Saving Throw, TN Medium. If they pass, nothing happens. If they fail, they suffer from the Impediment Combat Condition until the start of your next turn.

Regain Life Points equal to the total amount of damage your opponent received after factoring in their Soak Value.

Shapeshifter (Beast-Man Trait). You learned the ability to shapeshift with a big puff of smoke! You can spend Two Actions to transform yourself, and you can end your transformation at any point as an Instant Action. Your transformation will end in two Combat Rounds after transforming. Once a transformation ends, you cannot transform for one Combat Round. Only Earthlings can gain this Beast-Man Trait.

Transforming does not alter your attributes, but you can change any number of other features about yourself, such as those listed below:

  • You can change your Size to any other Size Category you wish.
  • You can mimic people or animals, looking almost identical to them. Characters can attempt a Perception Skill Check, TN Hard to spot any imperfections.
  • You can mimic items, allowing you to be wielded by another character or to temporarily gain similar properties to that item. Complex machinery cannot be copied. If you turn into a melee weapon, you can select a number of qualities to apply to your weapon transformation, up to twice your Tier of Power, and you may add half your Force Modifier onto the Wound Rolls of attacks done with you wielded as a weapon.
  • You can temporarily gain the Claws, Bite, Tail or Wings Beast-Man Racial Trait(s). If you do, lose access to a number of Earthling Racial Traits equal to the number of Beast-Man Racial Traits you gained.

Dynamic Trait (Beast-Man Trait). This trait allows you to create a special ability that isn’t included in the ones above. A dynamic trait gives you and the ARC the ability to design, from the ground up, your own type of animalistic trait for your character such as spikes or fire breath. Consult with your Architect.

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