The people of planet Earth in the dragon ball universe are identical to actual humans in the real world. Except for some uncommon hair and skin colors along with some odd features or statures, Earthlings are the same as real-life humans. Although not all Earthlings are like true-blue humans, there are intelligent anthropomorphic animals. These types of animals are considered part of human civilization.

Earthling characters are the ever heroic and vigilant defenders of their beloved planet Earth and are willing to protect her at all costs. Filled with moments of heroism, Earthling players will never experience a dull moment. With the desire to never fail and unparalleled bravery, Earthling characters are without a doubt the heroes of the universe.


Personality. Adventure-seeking and daring Earthlings are by far the most ambitious species in the universe. Earthlings have personalities that mirror real-life humans and are diverse in their characteristics. Earthlings’ personalities aren’t only diverse from other species but are much likelier to change or evolve over time compared to other races. Earthlings tend to be much more neutral or unaligned than other species, this allows them to adopt or assume another individual’s culture as their own. Earthlings can fit or evolve into nearly any society and will even implement parts of other societies into their own.

Earthlings are considerably adaptable and flexible not only in personality or society but also in combat. They are typically perceived as weak but can take and deal much more damage than other species believe.

Physical Description. Earthlings can have a large variety of height, weight, skin tone, hair, and even physical traits. Most Earthlings have a height of 4’5” to 6’5” and weight anywhere from 120lbs to 300lb, but they tend to lean towards lower weights. Most Earthling males are heavier and large than females due to male fondness of contest, but this isn’t always the case.

Many Earthlings are often ostentatious wearing flashy clothes or sporting unusual hairstyles or color and some even have tattoos or piercings. Earthlings tend to be flashier and livelier due to their short life span, only living roughly eighty to ninety years.

Society. The Earthlings society is diverse with different races and even anthropomorphic animals. There is very little time to discriminate among the peoples of Earth since there is such a large diversity of Earthling species and race. Generally, Earthlings are friendly and open to outsiders due to the different type of anthropomorphic animals and monsters that inhabit the planet. Although, in more recent times it seems that humans tend to dominate the globe.

Earth’s society is led by a King of nations, this king rules over all the planet’s forty-three sectors. These sectors have their own local governments that exist under the world monarchy but aren’t considered monarchs themselves. The world is protected by a military called the King’s Guard which deals in matters of global threats. But the planet is typically peaceful, and the guard is rarely utilized since existential threats are dealt with by powerful unsung heroes.

Home World. Planet 4032-Green-877 also known as Earth is the homeworld to the Earthlings. A ball of blues, greens, and browns Earth is a beautiful planet at the edge of the Northern quadrant under the administration of the North Kai and Lord Beerus.

The planet has blue skies dotted with white clouds and large, vast turquoise oceans. Although most of the surface is covered in water there is one enormous green, brown and gray landmass that covers the planet. This continent is accompanied by a large rocky land to the north and a huge inland chain to the south. At the center of the continent is the central capital city. There are also four other cities named after the cardinal directions. North City is located deep inside a large mountain range. East city is next to the ocean and is partially surrounded by a large forest and an open plain. West City also resides near the ocean on the opposite side of the continent, it is partly surrounded by a small mountainous-like region and open plains. South city is located on the largest inland of the enormous island chain. This city is surrounded by beaches, open plains, and a vast, thick forest.

History. The history of Earthlings is bloody and violent, it is fraught with war, conflict, and death. The early parts of Earthling history begun like real-life humans. Earthlings lived in tribes spread across the planet and after many ages’ civilization begun and tribes came together. This is when the evil Namekian name Piccolo attempted to take over the planet. However, thanks to a group of brave martial artists and their magical techniques they managed to seal Piccolo away. Around this time an unknown Earthling managed to collect all the Earth dragonballs and wish would become the king of all nations. This led to a large-scale global war that ended with a single world government being formed.

When this single world government was being formed there were several paramilitary groups such as the Red Ribbon Army and Emperor Pilaf. These groups fought for supremely not only through battle but using dragonballs. If it hadn’t been for the courage of a young Saiyan named Goku defeating both Pilaf and the Red Ribbon Army the Earth might have been ruled by one of these paramilitary groups. However, larking in the shadows was Piccolo who had returned and resumed his plan of global domination. The young Saiyan Goku challenged Piccolo to combat and defeated him saving the planet.

After the defeat of Piccolo and the paramilitary groups, the world’s technology grew very quickly entering the industrial age and blowing through it into the digital age within a decade. As time progressed Earthlings placed more emphasis on the mystic and martial arts allowing them to take foothold as a young warrior race.

Names. Earthling names vary greatly and typically mirror real-world names. Due to their diverse culture, short life span and fast maturity most names aren’t related to a unifying deity or special cultural touchstone. Earthlings have surnames but typically go by their first names only. There are such cases where one will use their surname as their given name.

Male: Krad, Jean, Rayon, Garmen

Female: Caffey, Erasa, Hazel, Susi

Earthling Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. Select two (2) attribute scores and increase their scores by three (+3). Select one (1) different attributes and increase their scores by two (+2).

Age. Earthlings live roughly eighty to ninety years on average, although some Earthlings have been known to live well into their early one hundreds.

Health Modifier. Six (+6)

Size. Earthing have a height of 4’5” to 6’5” and weight anywhere from 120lbs to 300lb. With such a large varies of heights and weights your characters can be a large range of sizes.

Dexterity. Your base speed is two (2) squares or six (6) yards.

Z-Soul. Earthlings have a strong yearning for adventure, exploration and the protection of life. As an Earthling, you could have a z-soul related to discovery, adventure, travel, peace, or justice.

Earthling Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Morale
Skills: Select any four skills to be proficient with.

Earthling Racial Traits. Earthling characters gain the following traits. You can select to be a human or a Beastmen. As a Beastmen you can choose to trade out any number of Earthling traits for Beastmen racial traits.

Perseverance (Earthling Trait).  As an Earthling, you have a powerful will and drive to never give up. You will always fight furiously, and your loyalties can never be questioned. Your can re-roll any d10 natural result of two (2) or less – you must accept the second result. This means if you roll a one (1) you can re-roll the result in an attempt to score a different outcome. If you re-roll your first result do not apply any of its effects, only apply the effects of the second result. Perseverance ignores the solid dice rule for botch results.

Also, if you score a natural result of a one (1), for any reason, reduce the negative effects of botch by two (-2). This will make any botch’s effect only apply a negative three (-3) to your dice scores.

Quick to Master (Earthling Trait).  Earthlings are known for their ability to learn fast and swiftly. They can learn much quicker than other races and have the flexibility to learn nearly any type of technique. At character creation, you gain one (1) additional character perk at character creation. Additionally, whenever you gain technique points from any source increase the amount you gain by three (+3T). Quick to Master effects all technique points you gain including those you gain at character creation.

Life of Adventure (Earthling Trait).  You have led an interesting life that sets you apart from the regular population. In your quest to learn and venture, you have traveled far and wide. You have learned an ability or collected a special memento from your past journeys. You can select one special item from the Gears and Equipment page, or you can choose to gain the following talent. (Gears & Equipment)

  • Trained by a Master: You were trained by a martial arts master for a period and you gain the following bonuses from the training. Increase one (1) attribute score that is four or less by one (+1). You may also select to either to gain three skill proficiencies perks or to gain five (5) technique points – the technique points are affected by the trait quick to master.

Earthling Resolve (Earthling Trait). Earthlings have unmeasurable and unbreakable determination to protect life, their allies, and their world. As an Earthling, you will never give up and you will never back down. When you reach any health threshold increase your strike and wound dice scores by one (+1T), this effect stacks for each threshold reached.

Eye of the Dragon (Earthling Trait). Earthling can overexert themselves to a small extent, you can override your body’s protective restraints that prevent self-harm. Allowing for more direct, pure control over your ki. This will give you to access your inner hidden strengths. Once per combat encounter, before you roll, you can use eye of the dragon to increase any dice roll by +1d10(T). This effect last only one turn and can only effect actions taking during your turn, not later in the round. After you use Eye of the Dragon your dodge and strike rolls are reduced by two (-2T) for one full round.

Earthling Subspecies Traits. You can play as either a true-blue human or as an anthropomorphic animal called a Beast-men. As Earthling character, you are automatically considered human and you gain the traits, perseverance, quick to master, life of adventure, earthling resolve, and eye of the dragon. You can choose to be a Beast-men instead if you do you can trade any one of your racial traits for anyone beast-men racial traits – you cannot take a beast-men trait more than once.

Beast-Men Traits

Claws (Beast-men Trait). Count as melee weapons that can be used without any type of weapon-wielding penalty. When you make a successful physical attack with your claws and you have moved at least two (2) squares during the round, the target must make an agility (acrobatics) check – medium TN. If the target fails the check, they are knocked to the ground prone. (Attacking & Conditions)

Bite (Beast-men Trait). Once per round, you can use bite. Bit is considered a physical attack and follows all the normal rules. A bite attack causes direct damage to the target. Additionally, if you inflict damage to a target, they will bleed for the next three (3) turns causing two (2T) lethal damage each turn. Bleeding targets can spend one action to stop the bleeding, corporeal save easy TN. If you bite a target that is already bleeding increase the damage inflicted each turn by one (+1).

Tail (Beast-men Trait).  

You have a long tail that is longer than your other appendages. You can use the tail as if it was a third hand, however, more delicate handlings such as untying knots are not possible. You cannot carry or use any type of weapon with your tail.

If you successfully wound a target with three (3) or more attack maneuvers you can make a bonus physical attack against the same target using your tail. When using your tail as a physical attack you can only add half your strength modifier to the wound roll. You also can not wager any ki points on this bonus attack.

Wings (Beast-men Trait). You have some sort of wing type appendage that allows you to move faster and fly. With wings, you increase your speed by three (+3) squares while in the air. Additionally, when you’re flying increase your dodge roll by two (+2T).

Thick Hide (Beast-men Trait). You have strong and durable thick skin that allows you to withstand more damage. Increase your soak value by two (+2T). Moreover, increase your Corporeal Saving Throw by one (+1T).

Enhanced Aptitudes (Beast-men Trait). You have a superior aptitude that allows you to perform better with said aptitude than others. Select one of the follow aptitudes, perception skill, impulsive, corporeal, or cognitive. When making any type of attribute/skill check or save related to your chosen aptitude you score a critical on natural results of eight (8) or better.

Dynamic Trait (Beast-men Trait). This trait allows you to create a special Beastmen ability that doesn’t fit those above. A dynamic trait gives you and the ARC the ability to design, from the ground up, your own type of animalistic related trait for your characters such as spikes or fire breath. Consult with your Architect.

Earthling Starting Equipment

When creating an Earthling character, you can choose from the following gear and equipment, in addition to any items you purchase or are granted. You will select either item ‘1’ or ‘2’ from the list below.

  • (1) Basic Battle Suit or (2) Combat Clothes
  • (1) Any two boosters
  • (1) Anyone gear kit
  • 5d10 worth of staring wealth

Dynamic Statistics. You can use the following table to randomly determine your Earthling’s character’s features.

PubertyAdulthoodMiddle AgeOld Age
18 years 19-39 years 40-60 years 60+ years
GenderBase HeightHeight ModifierBase WeightWeight Modifier
Male 4’8” +2d10 inches 130lb. +5d10 lb.
Female 4’5” +2d10 inches 120lb. +4d10 lb.

Random Attribute hierarchy. Using the same rules for primary, secondary, tertiary, you will roll a die and the natural result will correspond to an attribute from the chart below. Make three separate rolls, one for primary, secondary and tertiary – re-roll any doubles, discard results of nine through ten and roll again. The remaining attributes start at two (2) like normal.

Natural ResultAttribute
1 Tenacity
2 Spirit
3 Insight
4 Personality
5 Scholarship
6 Potency
7 Strength
8 Agility

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