Bio Android

Bio Androids are beings born from the cells of powerful beings for any number of reasons, usually to create the ultimate being. Thanks to your plethora of different energies born within you, sensing your ki gives an ominous feeling as if multiple people are powering up at once. Their appearance may be more monstrous or a humanoid figure with a mixture of traits from what races make them up, but that is only on the outside. On the inside, it’s possible that they are a mixed-up being caught within the goal of a mad scientist or perhaps they relish in the opportunity to fulfill their purpose. Bio Androids are a variable, unknown entity in the universe.

Bio-Android Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. See the ‘Gene Splicing’ Racial Trait.

Bio Androids mature at a static rate, and then live for hundreds of years before declining. As they are built to survive nearly anything, they instead rot to a decrepit state.

Health Modifier.

Size. The size of a Bio Android can vary wildly. Bio Android characters can choose to be Small, Medium, or Large.

Bio Androids can look like almost anything, but most often have some kind of connection to an animal or a humanoid. Cell, for example, is vaguely related to insects while Mira looks mostly humanoid.

Bio Androids are genetically engineered, so their purpose is often decided by their creators. For this reason, Bio Androids can have any Z-Soul.

Bio Android Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Corporeal
Skills – Select three of the following: Acrobatics, Athletics, Concealment, Stealth, Survival, Clairvoyant or Intimidate.

Organic Consumption (Bio Android Racial Trait). You have the ability to partially consume other organic beings to increase your own power and restore your vitality. Once per Combat Round, while in a grapple, regardless of who started the grapple, you gain access to the following maneuver:

Stamina Drain Maneuver (1 Action). While in a grapple, make a Simple Physical Attack against another character involved in that grapple. You cannot Ki Wager on this attack but it deals Direct Damage. You regain Life Points and Ki Points equal to the amount of damage your opponent suffered from this attack, after applying their Soak Value.

You cannot use the Stamina Drain Maneuver against a completely inorganic being.

Cellular Memory (Bio Android Racial Trait). As a creature created from splicing the cells of powerful beings, you are instilled with a natural proficiency in learning techniques. You only pay half the Technique Points for the Foundation of your Signature Techniques (except the Aura Foundation).

The Path to Perfection (Bio Android Racial Trait). Through your unstable genetics, you possess the ability to permanently transform into a more perfect form. You have access to the Perfection Manifested Power.

Genetic Splicing (Bio Android Racial Trait). You are a being of spliced genetics from various races, allowing you to tap into the abilities of those races. At character creation, you can select:

  • 3 races from the Genetic Trait List and choose one Genetic Trait from each of them. Reduce the Attribute Score increase from one of the selected races by -1.
  • 2 races from the Genetic Trait List and choose two Genetic Traits from one of them and one from the other. Increase the Attribute Score increases of the selected races by +1.

Genetic Trait List

Saiyan (Race). You have the combat instincts of the powerful Saiyan Race included in your genetic composition. Increase your Agility Score by +3.

  • Zenkai. While you are below the Injured Health Threshold, increase all of your Combat Rolls by +2(T). Once per Combat Encounter, if your Life Points are reduced to 0 but you regain them through any means, treat your Tier of Power as if it was +1 higher until the end of the current Combat Encounter (see – Breakthrough in Core Rules).
  • Saiyan Potential. When you use the Power Up Maneuver, you can spend an additional 3(T) Ki Points to gain Combat Condition Superiority on all Combat Rolls until the end of your next turn. You can only use Saiyan Potential a number of times per Combat Encounter equal to your Tier of Power.
  • Super Saiyan. You gain access to the Super Saiyan Alternate Form, but the Tier of Power requirements are increased by +1 and the stress test is increased by +5. If you have selected Saiyan when gaining the Genetic Focus Talent, replace Super Saiyan with the Bio Super Saiyan Variant Transformation and its associated stages (these do not have their Tier of Power requirement or Stress Test increased by this Genetic Trait).

Earthling (Race). You have the ingenuity of the skilled Earthling Race included in your genetic composition. Increase your Scholarship Score by +3.

  • Determination. Once per Combat Round, if you roll a natural result of 1 on a 1d10, you may ignore the botch and re-roll the dice. You must take the second result, regardless of the result.
  • Masterful Technique. When using a Signature Technique, you may add one rank of the Accurate Advantage to the technique. If the technique already has three ranks of the Accurate Advantage, reduce its Ki Point cost by -2(T).
  • Bestial Heritage. Replace this trait with one of the Beast-Men Traits.

Android (Race). You have the power of top-of-the-line technology built into your body. Increase your Force Score by +3.

  • Infinite Batteries. At the start of each Combat Round, regain +3(T) Ki Points. When you use the Combat Recovery Maneuver, increase the amount of Ki Points you restore by an additional +1d4(T).
  • Targeting Enhancement. At the start of the Combat Round, choose one target. You may increase your Strike Rolls against that target by +2(T) until the end of the Combat Round. You can only use this effect up to three times per Combat Encounter.
  • Energy Absorption. You gain access to the Energy Absorption Maneuver described in the Power Absorption Racial Trait. However, you only regain Ki Points equal to 1/2 the damage, rather than the full amount.

Arcosian (Race). You have the resilience of the infallible Arcosian Race included in your genetic composition. Increase your Tenacity Score by +3.

  • Keratinous Armor. When you gain this Genetic Trait, select either the Dense Armor or Sleek Physique from the Keratinous Plating Arcosian Racial Trait. You gain access to that benefit.
  • Resilience. You can survive in any environment, no matter how harmful. You can even survive days within the depths of space. Select one Saving Throw, except Morale, you do not have proficiency in and gain proficiency in that Saving Throw.
  • Tail. You gain access to the Prehensile Tail Racial Trait. In addition, if you successfully strike (hit) a target with your tail, you may attempt to use the Stamina Drain Maneuver against that target as your next action even if neither of you are in a grapple.

Namekian (Race). You have the focus of the tranquil Namekian Race included in your genetic composition. Increase your Insight Score by +3.

  • Wise Fighter. Once per turn, if you fail (miss) a Strike Roll, you may attempt to re-roll that Strike Roll immediately; your opponent uses their last Dodge Roll against this new Strike Roll. 
  • Sai Sei. Once per Combat Round, you may spend One Action to activate a Healing Surge, even if you have already used one this Combat Encounter. If you use this ability, suffer from Impediment on Combat Rolls until the start of your next turn.
  • Expanding Body. Gain access to the Nobiru-Ude ability from the Flexible Biology Racial Trait and the Giant Form Enhancement Power.

Shinjin (Race). You have the magical prowess of the divine Shinjin Race included in your genetic composition. Increase your Spirit Score by +3.

  • Magical Origins. At character creation you gain the following magical abilities for free: Magical Materialization, Telekinesis, Telepathy and Second Sight. This means you do not have to pay any Technique Points for any of these magical abilities.
  • Divine Excellence. You can sense God Ki without requiring the God Ki Aspect. Additionally, once per Combat Round, when you score a Botch dice result, instead of taking a penalty of -5, you can instead gain a bonus of +3 to your result.
  • Magical Drain. Once per turn, you may spend 3(T) Ki Points to target one character who is not at Long Range from you. Immediately use the Stamina Drain Maneuver against them even if neither of you are in a grapple, but you may treat it as either a Physical Attack or a Magical Attack.

Majin (Race). You have the whimsical abilities of the mysterious Majin Race included in your genetic composition. Increase your Personality Score by +3.

  • Flexible Body. When you perform the Parry Maneuver, reduce the Ki Point cost by -2(T) and when using the Rebound ability of the Parry Maneuver, reduce your Dice Score by 1/4 rather than 1/2. 
  • Hunger. You gain access to the Transfiguration Beam Racial Trait. Although you cannot use the Assimilation Racial Trait, you can gain its benefits through the Transfiguration Beam Racial Trait’s effects (including gaining the Absorption Manifested Power, even if you do not meet the Race requirement).
  • Just a Taste. If you successfully use the Stamina Drain Maneuver, increase the amount of Life Points you restore by +2(T). In addition, after successfully recovering Life Points through the Stamina Drain Maneuver, gain Superiority until the start of your next turn.

Tuffle (Race). You have the genius and drive of the parasitic Tuffle Race included in your genetic composition. Increase your Scholarship, Agility, or Insight Score by +3. 

  • Genetic Hatred. Whenever you take damage due to an opponent’s attacking maneuver, gain +1(T) Revenge Points, up to 3(T). When you use a Signature Technique attack, you may spend all Revenge Points to gain a free Ki Wager equal to the amount of Revenge Points spent. This is doubled for Ultimate Signatures.
  • Innate Genius. After making a Combat Roll, but before knowing the result, you may choose to add +2 to the Roll. You can use this effect a number of times per Combat Encounter equal to your base Scholarship Modifier (minimum 1(T) times). This effect is cumulative, up to 2(T).
  • Parasite. Whenever you successfully strike (hit) with the Organic Consumption Stamina Drain Maneuver, you infect the target with a parasite. This parasite increases their Ki Point Costs by +1(T) and increases the amount of Life and Ki Points you recover from using the Stamina Drain Maneuver on that target by +1(T). This may stack up to three times. Targets can spend One Action and make a Force Ability Check, TN Very Hard to burn the parasite inside their body with a flash of energy.

Custom Species (Race). You have the abilities of a unique species included in your genetic composition. Increase one of your Attribute Scores by +3, but it cannot be an attribute already increased by Genetic Splicing.

  • Major Trait. Choose one Major Trait from the Custom Race section, excluding any traits that would give you access to a transformation.
  • Minor Traits. Choose two Minor Traits from the Custom Race section.
  • Stat Boost. Increase the Attribute Score increases from Genetic Splicing by +2.
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