Bio Androids

Bio Androids are beings born from the cells of powerful beings for any number of reasons, usually to create the ultimate being. Thanks to your plethora of different energies born within you, sensing your ki gives an ominous feeling as if multiple people are powering up at once. Their appearance may be more monstrous or a humanoid figure with a mixture of traits from what races make them up, but that is only on the outside. On the inside, it’s possible that they are a mixed-up being caught within the goal of a mad scientist or perhaps they relish in the opportunity to fulfill their purpose. Bio Androids are a variable, unknown entity in the universe.

Bio Android Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. Select two different Attributes and increase their scores by +4, select a third Attribute and increase its score by +2. You can’t select both Force and Spirit.

Bio Androids mature at a static rate, and then live for hundreds of years before declining. As they are built to survive nearly anything, they instead rot to a decrepit state.

Health Modifier.

Size. The size of a Bio Android can vary wildly. Bio Android characters can choose to be Small, Medium, or Large.

Bio Androids can look like almost anything, but most often have some kind of connection to an animal or a humanoid. Cell, for example, is vaguely related to insects while Mira looks mostly humanoid.

Bio Androids are genetically engineered, so their purpose is often decided by their creators. For this reason, Bio Androids can have any Z-Soul.

Bio Android Skills & Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Corporeal
Skills – Select any four skills to gain +1 Skill Rank in.

Cellular Memory (Bio Android Racial Trait) (Body). As a creature created from splicing the cells of powerful beings, you are instilled with a natural proficiency in learning techniques. You only pay half the Technique Points for the Foundation of your Signature Techniques.

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): At Character Creation, if you know which characters were used as samples for your creation, you may choose to permanently forgo the ability to gain Technique Points through any method except Skill Improvements chosen through a Character perk (see – Character Creation). If you do, gain +1 Signature Technique from each sampled character for free immediately.

Genetic Splicing (Bio Android Racial Trait) (See Selected Races). You are a being of spliced genetics from various races, allowing you to tap into the abilities of those races. At Character Creation, you can select 3 races from the list below, gaining the associated effects.

  • Saiyan (Body). At the start of each Combat Round, you gain +1 stack of Battle Born. Whenever you gain a stack of Battle Born, you can choose to have it affect Strike, Dodge or Wound. You can only have 1 stack of Battle Born on a single Combat Roll. Each stack of Battle Born increases the selected Combat Roll by +1(T).

    If you reach 0 Life Points and then gain Life Points through any means, set the number of Battle Born stacks on each Combat Roll to 2, regardless of the limit. This effect cannot decrease the number of Battle Born stacks on any Combat Roll.
  • Earthling (Mind). Whenever you gain Technique Points from any source, increase the amount you gain by +3. When using a Signature Technique that is an Attacking Maneuver, you may increase the Wound Roll of that Signature Technique by +3(T) or gain +1 Advantage for the duration of that Attacking Maneuver. If you already have an Advantage that can have multiple ranks, you can increase its rank by +1 instead. The TP cost of the additional Advantage (or rank of an Advantage) cannot exceed 8 TP.
  • Arcosian (Mind). If you successfully strike (hit) an opponent, you gain +1 stack of Cruelty. Each stack of Cruelty increases your Wound Rolls by +1(T). You only have a maximum of up to 3 stacks of Cruelty and you lose all stacks of Cruelty at the end of each Combat Round.

    While you have 2+ stacks of Cruelty, increase your Strike Rolls by +1(T).
  • Namekian (Body). You can recover from extremely grievous wounds, even amputated limbs – this ability is also known as Sai Sei. Once per Combat Round, you can spend One Action to use a Healing Surge Maneuver. If you use this effect, you suffer from the Impediment Combat Condition on your next Combat Roll.
  • Shinjin (Body). Reduce the Ki Point Cost of all Attacking Maneuvers by -1/2 of your base Force or Spirit Modifier (whichever is higher). This effect can reduce the Ki Point Cost to 0.
  • Majin (See Selected Trait). You may gain one option from the Spellbound Racial Trait. Additionally, increase your Health Modifier by +1. 
  • Android (Body). Your body is reinforced, not due to DNA but due to technological enhancement – meaning you no longer need to breathe. Reduce all Standard Damage you receive by -3(T). This effect is applied before Soak.
  • Custom Species (See Selected Trait). Select one Custom Species Racial Trait from the Offensive Category or Defensive Category, you gain access to that Racial Trait.

    You cannot select any Flaws for this Racial Trait.

Familiar Bio Android Traits

Genetic Focus (Familiar Trait) (See Selected Trait). Your appearance primarily seems reminiscent of one of your chosen races, though you may have additional qualities that showcase your existence as a biomechanically constructed hybrid of multiple races. Select one of the races you chose through the Genetic Splicing Racial Trait, you gain the following benefit, depending on the chosen race:

  • Saiyan. Gain the Thrill of the Fight or Raging Hero Racial Trait.
  • Earthling. Gain the Perseverance Racial Trait.
  • Arcosian. Gain the Prehensile Tail Racial Trait.
  • Namekian. Gain access to the Nobiru-Ude option of the Flexible Biology Racial Trait.
  • Shinjin. Gain the Inner Peace or Kiri Drain Racial Trait.
  • Majin. Gain access to the Bouncy Body option of the Rubbery Body Racial Trait.
  • Android. You have received further, more specialized reinforcements. Gain the Specialized Features Racial Trait.
  • Custom Species. Select one Custom Species Racial Trait from the Unique Category, you gain access to that Racial Trait.

Rapid Learning (Familiar Trait) (Mind). While fighting an opponent, you adapt and learn from them. Once per Combat Encounter, at the start of the Combat Round, if you have been in a Combat Encounter with an opponent for 2+ Combat Rounds, you may select any one of those opponents. That opponent must declare their highest base Attribute Modifier (among AG/FO/TE/IN/SP). Increase your base Attribute modifier for the declared Attribute by +2(T) until the end of the current Combat Encounter. If they declared Force or Spirit, you may select to increase either Force or Spirit, or increase both by +1(T).

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): If you are knocked through the Wounded Health Threshold after using the Rapid Learning Trait’s effect, gain +2 Attribute Points to be spent immediately. You cannot gain more than 10 Attribute Points through this method.

Uncanny Bio Android Traits

Genetic Modification (Uncanny Trait) (Body). You have a monstrous appearance, though it does more than just intimidate your opponents. Gain +1 Monster Trait (see – Monster Form) and you may treat the name of any Alternate Form or Legendary Form you enter as if it was ‘Monster Form’ for the effects of this Monster Trait.

Additionally, increase your Intimidation Skill Checks by +2.

When you gain a stack of the Perfection Manifested Power, you may exchange the Monster Trait you gained through Genetic Modification for another Monster Trait.

Organic Consumption (Uncanny Trait) (Body). You have the ability to partially consume other organic beings to increase your own power and restore your vitality. Once per Combat Round, you may use the Stamina Drain Maneuver. The Stamina Drain Maneuver costs One Action and is a Physical Attack that deals Direct Damage. You regain Life Points and Ki Points equal to the amount of damage your opponent suffered from your Stamina Drain Maneuver, after applying their Soak Value. You cannot Ki Wager on a Stamina Drain Maneuver or use the Stamina Drain Maneuver against a completely inorganic being.

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): Each time you reduce a character’s Life Points to 0 with Organic Consumption, gain +2 Attribute Points to be spent immediately. If the character has a lower base Tier of Power than you, only gain +1 Attribute Point. You cannot gain more than 10 Attribute Points through this method or gain more than +2 Attribute Points per Combat Encounter.

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