Super Saiyan

Your Saiyan character has the arcana ability to transform into the powerful Super Saiyan, an advanced transformation that increases a character’s combat prowess. Using the Super Saiyan transformation changes your appearance, the most noticeable change is your hair becomes a golden blond and stands on end, this flame-like look gives your hair the appearance of rising like fire. This color change applies to all your hair, your tail, and even fur if you have any. Your eye color also changes to a strong greenish blue. Moreover, your muscle mass and definition are greatly increased. You are also enveloped with a golden aura of energy the gives your skin tone a lighter appearance. Many Saiyan will similarly experience a slight change in personality, behaving more aggressively and prone to instincts. These appearance changes are a part of all stages of Super Saiyan, although some stages have more exaggerated features such a stage three having long golden hair down to the knees or Super Saiyan Four covering the major of your body with red fur.

When you attempt to transform into the Super Saiyan Form you must declare which stage of Super Saiyan you are going to use, stage one, two, three or four. You do not have to transform into a specific stage to use another; you can go from base to stage three without needing to go through other stages in between.

Super Saiyan (SSJ)

  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Race: Saiyan
  • Stress Test. Thirteen (13)
  • Tier of Power Requirement. One (1)
+2 +2 +2 +2

S-Cells. While using super Saiyan stage one increases all dice rolls that involve AG, ST, SP and PO by +1d4. Your soak value is also increased by two (+2), increase the bonus to your soak by one (+1) for each tier of power reached.

You can increase the power of Super Saiyan to the next level (stage) granting you additional bonuses and powers. Increase the Stress Test requirements for Super Saiyan by six (+6) for each stage. As an example, if you attempt to use Super Saiyan Three (stage three) you will increase the Stress Test requirement of Super Saiyan from thirteen to twenty-five.

Increase the attribute modifiers from Super Saiyan by two (+2) for each stage of Super Saiyan you have active. Additionally, increase the extra dice provided by S-Cells by one category higher; a d4 becomes a d6, a d6 becomes a d8, a d8 becomes a d10 and a d10 becomes 1d10+1d4. Also, increase the soak bonus from S-Cells by two (+2) for each stage of Super Saiyan you have active.

Each stage of Super Saiyan you have active will grant you additional traits and abilities from the Super Saiyan transformation. Each of these bonus traits are listed with a stage requirement that must be meant to gain access to them. As an example, to use the Super Saiyan trait Limitless you just have Super Saiyan three (stage three) active.

Each active stage of Super Saiyan after stage one (1) increases the Tier of Power requirements to access and use the stage by one (+1). Meaning, when you attempt to use Super Saiyan Two (stage two) you are required to be at least Tier of Power One (1) and if you are using Super Saiyan Three (stage three) you are required to be Tier of Power Two (2).

Super Saiyan (Stage One)

  • Lightning Reflexes. Increase your Initiative by two (+2), moreover, lower the requirements for you to gain an additional Action from Initiative Advantage from ten (10) to eight (8). Also, when making an impulsive save, roll 2d10, select the highest result and discard the lowest.
  • Saiyan Surge. You can use a single surge ability (Actions & Combat) every two (2) rounds. Also, when using the maneuver combat recovery, roll 2d10, select the highest result and discard the lowest.

Super Saiyan Two (Stage Two)

  • Heroic Momentum. If you gain a bonus Action from the Bonus Momentum ability reduce the Ki Point cost of the Maneuver you select to use with the bonus Action by one-half (1/2).
  • Prideful Celerity. When you transform into Super Saiyan Two (stage two) or higher increase your current initiative order value by two (+2), increase this effect by two (+2) for each tier of power reached. This will permanently change your position in initiative order. This effect can NOT allow you to take more than one (1) turn during a round of combat. This effect can NOT occur more than once a combat encounter.

Super Saiyan Three (Stage Three)

  • Limitless. When you spend ki points, for any reason, count every point you spend as two (2) points. For example, if you are required to spend eight ki points you only need to spend four points to meet the requirement. This does NOT count when wagering ki points.
  • Power Drain. You must take a stress test at the start of each round of combat. Each round you successfully pass a stress test, increase the required TN of the test by three (3), until the character is forced into stress exhaustion. Stress exhaustion lasts five (5) rounds instead of three (3). When you are affected by Stress Exhaustion from using Super Saiyan you will lose 3d10 worth of ki points, increase this by 3d10 for each tier of power reached. 

Super Saiyan Four (Stage Four)

  • Burden of the Fur. In order to active or declare you are using Super Saiyan Four (stage four) you must have a Saiyan Tail still attached to your body. (See – Saiyan Tail Trait) Additionally, you no longer have to take a Stress Test at the start of each round for the Power Drain ability, instead every time you are required to take a Stress Test while using Super Saiyan Four and you pass the test increase the Stress Test requirements of Super Saiyan Four by three (+3). Follow all other rules for Stress Exhaustion as normal.
  • Raging Blutz. When you reach any Health Threshold you can attempt to enter the Enhancement Form Rage. When reaching a health threshold, roll a morale saving throw with easy TN, if you pass the save nothing happens. If you fail the save you gain the Enhancement Form Rage until the end of the round. When Rage ends you can perform actions normally, however, you are unable to gain  bonus Actions from Bonus Momentum or other traits and abilities which grant additional Actions until the end of the round.
  • Primal Surge. When you use a surge ability you can select to use Primal Surge. When you use Primal Surge increase all dice rolls by (1/2) your current Power Level until the end of the round. Additionally, restore 2d10 Life points when you use Primal Surge. Increase this restoration by +2d10 for each tier of power reached.

Animosity. The first time you transform into any stage of Super Saiyan, you will make a morale check, TN medium, along with your stress test. If successful, you can act as normal, if failed, you must use the maneuver Combat Recovery, during your next available turn, even if you are at full health and ki points. Animosity is only taken the first time you use transform into any stage of Super Saiyan, afterward you can ignore the rule.

Primal Requirements. The first time you attempt or declare you are going to use/active Super Saiyan Four (stage four) you must first transform in the Golden Ape Form (Oozaru stage two). You must be in Golden Ape Form for at least one (1) full round, or until the end of your next turn. Additionally, you must successfully pass at least one Unrelenting Rampage morale Saving Throw. Once you have met both of those requirements you can attempt to transform into Super Saiyan Four (stage four). Primal requirements is only required the first time you transform into Super Saiyan Four, afterwards you can ignore this rule.

Super Saiyan Mastery. When you gain Super Saiyan Mastery you gain the following benefits. (See – Transformation Rules).

  • Attribute Boost. When you master a stage of Super Saiyan increase the Attribute and Soak bonuses for that specific super saiyan stage by two (+2).
  • Warrior Blood. Increase the extra dice you receive from S-Cells one (+1) category higher than the stage you are currently using.
  • Natural Form. You will no longer return to your base stage while using a mastered stage of Super Saiyan when you reach zero (0) life points, you become unconscious or count as defeated.

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