Lightspeed Mode

From your long years of training, you’ve learned that the best defense is simply not to be there. Coincidentally, if you’re able to strike your opponent without being struck yourself, victory becomes a simple matter. For these reasons, and possibly more, you have pushed your speed farther, breaking even the limits of what you imagined possible. Faster and faster, you keep moving, aiming to become the fastest in the universe.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 8
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Impulsive), Strainless, High Speed Form (Level *), Heartbeat

Changing Gears. Before you enter Lightspeed Mode, you must choose a Gear: either Gear One or Gear Two, depicted on the table below. During your turn you can also change your current Gear of Lightspeed Mode by spending One Action.

Consult this table for the benefits of each Gear.

Gear TableGear One (Lightspeed)Gear Two (Super High Lightspeed)
High Speed FormLevel 2Level 3
Initiative Bonus+1(T)+2(T)
Stress Test+6
Attribute Bonus+1(T)+3(T)

When using Lightspeed Mode, your level of the High Speed Form Aspect is decided by the current Gear you are in. Additionally, increase your Stress Test Requirement for Lightspeed Mode and Attribute Modifier Bonus by the amounts listed on the table.

The increase to your Initiative Bonus gained from Lightspeed Mode can change your position in the Initiative Order while you are within this Transformation and can give you Initiative Bonus even if Initiative has already been rolled. Add the bonus to what was initially rolled. The increase to damage shown on the table is how much additional damage you will suffer after being successfully struck (hit) by an opponent’s Attacking Maneuver while in Lightspeed, the amount decided by your current Gear.

Replace the Strainless Aspect with the Exhausting Aspect while in Gear Two.

Impossible to Catch. If you have moved a number of Squares equal to or higher than your full Boosted Speed this turn, increase your Dodge and Strike Rolls by +x(T) where ‘x’ is the number assigned to the current Gear you are in, until the start of your next turn.

At the start of your turn, if you have not been successfully struck (hit) by an opponent since the end of your last turn, you may increase your Stress Test Roll this turn to maintain this Transformation by +1(T).

High-Speed Assault. Once per Combat Round, when you successfully strike (hit) an opponent, you may spend 2(T) Ki Points to increase your Wound Roll by +1 for every square you’ve moved this Combat Round.

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