Lightspeed Mode

From your long years of training, you’ve learned that the best defense is simply not to be there. Coincidentally, if you’re able to strike your opponent without being struck yourself, victory becomes a simple matter. For these reasons, and possibly more, you have pushed your speed farther, breaking even the limits of what you imagined possible. Faster and faster, you keep moving, aiming to become the fastest in the universe.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 12
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 2+
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Impulsive), High Speed Form (Level 3), Exhausting

Impossible to Catch. If you have moved a number of squares equal to your full Flight Speed this Combat Round, increase your Dodge and Strike Rolls by +1(T) until the start of your next Combat Round.

If you use the Rapid Movement Maneuver, reduce its overall Ki Point cost by -2(T) to a minimum of 1(T). This cannot increase the Ki Point cost of Rapid Movement if you moved a number of squares wherein the Ki Point cost would be less than 1(T).

At the end of the Combat Round, if you have been the target of an attack maneuver at least 2 times and you have not been successfully struck (hit) at any point, you may make a basic attack maneuver as an Instant Action.

High-Speed Assault. Once per Combat Round, when you successfully strike (hit) an opponent, you may increase your Wound Roll by +1 for every square you’ve moved this Combat Round.

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