Update Fixes 0.7.5 (4/27/2022)

Introduction > Removed Defender Wins, Specific Over General, Minimums, Combat Round, and Rule of One
Core Rules > Added Defender Wins, Specific Over General, Minimums, Combat Round, Rule of One, and Gaining Transformations, updated Critical Result
Actions & Combat > Clarified effect resolution order, Changed Attack Maneuver to Basic Attack Maneuver, clarified rules concerning Action types, removed Counter Maneuver, Instant Maneuver, and Out-of-Sequence Maneuver, added No Effort Maneuver, updated Triggered Maneuver, Initiative Advantage, Holding Back Maneuver, Rebound, Grapple Maneuver, Pinning, Tail Restraint, and Moving a Target
Attacking & Conditions > Updated Health Thresholds and Superiority
Attributes > Updated Awareness, Speed, Athletics, and Intimidate, added Intuition, removed Lift and Push
Aspects > Updated Draining and Armored Form
Gear & Equipment > Updated Grappling and Lasting Wounds
Minions > Updated Limited Control
Talents > Updated Backed Into A Corner, Vigor, Under Pressure, Practiced, Ruthless Whip, Undying Determination, Ki Deception, Alert, Improved Initiative, Iron Fist, and Magical Adept, added Hardened Transformation, Specialized Transformation, Ultimate Combination, and Heavenly Training
Androids > Updated Energy Drain Maneuver, Energy Absorption, and Siphon
Bio Android > Updated Stamina Drain, Keratinous Armor, Resilience, Tail, Sai Sei, and Divine Excellence
Custom Species > Updated Burst of Speed and Cumbersome
Majin > Updated Bouncy Body
Namekians > Updated Pacifist Magicks
Saiyans > Updated Battle Born, Saiyan Heritage, and Blood of the Warrior
Shinjin > Updated Divine Origin
Signature Techniques > Updated Aura
Spellbook > Updated Illusion, Four Witches Technique, Instant Transmission, added Mind Reading and Mind Control
Transformation Rules > Updated Shatter Your Limits
Transformations > Added Awoken, Beyond God, and Warlock
Absorption > Updated Stolen Heritage
Demon God > Updated Demonic Presence and Transcended Demon God
Divinity Unleashed > Updated Otherworldly Revelation
Godly Powers > Updated Transformation, Stress Test, removed all traits, added Godly Training, Realm of the Gods, Divine Transformation, Godly Powers Mastery, and Divine Energy
Golden Evolution > Updated Beyond Final
Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated Unlimited Power and Controlled Movement
Majin Mark > Updated Inner Power
Metamorphosis > Updated Meta Traits, removed Aspects Meta Trait, added Transforming Aspects
Perfection > Updated Fight or Flight
Super Evolution > Updated Apex Mutation
Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Utmost Saiyan Power, Multiplicative Technique, Saiyan Potential, and Limit Breaker
Super Saiyan God > Updated Super Saiyan Blue Evolved
Ultra Ego > Updated Rising Hype and Destroying the Self, removed Breaking the Shell
Ultra Instinct > Updated Ultra Instinct Acclimation, removed Breaking the Shell
Variant Transformations > Updated Bio Super Saiyan, added Legendary Super Saiyan 4 and Destroyer Form
Removed Shatter Your Limits from all transformations which granted the ability.

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