Update Fixes 0.7.4 (3/23/2022)

Introduction > Updated Combat Round
Core Rules > Added Will to Survive
Actions & Combat > Updated Power Flare, Deflect, Intervene, and Energy Charge
Attacking & Conditions > Updated Rage
Character Creation > Updated Level Up Chart and Technique, added Aptitudes
Transformation Rules > Added Natural State and Returning to Normal
Aspects > Added Power High, updated Long Transformation
Gear & Equipment > Updated Spiritual and Protective Shield, added Snaring and Tripping
Minions > Updated Minions, Limited Control, and Statistics, added Generalist, Phalanx Fighter, Aggressor, Defender, Sentry, and Transforming Minion
Talents > Updated Backed Into A Corner, Desperate Transformation, Ruthless Aggression, Slow Starter, Cellular Expansion, Enhanced Optics, Inbuilt Weaponry, Swaggering Wager, Master of Martial Arts, Archwizard, Under Pressure, Shapeshifter Diploma, Undying Determination, Willpower, Saiyan Tail Resistance, Saiyan Elite, Ice Cold Rebuttal, Ruthless Whip, and Powered Strike, added Power of Movement, Masterful Integration, and Boundless Confidence
Signature Techniques > Updated Aura, Ultimate Aura, Damage Over Time, Condition, Penetration, and Genki, added Shield, Karmic, Offensive Shield, Shockwave, Delayed, Final Chance, Concentration, and Diminishing Shield
Magical Abilities > Updated Augment and added Binding
Spellbook > Updated Manipulation Sorcery, added Para Para Dance and Space-Time Connection
Races > Earthlings > Updated Earthling Subspecies Traits, Claws, Bite, Wings, Enhanced Aptitudes, and Tail, removed Bloodsucker, added Third Eye and Magical Techniques
Races > Saiyans > Updated Warrior’s Pride and Saiyan Heritage
Races > Bio Android > Updated Super Saiyan
Races > Arcosian > Updated Survivor, Keratinous Plating, Brutal Assault, Cruel Intentions, and Prehensile Tail
Races > Androids > Added Functional Purpose, update Siphon, removed Overdrive
Races > Majin > Updated Transfiguration Beam
Races > Shinjin > Added Heavenly Advantage and Demonic Advantage, removed Divine Halo and Dark Demon Form
Races > Namekians > Updated Health Modifier and Namekian Protector, replaced Magical Materialization with Magic Creation
Transformations > No Ego Zone > Updated Supreme Mortal Ki and Serene Combat
Transformations > Super Saiyan > Updated Aspects and Super Saiyan Mastery, removed Animosity
Transformations > Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Aspects, Perfected Oozaru, and Natural Form
Transformations > Majin Mark > Updated Inner Power
Transformations > Perfection > Updated Mighty Transformation
Transformations > Metamorphosis > Updated Aspects, Meta Traits, Metamorphosis Mastery, Burning Hatred, Bio-Suit, Unrelenting, added Transforming Physique, Natural Body, and Spiked Plating
Transformations > Golden Evolution > Updated Beyond Final, Golden Physique, True Golden Sheen, Hellborn Hatred, Glistening Bio-Suit, added Glimmering Blades
Transformations > Super Evolution > Updated Apex Mutation
Transformations > Overdrive > Updated Stress Test, Tier of Power Requirement, Overclock, and Full Power Engine, added Over Productive
Transformations > Pure Form > Updated Aspects, Attribute Modifiers, Unpredictable, Truly Pure, Pure Form Mastery, added Wild Aggression
Transformations > Divine Halo > Updated Stress Test, Tier of Power Requirement, and Aspects
Transformations > Divinity Unleashed > Updated Aspects
Transformations > Dark Demon > Updated Dark Energy and Unnatural Power
Transformations > Super Full Power > Updated 100% Power
Transformations > Godly Powers > Updated Divine Energy
Transformations > Monster Form > Updated Abomination, Self-Acceptance, and True Form Ascension, added Beast of Wrath
Transformations > Kaioken > Updated Stress Test, Exponential Power, Surge of Strength, added Crimson Acclimation, removed Cost of Strength
Transformations > Added Fusion of Ki, Spirit Empowerment, Forced Maximum, Combined Form, Reincarnated Power, and Ascension
Variant Transformations > Updated False Super Saiyan, added Bio Super Saiyan

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