Demon God

Corrupted by the dark energies of the abyss, and empowered by the divine nature of their race, some Makaio ascend to great power beyond that which is typically attained by the mortal races. Their tainted souls warp their divine power and create a hybrid: Demon God.

Empowered by the corrupted divine energies of the Demon God transformation, those with exceptional power can unleash their true inner power, taking on a bestial transformation that exposes the true nature of their twisted souls. Mortals quake in fear in the presence of a True Demon God.

Demon God

  • Race. Shinjin (Makaio subrace)
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stage. 1
  • Stress Test. 28
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Cognitive/Morale), Durable Form (Level 3), High Speed Form (Level 3), Battle Uniform, God Ki, Strainless, Dedicated Transformation

Demon God’s Wrath. At the start of each Combat Round, you may declare one enemy to be Branded. Make an Opposed Cognitive Saving Throw with the Branded target. If you succeed, increase all damage you deal to the Branded target by +1 Damage Category (Standard to Direct, Direct to Lethal) until the end of the Combat Round. If an attack would already deal Lethal, increase the Wound Roll of that attack by +2(T). During this Combat Round, if you target any target other than the Branded target with an Attacking Maneuver, reduce the Damage Category of that Attacking Maneuver by -1 (Lethal to Direct, Direct to Standard). If the attack would already deal Standard Damage, reduce the Wound Roll of that attack by -2(T).

Kiri Kasap. Once per Combat Round, when you successfully strike (hit) an opponent with any attack, you may perform a Kiri Drain as an Out-of-Sequence Action against an opponent targeted by the initial Attacking Maneuver. Any Ki Points gained in this way are converted to Dark Energy. If this would cause you to exceed your maximum amount of Dark Energy, any excess Ki Points are added to your Ki Point Pool as usual.

Corrupted Divinity. Your divine nature has awakened, affording you greater power. You have Superiority on all Wound Rolls made against any target without God Ki. Increase your Kiri Drain rolls to reduce Ki Points against targets without God Ki by 1/2 your Power Level.

When you successfully deal damage to any target with God Ki (except by Kiri Drain), reduce that target’s Soak Value by -2(T) until the start of your next turn. If you successfully perform a Kiri Drain on any target with God Ki, that target suffers a penalty of -1(T) to all Combat Rolls until the end of their next turn. This effect does not stack.

Fiendish Sorcery. While in this form, you gain a unique weapon of your choice. When you first transform into Demon God, build a Melee Weapon of your choosing as if it was created through the Crafting Rules with a Hard TN. You do not get Strike Penalties for wielding this Weapon, and it does not have a Break Value. While wielding this Weapon, you may qualify as Unarmed for any Talent, Trait, or effect which requires you to be Unarmed, but you cannot benefit from the Weapon when you are treated as Unarmed in this way. When making Basic Attacks while wielding this weapon, increase your Wound Rolls by 1/2 of your Force or Spirit Modifier (whichever is lower – your choice if they are both equal). This effect applies even if you are qualifying as Unarmed.

You may also treat this Weapon as if it was a Crystal Ball. When you leave this Transformation for any reason, you lose access to this Weapon. You regain access to this Weapon whenever you enter this Transformation.

Demon God Mastery. When you gain Mastery for the Demon God Transformation, you gain the following effects:

  • Stabilized Power. Replace the Strainless Aspect with the Natural Form Aspect.
  • Demon’s Gift. You may select up to 3 targets to be Branded through Demon God’s Wrath. If there are less than 3 opponents to select, gain the additional +2(T) to Wound Rolls regardless of the original Damage Category.

True Demon God

  • Race. Shinjin (Makaio subrace)
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stage. 2
  • Stress Test. 32
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 5+
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Cognitive/Morale), Durable Form (Level 4), High Speed Form (Level 3), Raging (Level 1), God Ki, Draining (Level 2), Dedicated Transformation, Exhausting

Demonic Fury (Demon God’s Wrath). Increase the Damage Category of all Attacking Maneuvers that have a Ki Wager of 5(T) or more by +1 (Standard becomes Direct, Direct becomes Lethal). If your attack would deal Lethal Damage already, increase that damage by +3(T).

When you first gain access to this Legendary Form, select:

  • Two Beast-Man Traits. While in this Transformation, you gain access to those traits.
  • Either the Size Increasing (Level 2) Aspect or the Battle Uniform Aspect. This Transformation gains your chosen Aspect.

Unholy Smite. When you successfully strike (hit) a target with a Kiri Drain, you may make an Opposed Corporeal Saving Throw with the target. If you succeed, that target gains the Weakened Combat Condition until the end of their next turn.

Diabolical Destruction (Fiendish Sorcery). When you first transform into True Demon God, choose three Weapon Qualities. All of your attacks benefit from any Generic Weapon Qualities, all of your Physical Attacks benefit from any Melee Weapon Qualities, and all of your other attacks benefit from any Ranged Weapon Qualities. Additionally, you benefit from the effects of a Crystal Ball. Increase all of your Wound Rolls by your Force Modifier or Spirit Modifier (whichever is lower – your choice if they are both equal).

True Demon God Mastery. Mastery for True Demon God can be gained twice. Each time you gain Mastery for True Demon God, reduce the level of the Draining Aspect by -1 and you gain one of these bonuses in order of Mastery:

  • Damnation. The first time you gain Mastery, remove the Exhausting Aspect.
  • Devilish Hide. The second time you gain Mastery for True Demon God, if you chose to gain Size Increasing (Level 2) through Demonic Fury, reduce the Defense Value Penalty from your Size Category by -1(T) and treat your Size Category as if it was -1 lower for the sake of the Punching Up rules. If you chose to gain Battle Uniform through Demonic Fury, increase X by +1(T) instead.

Battle Uniform

Category. Combat Clothing
Grade. High

Divine Apparel (Apparel Quality). Increase the listed X number on your Apparel Grade by +1(T).

Demonic Ruler (Apparel Quality). Increase all of your Wound Rolls by +X.

Legendary Trait

Demonic Presence.  Gain access to the Dark Energy Trait (see – Dark Demon) – all Transformations with the Shinjin Race Requirement are considered ‘Dark Demon’ for the effects of Dark Energy. If you are in the Dark Demon Transformation, increase your maximum amount of Dark Energy to 1/2 of your Maximum Ki Point Pool and gain +2(bT) Dark Energy at the start of each of your turns.

Demonic Presence II.  Increase your Wound Rolls for Kiri Drain by +4(T) and increase the Lethal Damage inflicted by +3(T). 

You may spend your Dark Energy for the Ki Point Cost of any Maneuver and if you do, each Dark Energy spent counts for 2 Ki Points.

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