Update Fixes 0.8.1 (11/30/2022)

Overall > Added Battle Jackets, Bases, Full Power, Shatter Your Limits, and Shadow Dragons. Ate the Four Star Dragon Ball

Core Rules > Updated Tier of Power, Size Category, and Punching Down, added Resources, Ki Point Cost, and Movement

Attributes > Moved Clairvoyance and Concealment to Insight, updated Skill Ranks, Skill Ability Checks, Passive Checks, Cooperation, Craft, Gifted Student, Intimidate, Medicine, Sensing, and Soak Value, added Cooking

Attacking & Conditions > Updated Attacking Maneuver, Strike Roll, Long Range, Diminishing Defense, Kiai, Blast, Explosion, Cutting, Sweeping, Powered, Soak, Damage Types, Health Triggers, Steadfast, Slowed, and Impediment, added Anatomy of an Attack, Soaring, Damage Over Time (DOT), and Poisoned

Character Creation > Updated Character Perks

Talents > Updated Magic Warrior, Slow Starter, Iron Fist, Penetrating Strike, Brawler, Close Range Shot, Far Shot, Point Blank Shot, Artillery Shot, Minion Mark, Precision Kata, Brutal Kata, Blaster Master, Combat Expertise, Analytic Fighter, Battlefield Tactician, Inspiring Transformation, Overwhelming Transformation, Stealth Strike, Masterful Integration, Tuffle Parasite, Pacifistic Warrior, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Ki Deception, Effective Defenses, Archetype Focus, Ballistic Specialist, Power Specialist, Magic Specialist, Favored Technique, Multi-Type Attacker, Multi-Type Master, Cunning Evasion, Nefarious Plating, Interpose, Patient Fighter, Ascended Minion, Archwizard, Master of Martial Arts, Joyful Pose, Double Pose, Dynamic Pose, Team Pose, Pursuit of Knowledge, Ascended Minion, and Practiced, removed Spiritual Warrior, Ambidextrous, Master-at-Arms, Quick Strike, and Iaijutsu, added Balanced Warrior, Warm Up, Never Surrender, Lion’s Heart, Silent Footsteps, Assassinate, Master Assassin, Designated Prey, Magic Master, Balanced Defender, Fierce Counter, Perfect Counter, Combat Trickster, Deceptive Trickster, Gag Meister, Trick Master, Drunken Fist, Splendid Cooking, Poisonous Cooking, Multi-Type Gambit, Jolt Counter, Terrifying Presence, Expert Pilot, Battlefield Doctor, Amorous Glance, Charming Doff, Refined Sensor, Variant Fighter, Variant Champion, Dual Wielding Specialist, Iaijutsu Specialist, Masochistic Potential, Snack Fiend, Wrestler, and Rapid Fist

Gear & Equipment > Updated Gear Kit, Gear Kits at Higher Tiers, Doff Bonus, Apparel Category, Apparel Grade, Unique Decal, Team Outfit, Joint Protection, Reinforced, Intellectual, Layered, Accessories, Champion Belt, Control Bracelet, Fashionable Accessory, Galactic Receiver, Helmet, Jetpack, Mask, Metamo Ring, Micro Band, Sash, Scouter, Shock Collar, Sunglasses, Suppression Crown, Time Breaker Mask, Transformation Watch, Break Value, Weapon Size, Weapon Qualities, Breaker, Lasting Wounds, Serrated Edge, Burst Shot, Handgun, Machine Gun, Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Cooking Utensils, Crystal Ball, Capsule, Robotic Minions, Saibamen Capsule, Flying Nimbus, Seed(s) from the Tree of Might, Crafting, Step One (Research), and Step Two (Assembly), added Environment Resistant, Seductive, Sleek Design, Stealthy Suit, Exploration Features, Leader’s Insignia, Armed, Focal, Ceramic Armor, Loose, Mystical, Notorious Symbol, Special Event, Hologram Device, Bloodstained Accessory, Sheath/Holster, Eyeglasses, Eyepatch, Ki-Sealing Handcuffs, AI Goggle, Bunny Ears, Armored Gloves, Weapon Attack Types, Shish-Kebab, Shotgun, Grenade, Flamethrower, Poison Vial, Shield, Smoke Bomb, Bomb, Remote Detonator, Z Sword, and Blood Ruby Necklace, removed Step Three (Crafting)

Vehicles > Updated Vehicle rules, removed Battle Jackets

Cooking > Updated Fruit of the Tree of Might, added Longevity Supplement

Minions > Updated Statistics, Minion Creation, Specialized Minion, Healthy Minion, Regenerating Minion, and Sentry, added Allies and Minion Transformations, removed Transforming Minion and Minion Perk

Signature Techniques > Updated Kiai, Blast, Explosion, Cutting, Sweeping, Powered, Elemental (Fire), Aura, Condition, Chain Attack, Concentration, Stat Drain, Long Range, Magical Infusion, Final Chance, Damage Over Time, Precise Strike, Large Energy Weapon, Weapon Infusion, Widespread Magic, Explosive Magic, and Penetration, added Soaring and Giant Sphere

Androids > Removed Cybernetic Upgrades, Android Combination, Power Core, Power Absorption, Unlimited Energy, Infinite Power, Technological Integration, and Metal Body, added Wonders of Technology, Energy Core, and Specialized Features, updated Damage Inhibitor, Lock On, and Functional Purpose

Spellbook > Added Eight Arms Technique, Gravity Manipulation, Magical Binding, and Illusion Smash, updated Magical Materialization, Magical Enhancement, Four Witches Technique, Forced Spirit Fission, Time-Skip, Petrification, Instant Transmission, Para Para Dance, Second Sight, Solar Flare, Hakai, and Life Energy Absorption

Advancements > Updated Greater Absorption, Continuous Absorption, Psychic Grip, and Stress Eater, added Bunkai Teleport, Transmission Block, Spirit Transporter, Projectile Materialization, Restrictive Weights, Dematerialize, Galactic Donut, Super Donut Volley, Energy Web, Web Save, Psycho Thread, Threaded Energy, Immovable Barrier, Environmental Shielding, Tight Grip, Expanded Illusion, Combat Illusion, Redirection Portal, Smash Barrage, Dimensional Hole, Magic Touch, Metal Breath, and Petrification Barrage

Arcosians > Updated Brutal Assault

Bio Androids > Updated Genetic Splicing, Genetic Focus, Rapid Learning, and Genetic Modification

Earthlings > Updated Last Resort, Bite, Claws, Treacherous Quills, and Magical Techniques

Majins > Updated Rubbery Body, Spellbound, From Goop, and Goop Aptitudes, added Disarming Demeanor

Namekians > Updated Namekian Protector and Dark Vassals

Neo-Tuffles > Updated Legacy of the Scholars, Tuffle Rebuke, Possession Maneuver, and Aggressive Destruction

Saiyans > Updated Powerful Physique

Shinjin > Updated Cosmic Efficiency and Far Seeing

Custom Species > Updated Beloved Beauty, Giant’s Strength, Innate Weaponry, Pixie’s Grace, Extra Limbs, Creature Consumption, Portal Creation, Race of Scholars, Killer Instinct, Ki Control, Unyielding Rage, Rubber Rebound, Crusher, Inherent Transformation, and Burdened with Power, added Fluid Physique, Dissipating Dodge, and Slimy Consistency

Transformation Rules > Removed Shatter Your Limits

Transformations > Added Peak Condition, Strongest Warrior, Genetic Max, Doping, Explosive Power, Tuffleization, Saiyan Pride, Beast, Liquid Metal, Mightiest Majin, Ajisa Namekian, Super Grudge Amplification, Omega, Shattered Shell, and Super Star Dragon

Class Up > Updated Class Selection

Cybernetic Enhancement > Updated Armor Plating

Mutation > Updated Race requirements and Evolutionary Peak

Pure Progress > Updated Stance Change

Pure Resolve > Updated No Shortcuts

Unlocked Potential > Updated Potential

Super Android > Updated Compatible Hardware and Living Weapon

Perfection > Updated Atavism, Potent Zenkai, Divine Power, Perfect Signature, Resilience, and Karyon Core

Absorption > Updated Stolen Heritage

Strongest Form > Updated Apex Adornment

Zenkai > Updated On the Brink and Saiyan Spirit

Mode Change > Updated Modular Apparel

Monster Form > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Beast of Wrath, Monster Form Mastery, Adaptive Toughness, Limber, Extra Arms, Terrifying Visage, and Magical Monstrosity, added Mutating Beast, Monstrous Persona, Bloodlust, Ravaging Charger, Petrification Plating, Brood Parent, Monstrous Regeneration, and Unstoppable

Power Boost > Updated Evolving Power

Metamorphosis > Updated Ruler, Restrictive Transformation, Unfettered Power, and Last Resource, added Long-Awaited 100%

Genetic Power > Updated Genetic Transformation, Genetic Transformation II, Super Perfect Form, Surpassing Perfection, and Genetic Power Mastery, added Power Stressed

Super Saiyan > Updated Super Saiyan Mastery, Aggressive Momentum, and Super Saiyan 3 Aspects, added Graded Advancement and Pushing the Limit

Dark Demon > Updated Swelling Darkness, added Dark Factor Essence

Awoken > Updated A Welcome Challenge and A Chronicle of Growth

Evil Aura > Updated Villainous Form and added Supervillain

Giant Form > Updated Battlefield Titan

Kaioken > Updated the table for Exponential Power

Powerhouse > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses and Muscular Proportions

Overdrive > Updated Overclock, Over Productive, and Full Power Engine

Hi-Tension > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Stress Test, and Warrior from Earth

Divine Halo > Updated Attribute Modifier Bonuses

Ascended Form > Updated Limit Break x Survivor, Dragon Soul, We Gotta Power, and Dan Dan Kokoro

Mystic > Updated Latent Power, Beyond Transformations, Potential Reborn, and Mystic Mastery

Ultra Ego > Updated Rampant Ultra Ego

Ultra Instinct > Updated Aspects, Divine Techniques, Autonomous Ultra Instinct, and Autonomous Ultra Instinct II, added Divine Movement

Release Inhibitors > Updated Core Upgrades, Pinnacle of Technology, and Support Units

No Ego Zone > Updated Perfected Self, Supreme Mortal Ki, Serene Combat, Seeking Enlightenment, No Ego Zone Mastery, and Contained Aura

Pure Form > Updated Unpredictable Chaos

Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated Unstoppable Power and Unstable Power

Super Saiyan 4 > Updated Utmost Saiyan Power, Super Saiyan Divergence, Multiplicative Technique, and Super Saiyan 4 Mastery

Super Saiyan God > Updated Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Aspects and Super Saiyan Blue Mastery

Variant Transformations > Removed Legendary Super Saiyan 4 and Super Brilliant Evo, added Namekian Potential, updated Super Saiyan Rose Aspects, Signs of Power, and Dark Saiyan Power

Fusion > Updated Character Combination and Temporary Fusion Creation

Downtime > Added Train Minion/Update Battle Jacket and Push the Limits of a Transformation, updated Gravity, removed Crafting and Cooking

Battle Grounds > Updated Battle Environment

4 Comments on “Update Fixes 0.8.1 (11/30/2022)

  1. You left a note in the last patch that you added Parallel Quests, but I can’t find them anywhere. Are there still plans to add them in the future?

    • It was as an easter egg, a nod to the Xenoverse games. However, our actual Parallel Quests, which are pre-made adventures in the vein of campaign modules, are going to be coming out with the upcoming ARC Guide, so keep an eye out for those!

    • Heroes and Adversaries is going to be a Staff Project, which will be attempting to work with the updated character sheets to create the major villains and characters from Dragon Ball in this system.

      As of right now, it is currently not fully implemented, but we’re looking into beginning our major progress to update the older Heroes and Adversaries document, with 0.8.2 being finished.

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