Saiyans are notorious for their ability to grow ever stronger in the midst of battle. Never is this more apparent than when they are pushed to the brink of death, and return stronger than ever before. To the Saiyans, this phenomenon is known as a Zenkai. Everyone else just knows it as “time to run”.

  • Race. Saiyan
  • Transformation. Manifested Power
  • Maximum No of Stacks. 1(T), max 3
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+

On the Brink. When you successfully pass the Corporeal Saving Throw for Powerful Physique and set your Life Points to 1, you can increase your Combat Rolls by +1(T) for each stack of this Manifested Power you have gained, until the end of your next turn.

Saiyan Spirit. When you gain Superiority through the Warrior’s Pride Racial Trait, increase the bonus from Superiority by +1d4. Increase the Dice Category of this bonus by +1 for each stack of Zenkai gained after the first.

Optional (Your ARC decides if this is included): Each time you gain a stack of this Manifested Power, gain +2 Attribute Points to be spent immediately.

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