Class Up

  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Race: Any
  • Stage: One (1)
  • Stress Test. Eleven (11)
  • Tier of Power Requirement. One (1)
  • Class Section: When you gain the Class Up transformation select one of the following traits; Hero, Elite, or Berserker. When you use the Class up transformation you will gain the selected trait and its benefits. You can only select one (1) trait and you only gain that trait when using or activating the Class Up transformation.
    • Hero. Select any four (4) attributes, except Scholarship, and increase their modifiers by two (+2T) each. You cannot select the same attribute more than once. Additionally, once per round, when you use any Signature or Magical attack gain the Combat Condition Superiority. Moreover, when making this attack repeat any dice results of one (1) – you must accept the second result, but ignore any botch results.
    • Elite. Increase your Agility, Insight, Spirit and Potency modifiers by two (+2T) each. Once per round, you can wager Ki points on a single attack’s Strike Roll. You can wager any amount of Ki Points equal to your one-half of your Capacity Rate.
    • Berserker. Increase your Agility, Strength, Insight and Tenacity by two (+2T) each. Do not change or increase your Life Points while using the Class Up Berserker transformation. Once per round, you can wager an additional amount of ki points equal to one-half your Capacity Rate on a single attack’s wound roll. These extra ki points do not count towards your total Capacity Rate for the current round, they are simple subtracted from you total ki point pool.
  • Superior Saving. Select any one (1) Saving Throw and increase its modifier by two (+2T). Additionally, when rolling the select Saving Throw decrease your critical rate by one (-1), to a minimum of seven.
  • Class Unleashed. Once per transformation, as an Instant Action, you can unleash your full power and increase ALL your Strike, Dodge, Wound by your Wounded Health Threshold value. You can use Class Unleashed once each time your transform into your Class Up transformation. If you use Class Unleashed while transformed, you will/must suffer from Stress Exhaustion before you can use the form again in the same combat encounter. If you do not suffer from Stress Exhaustion after using Class Unleashed, for any reason, you cannot use it again during the same combat encounter.