Liquid Metal

Possessing the ability to liquefy your body to pass through metal, you have taken your power to its logical extreme; you have become pure metal and can possess and manipulate all metal you encounter. You have become Liquid Metal.

  • Race. Android (Machine Mutant option chosen for Wonders of Technology)
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 28
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects: Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Cognitive), High Speed Form (Level 3), Durable Form (Level 3), Strainless, Size Increasing (Level 1), Long Transformation (Level 1), Power High (Level 3).

Meta Soldier. When you transform into this Legendary Form, you may destroy any number of integrated Basic Items, Apparel or Weapons through Mutant Core to cover a number of Squares around you equal to x(bT), where x is the number of destroyed items. All Squares must be either adjacent to you or adjacent to another Square made into Metal through this effect. You can only transform a maximum of 5(bT) Squares.

Treat the X of any Apparel you are currently benefiting from due to the Mutant Core Racial Trait as if it was +1(T) higher.

You may destroy 3 adjacent squares that are Metal to trigger the effects of Mutant Core instead of destroying an integrated item.

Liquid Physique. You may liquefy your body, allowing you to move at immense speeds and avoid harm. Once per Combat Round, as an Instant Action, you can liquefy your body or solidify again (you can only solidify during your turn). While you are liquefied, you gain the following bonuses:

  • Increase your Dodge Rolls by +2(T),
  • Increase your Normal and Boosted Speed by +2(T),
  • You gain Superiority on all Grapple Checks made as the Grappled,
  • You gain Superiority on all Stealth Skill Checks,
  • You do not trigger a Counter Action when moving out of the Melee Range of an Opponent.

While liquefied, you cannot make any Attacking Maneuvers but when you solidify within the Melee Range of an Opponent, they must make an Opposed Impulsive Save against you. If they win, nothing happens. If you win, you may make a Basic Attack Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action.

World of Metal. While on a square that is Metal, you may use each of these effects once per Combat Round:

  • You may turn all adjacent squares to you into Metal as an Instant Action.
  • You may move to another square that is Metal as an Instant Action. Treat this as if it was Rapid Movement but you do not spend any Ki Points and are not limited by your Speed – you can move to any square that is Metal.
  • You may spend One Action to create up to 1(bT) Metal Constructs. Metal Constructs can be anything from a spike, a tree, a wall or any other design of your choice. Metal Constructs are each made from 2 squares of Metal, take up one Square and can be moved freely onto any square that is Metal as an Instant Action – if another character is on that Square, they must make an Opposed Impulsive Save against you. If they win, they move to an adjacent Square of their choice. If they lose, they take damage as if they were knocked into the Metal Construct and are moved to an adjacent square of your choice. If there is a Metal Construct directly between you and an Opponent that is targeting you with an Attacking Maneuver, that Attacking Maneuver instead automatically strikes the Metal Construct and destroys it. Metal Constructs are Terrain with a Hardness Value of 3.

    You can use an Instant Action to destroy a Metal Construct and transform two Squares adjacent to the Metal Construct into Metal.

Every square that is Metal is considered to be part of your Melee Range when you are making an Attacking Maneuver.

Metal is One. Once per Combat Encounter, you can combine with all Metal on the Battle Ground. All Terrain that was Metal is destroyed and all Squares that were Metal become impossible to traverse without flying. For every Square of Metal you absorb, you gain +1 Meta Point. For each Meta Point you gain, increase your Force or Spirit Modifier (you decide) by +1.

For every 10 Meta Points, increase your Size Increasing Aspect by +1. If you possess 30+ Meta Points, you may apply the Punching Down rules to all characters as if you were at least 2 Size Categories larger than them (this does not stop you from applying the effects if you were 3+ Size Categories larger than that target). If you possess 40+ Meta Points, gain +2 levels of the Durable Form Aspect. If you possess 50+ Meta Points, you may treat the entire Battle Ground as if it was Metal.

Each time you would take damage from an Attacking Maneuver, reduce your Meta Points by 1/10th of the damage you suffered.

Liquid Metal Mastery. When you gain Mastery for the Liquid Metal Transformation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Metal Power. Increase your Attribute Modifier Bonus (AG/FO/IN/SP) by +1(T). You may move any character that has lost at least 2+ Actions due to your Petrification Magical Ability as if they were a Metal Construct. If they are between you and an Opponent targeting you with an Attacking Maneuver, they target the moved character as if they were an Opponent instead.
  • Delicate Control. Remove the Power High Aspect from this Transformation. Additionally, increase all of your Combat Rolls by +1(T) while you are on a square that is Metal.

Legendary Trait

Metal Takeover. Gain access to the Petrification Magical Ability and the Metal Breath Advancement.

Once per Combat Encounter, if you use the Power Up Maneuver while the Square you are on and all adjacent squares are Metal, you may increase your Tier of Power by +1 (see – Breakthrough) until the end of your next turn.

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