Update Fixes 0.7.3 (3/1/2022)

Transformations > Added Ultra Ego, Divinity Unleashed, Enraged, Mutation, No Ego Zone, Absorption, Super Android, Strongest Form, Cybernetic Enhancement
Transformations > Class Up > Changed Class Selection and Enhanced Prowess
Transformations > Demon God > Reworded Fiendish Sorcery, added minimalist art
Transformations > Super Majin > Revised Superior Goop.
Transformations > Metamorphosis > Revised Fierce Aggression, True Terror, Bursting Power, Gruesome Impalement, Mutations, and Mastery
Transformations > Super Namekian > Revised Enhanced Regeneration
Transformations > Super Full Power > Revised 100% Power
Transformations > Perfection > Revised Mighty Transformation and Junior Creation, added Perfected Ultimate Attack
Transformations > Super Evolution > Revised Stress Test, Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Apex Mutation, Ultra Brutality, Unstoppable Juggernaut, Ferocious Speed, Super Evolution Mastery, and replaced Rising Bloodlust with Mastered Offense
Transformations > Golden Evolution > Revised Aspects, Beyond Final, Refined Brutality, Golden Physique, Golden Evolution Mastery, and Effects of Training. Added Evolved Meta Traits.
Transformations > Oozaru > Revised Boulder Toss, Oozaru Mastery, Gained Bulky Form Aspect.
Transformations > Oozaru > Golden Oozaru > Revised Stress Test, Aspects, Hulking Mass. , Gained Bulky Form Aspect.
Transformations > Super Saiyan 4 > Revised Utmost Saiyan Power, Adaptive Body, and Overwhelming Counter. Added Perfected Oozaru.
Transformations > Mystic > Revised Latent Power
Transformations > Legendary Super Saiyan > Revised Super Saiyan of Legend
Transformations > Super Saiyan > Revised Aggressive Momentum
Transformations > Super Saiyan God > Revised Divine Acclimation, New Dimension, Flame of Life, Divine Energy, and Divine Remnants
Transformations > Super Saiyan God > Super Saiyan Blue > Revised Aspects, Deific Super Saiyan, Blue Burnout, Seeking Further Strength, Super Saiyan Blue Mastery, and Divine Remnants II
Transformations > Ultra Instinct > Split Ultra Instinct into two stages
Transformations > Lightspeed Mode > Revised Aspects, Attribute Modifier Bonuses, Impossible to Catch, and High-Speed Assault. Added Changing Gears.
Transformations > Full Power > Revised Over-Mastery and Roaring Power. Changed Stress Test.
Transformations > Powerhouse > Changed Stress Test. Gained Bulky Form Aspect.
Transformations > Kaioken > Revised Aspects.
Transformations > Transformation Rules > Revised Transforming, New Level of Power, and Legend Realized.
Transformations > Transformation Rules > Aspects > Revised Temporary Form. Added Heartbeat. Added Bulky Form.
Techniques > Magical Abilities > Completely reworked Magical Abilities
Campaign & Settings > DownTime > Revised Downtime rules
Campaign & Settings > Battle Grounds > Revised Battle Terrain, Battle Weather, and Sight & Illumination. Added Battle Environment.
Campaign & Settings > Added Variant Transformations
Player > Gear & Equipment > Revised Armor, Weighted Clothing, Weapons, Weapon Qualities, Break Value, Gear Kits, Power Pole, Brave Sword, Bansho Fan. Added Weather Resistance.
Player > Talents > Reorganized Talents. Added Table of Contents, Berserk Resolve, Commander’s Fury, Burning Anger, Swift Wrath, Backed Into A Corner, Favored Technique, Specialty Spell, Powerful Technique, Return Stroke, Patient Fighter, Assessment, Analytic Fighter, Strategic Attack, Battlefield Tactician, Cellular Expansion, Genetic Focus, Biodiversity, Vindication, On the Shoulders of Giants, Tuffle Parasite, Armor Training, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Weapon Master, Weighted Fighter. Revised Low Class Saiyan, Ace Pilot, Brutal Kata, Focused Strike, Astounding Transformation, Overwhelming Transformation, Transforming Initiative, Master of Minions, Close Range Shot, Minion’s Offering, Minion Coordinator, Slow Starter, Ambidextrous, Ballistic Specialist, Iaijutsu, Master-At-Arms, Quick Strike, Weapon Specialist.
Races > Added Tuffles
Races > Namekians > Revised Cellular Proliferation and Namekian Clairvoyance. Added Namekian Conviction.
Races > Majins > Revised Elastic Regeneration, Mini Majin, From Goop, Assimilation, and Escaping Assimilation
Races > Saiyan > Revised Thrill of the Fight and Explosive Potential
Races > Shinjin > Revised Far Seeing
Races > Bio Android > Revised Zenkai. Added Tuffle (Race)
Races > Earthlings > Revised Earthling Resolve.
Races > Android > Revised Damage Inhibitor and Lock On. Added Machine Mutant Sub-Race.
Rules > Actions and Combat > Removed Barrage Maneuver. Revised Grappling, Reload, Out-of-Sequence Maneuver, Instant Action, Combat Recovery, Holding Back, Healing Surge, Knocked Down, and Intervene. Added Terrain Lift and Throw.
Rules > Attacking and Conditions > Revised Ki Wager and types of Basic Attacks available. Added Blinded and Attacking Maneuver.
Rules > Attributes > Revised Super Stack.
Rules > Character Creation > Revised Talent
Rules > Core Rules > Revised Target Number, Solid Dice, and Keep the Best. Added Breakthrough and Gigantic Grip.
Player > Z Soul > Revised Karma
Techniques > Signature Techniques > Revised Energy Focus, Intense Blast, Dead-Link, and Weapon-Assisted. Added Cutting, Aura Gathering, Splitting, Large Energy Weapon, Weapon Infusion, Focused Weapon, and Fragile Weapon.
Techniques > Magical Abilities > Spellbook > Revised Manipulation Sorcery, Multi-Form Technique, and Solar Flare. Added Afterimage Technique.

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