Spirit Absorption

Through the gathered power of others, planets or even the stars themselves – you’ve stolen or been entrusted with an unfathomably huge amount of power. Imbued with the energizing life energy of friends, foes, or even planets, few can stand up to your ever-growing power, and fewer can hope to stop it.

You cannot enter Spirit Absorption freely. To enter this Transformation, you must use one of two methods: 

  • If you use the Energy Charge Maneuver for an Ultimate Signature Technique with the Genki Advantage and succeed at the Clairvoyance Skill Check for Genki 3+ times, you may enter this Transformation. Instead of making the Attacking Maneuver to use the Signature Technique, you may use a Transformation Maneuver to enter this Transformation. You lose those Energy Charges and that Signature Technique cannot be used for the remainder of the Combat Encounter.
  • Use the Planetary Consumption Advancement of the Life Energy Absorption Magical Ability (see – Spellbook).

For every 3 Energy Charge Maneuvers you’ve lost to enter this transformation through the first method, you gain +1(T) Spirit Power.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. 16
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects. Perfect Ki Control, Durable Form (Level *), Strainless, Dedicated Transformation.

Everyone’s Energy. Increase your Attribute Modifier Bonuses (FO/SP) by +2, your Attribute Modifier Bonuses (AG/IN) by +1 and your Soak Value by +1 for each Spirit Power you possess. Upon successfully entering this Transformation, you gain +1(T) Spirit Power. You can only have a maximum of 3(T) Spirit Power and for every 1(T) Spirit Power you possess, increase the Stress Test Requirement for this Transformation by +4 and increase the level of the Durable Form Aspect by +1.

You may spend 1(T) Spirit Power to use a Power Surge Maneuver as an Instant Action. If your Spirit Power would be reduced to 0, you immediately leave this Transformation and suffer from Stress Exhaustion.

Life Force Feasting. If you are still in Spirit Absorption at the end of a Combat Encounter or when you leave this Transformation, you may save 1/2 of the Spirit Power you possess. The next time you use a Transformation Maneuver to enter this Enhancement Power, gain your saved Spirit Power.

You can spend your Spirit Power on certain Maneuvers to enhance their effects. See below the options, depending on the Maneuver you would use:

  • Empower Maneuver. You can spend any amount of Spirit Power to force your targeted ally to enter the Spirit Empowerment Enhancement Power (even if they do not have access to it) with a number of Spirit Power equal to what you spent. Their Stress Test for this Transformation is 0, but reduce their Life Points by -10 for every Spirit Power they have rather than -5 through the effects of the Everyone’s Energy Trait. They cannot use the Miraculous Finish Trait’s effects.

    If your Ally has the Spirit Absorption Enhancement Power, they will instead gain a number of Spirit Power equal to the amount you spent (or saved Spirit Power if they are not currently in the Spirit Absorption Enhancement Power).
  • Power Up Maneuver. You can spend up to 2(T) Spirit Power to increase your Combat Rolls by 4x the amount of Spirit Power spent until the end of your next turn. This does not count as a benefit of the Power Up Maneuver.
  • Surge Maneuver. You can spend any amount of Spirit Power to increase the amount of Life Points or Ki Points regained through the Surge Maneuver by +1d6 for each Spirit Power spent.
  • Any type of Attacking Maneuver. You can spend any amount of Spirit Power to increase the Wound Roll for that Attacking Maneuver by +1d8 for every Spirit Power spent. If it was a Signature Technique, instead increase the Wound Roll by +1d10. The Extra Dice gained through this effect are Solid.
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