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As with any Table Top Role Playing Game, you may find the desire to create some of your own content to add to your games, be it from another source, or some unofficial source. Perhaps you want to give new life to a species, or create a new transformation. Well, sometimes, even we create such homebrew! While nothing in here is considered “official content”, the content here is created by or supported by our team, and is displayed here on our site for easy access. What this means for you is that any content here is optional content and as such, you should be sure to ask your ARC if it’s alright before using it. It also means that any means of official support for DBU will include support for this content, where applicable (such as the official Google Sheets character sheet, or the support channels in the official Discord).

If this content appeals to you, be sure to check out the homebrew section of our official Discord server to see more homebrew created by the community!

Variant Transformations

Super Saibaman

  • Original Transformation. Super Saiyan.
  • Race. Saibamen
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Impulsive/Corporeal), High-Speed Form (Level 1), Durable Form (Level 1), Bright Aura, Strainless

Saiba-Cells (S-Cells). While in this Transformation, you have Superiority on all Combat Rolls. Additionally, for each base Tier of Power reached after 2 (excluding Tier of Power 5+), gain the following benefits:

  • Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus (AG/FO/SP) of this Transformation by +2.
  • Gain +1 level of the Durable Form and High Speed Form Aspects.
  • Treat the Tier of Power Requirement for this Transformation as if it was +1 higher for the sake of the Full Power Transformation. This does not apply if this Transformation is selected through the Limit Break x Survivor Trait.

Green Bean (Lightning Reflexes). Once per Combat Round, if you would increase your Defense Value or Soak Value through the effects of a Racial Trait, Trait, or Talent, you may increase the other Aptitude by +x(bT), where x is equal to 2 minus the difference between your current Health Modifier and 3 (min. 1) (this does not include any bonuses to your Health Modifier from anything but your Racial Traits).

Increase your Wound Rolls while benefiting from the increase to your Soak Value or Defense Value from Savage Mindset by +x(bT), where x is equal to your Health Modifier -3 (min. 1) (this does not include any bonuses to your Health Modifier from anything but your Racial Traits).

Upon entering this Transformation for the first time in a Combat Encounter, increase the amount of Life Points you would gain from Legend Realized by x2.

Shatter Your Limits

Savior From Heaven

The Tier of Power Requirement for Savior from Heaven is treated as if it’s 4+ for the effects of the Broken Shell Trait.

Treat your Tier of Power as if it was +2 higher for the sake of calculating your Tier of Power and Superiority Extra Dice.

Saiyan of Victorious Fighting. If you would use a Basic Attack Maneuver through the effects of the Golden Fury Trait, you may increase the Dice Score for that Attacking Maneuver’s Strike Roll by +2(bT). If you are in Rage, reduce all Damage you would take from Attacking Maneuvers and increase all Damage you would inflict through Attacking Maneuvers by 2(bT).

While you are in Rage, increase the bonus to your Combat Rolls from the Heavenly Flame Signature by +1(bT). This Transformation gains the Perfect Ki Control Aspect.

Great Saiyan Equal to Heaven. If you would increase your Soak Value through the effects of the Saiyan Birthright Trait, double the bonus to your Soak Value. If you are in Rage, increase the Dice Score for your Strike and Dodge Rolls by +1(bT).

You may use another Aura Signature in tandem with the Heavenly Flame Signature. This Transformation gains the God Ki Aspect.

Super Saiyan 5

Primal Limits Broken. If you would lose any number of stacks of Battle Born for any reason, you may immediately gain +1 stack of Battle Born at the start of your next turn. Each time you gain a stack of Battle Born through any means, regain +4(bT) Ki Points.

When using a Signature Technique through the effects of Emotional Warrior, if you have 6+ stacks of Battle Born, that Attacking Maneuver may gain a number of Energy Charges equal to 1/2 of the number of Battle Born stacks you possess. After using this Attacking Maneuver, you lose all stacks of Battle Born you possess and suffer from the Fatigued Combat Condition.



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