Super Android

You have reached a level beyond the typical scope of your robotic body or cybernetics. Superior in every way, you are now most assuredly a ‘Super Android’. Your appearance may have changed, granting you different clothes and even possibly causing your body to grow but regardless of what changes have occurred in your ascension, what power you once possessed has now multiplied.

The Super Android Manifested Power can be gained one of two ways: you may gain an instance of Super Android by absorbing another android or by being overhauled and improved by a genius scientist. Your ARC may also find other ways to grant you this Manifested Power, if it seems appropriate for your character.

  • Race. Android
  • Transformation. Manifested Power
  • Maximum No of Stacks: 1 for each ToP starting from ToP3
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 3+

Compatible Hardware. For each stack of Super Android, you may select an Android Subrace. You gain access to one of their Racial Traits and additionally count as that Subrace for any requirements. If you choose not to gain a Racial Trait from a Subrace or if you already have all of them, you may instead gain +1 Talent.

You can use the Power Surge Maneuver even if you have the Power Core Racial Trait and you may regain Ki Points from the Combat Recovery Maneuver.

Living Weapon. You gain access to the Reserved Energy Charge Maneuver. Whenever you would gain Ki Points through the effects of a Power Surge Maneuver or a Racial Trait, you can choose not to gain Ki Points and instead use a Reserved Energy Charge Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Maneuver. You can only apply a number of Reserved Energy Charges to an attack equal to your current number of Super Android stacks.

Reserved Energy Charge Maneuver (1 Action). You can build up Ki in your body preemptively, gaining a Reserved Energy Charge. You can possess a number of Reserved Energy Charges equal to 1/2 of your Force Modifier. You can choose before making a strike roll on any type of non-basic attack to spend any number of your Reserved Energy Charges. Increase the Ki Point Cost of the attack by +1(T) for each Reserved Energy Charge. In return, increase the damage by 1d4(T) for each Reserved Energy Charge. You cannot use the Energy Charge Maneuver while you have any number of Reserved Energy Charges.”

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