Super Majin

Every person has two sides of them, a yin and a yang. For majins, those two sides are depicted in a much more obvious way. It’s an internal battle that may erupt in the world, with the winner taking over your identity and realising a much more powerful state: taller, more muscular and altogether a superior being.

The Super Majin Manifested Power can be gained one of two ways: Your ARC may allow you to gain this Manifested Power to represent greater strength gained through training or while you are Tier of Power 3 (with ARC permission) you can spend 3 Karma Points to separate yourself into two copies – a purely good and a purely evil version. They must immediately fight with the loser (either due to their Life Points reaching 0 or being assimilated) being lost within the winner as their alignment takes over your Majin character and they gain the Super Majin Manifested Power.

  • Race. Majin
  • Transformation. Manifested Power
  • Maximum No of Stacks: One
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 3+
+4 +4 +4 +2 +2 +4 +2

The Ultimate Majin. When you use a Healing Surge Maneuver, treat your Tier of Power as +1 higher for the sake of that Healing Surge Maneuver. Additionally, you gain one additional ability from the Spellbound Racial Trait. When you gain this Manifested Power, you can choose to change your Size Category to Large if it’s lower than that.

Superior Goop. Increase your Goop’s Strike and Dodge Rolls by +2(T) and their Corporeal Saving Throw by an additional +1(T). The decrease to your Cognitive Saving Throw for having multiple assimilated characters is capped at -1(T).

You may use a number of Racial Traits from assimilated characters per Combat Round equal to the number of assimilated characters. You must still declare which Racial Traits you will use at the beginning of your character’s turn.

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