Tuffles, more accurately known as Neo Machine Mutants, are a creation of the original Tuffle people who were wiped out at the hands of one of the more powerful races found in the universe. They carry the mind and soul of their creators but their bodies are of a particularly unique type of machinery. It is organic in ways and metallic in others. They possess the ability to grow and develop, as well as turn their body into a liquid form that can enter others and take complete control of their mind.

Smart, adaptive and dangerous – the new age of Tuffles show much more resilience than their namesake and creators. Some strive for revenge while others desire merely to prove their superiority. Regardless of their motivation, their presence in the universe shows that it is difficult to completely erase genius.

Tuffle Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. Both your Tenacity and Insight scores increase by +3, and increase your Scholarship Score by +2.

Varies heavily. While some must undergo a transformative period where their body transforms and seems to age, they are not ultimately bound by traditional rules of aging.

Health Modifier.

All ‘tuffles’ look like a humanoid figure made of liquid metal, with notable colored markings found upon their brow and chin. Your Size Category can be Small, Medium or Large.

Carrying the genes of great geniuses and possessing their souls, the current mutation of the tuffle race tends to harbor feelings of grandeur, superiority and a desire for revenge. Your Z-Soul should refer to the old tuffles but with a culture of geniuses behind them, there is certainly a large swath of different opinions that could have come to influence your character.

Tuffle Proficiencies
Saving Throw:
Skills – Select three of the following:
Acrobatics, Pilot, Thievery, Craft, Knowledge, Investigation, Science, Perception, Bluff or Persuasion.

Adolescent Evolution. Your ideal body is not yet formed. As your power grows, your body will naturally morph into a more advanced state, granting you more power. At Character Creation and when you reach a new Tier of Power, you may choose to either gain one of the below traits or an additional Character Perk. You must gain each trait in order.

  • 1) Larval Form: Your Size Category is Small. Whenever you gain Ki Points for any reason, restore 5(T) Life Points.
  • 2) Child Form: You can choose to make your Size Category become Medium. Whenever you gain Ki Points for any reason, increase the number of Ki Points you gain by +3(T).
  • 3) Adolescent Form: Your Size Category is Medium. Whenever you gain Ki Points for any reason, gain Superiority on a Combat Roll of your choice until the end of your next turn.
  • 4) Adult Form: You can choose to make your Size Category become Large. At the end of your turn, if you have 4(T) Revenge Points, you may spend all of your Revenge Points to use a Power Surge Maneuver. You can only use this effect a number of times per Combat Encounter equal to your Tier of Power.

Legacy of the Scholars. Carrying the legacy of the highly intelligent Tuffle race, you possess a great deal of their knowledge and can use it to gain an advantage in a fight. After making any Combat Roll but before knowing the result, you may choose to add an additional +1d4 to the roll. You can use this effect a number of times per Combat Encounter equal to your base Scholarship Modifier (minimum 1(T) times). This effect can be cumulative on a single roll up to +1d4(T).

This effect does not benefit from Tuffle Superiority.

Energy of Revenge. The inherent desire for revenge that burns in your body can be converted into a powerful source of black, sparking energy. Whenever you or an ally take damage due to your opponents’ attacking maneuver, gain +1(T) Revenge Points. When using any type of attacking maneuver, you may spend any number of your Revenge Points to gain a free Ki Wager equal to the amount of Revenge Points you spent. Additionally, when using an Ultimate Signature Technique, you may spend any amount of your Revenge Points to gain a free Ki Wager equal to 2x the amount of Revenge Points you spent.

You cannot possess more than 4(T) Revenge Points at any time.

Tuffle Superiority. You are a Tuffle, regardless of your origin. That pride and the sense of loss for the rest of your species spurs you on to prove your superiority. Whenever you roll Extra Dice gained for any reason other than Tier of Power, increase the Dice Category by +1. For example, if you gained an additional +1d10 from Superiority, increase that bonus to +1d10+1d4.

If you score a Critical Result on an Extra Dice, increase the Dice Score by +1(T).

Liquid Body. You can liquefy your body, allowing you to move through almost any hole or hide yourself. Once per Combat Round, as an Instant Action, you can spend a Counter Action to liquefy your body. While you are liquefied, you gain the following bonuses:

  • Decrease your Size Category by -1 (Medium becomes Small, Small becomes Tiny),
  • Your Base Movement Speed becomes 3(T) squares,
  • You gain Superiority on all Grapple Checks made as the Grappled,
  • You gain Superiority on all Stealth Skill Checks,
  • You do not trigger a Counter Action when moving out of the Melee Range of an opponent.

While liquified, you cannot make any attacking maneuvers. As an Instant Action while liquified, you can solidify again and end its effects.

Tuffleization. Once per Combat Round, while you are liquified and within the Melee Range of a character who is a Minion or below the Bloodied Health Threshold, you may spend One Action to attempt to enter their body and possess them. You cannot target a character who has an equal or smaller Size Category than you while you are liquefied.

When attempting to possess another character, make an Opposed Impulsive Saving Throw. If you fail, nothing happens. If you succeed, make an Opposed Cognitive Saving Throw to take control of their body. If you manage to successfully take control of a character’s body, they may make an Opposed Cognitive Saving Throw during each of their turns to attempt and eject you from their body. Each time this Opposed Cognitive Save is failed, the possessed character gains a bonus of +1 to their Cognitive Saving Throws until they manage to successfully force you to eject. This effect is cumulative.

If you fail any of these Opposed Cognitive Saving Throws, you will be immediately ejected from the body of the host and they can take their turn normally. When you are ejected from a body, suffer 2d10(T) Lethal Damage. This damage cannot be reduced by any means. You may exit a possessed body at any time as an Instant Action and doing so does not count as being ejected.

While possessing a body, your Attribute Modifiers become the highest between your Attribute Modifiers and the possessed character’s Attribute Modifiers for AG/FO/TE/SP. You gain access to the Signature Techniques, Magical Abilities and Transformations of any character you are possessing while you are in control of their body. In addition, you lose access to the Liquid Body Racial Trait but gain 2 Racial Traits of the possessed body while you are in control of it. Your Size Category is not affected by the Adolescent Evolution Racial Trait while possessing a body, instead as you are in control of their body your Size Category is the same as the body you are currently possessing. The character who is possessed cannot take any actions during their turn unless they manage to eject you.

If you are successfully struck (hit) by any attacking maneuver while possessing a body, both you and the possessed character receive the damage. You may reduce the damage you take by both your Soak Value and 1/2 of the Soak Value of the body you are possessing. If the possessed character’s Life Points reach 0 through any means, you are immediately ejected and suffer an additional +1d10(T) Lethal Damage on top of the usual Lethal Damage suffered from ejection. If your Life Points reach 0 while possessing a character, you are ejected.

If you would gain any Manifested Powers while controlling the body of a character through their Racial Traits, they are instead gained by the body you are possessing. You still gain access to their bonuses and effects while possessing that body, as if you possessed the body while they already had access to that Manifested Power.

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