Ajisa Namekian

Fueled by the pride of the Namekian race, you have pushed beyond the limits and turned your latent potential into true power. Your massive increase in strength allows you to protect what matters to you, and your pride in your race shows in the symbol that projects itself upon your very flesh.

  • Race. Namekian
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 32
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 5+
  • Aspects: Enhanced Save (All), High Speed Form (Level 3), Size Increasing (Level 1), Bulky Form, Strainless.

Orange Potential. For each stack of Super Namekian you have access to:

  • Increase the Attribute Modifiers Bonuses (AG/FO/TE/SP) of this Transformation by +2 and increase the Attribute Modifier Bonus (IN) of this Transformation by +1.
  • Gain +1 level of the Durable Form Aspect (max. 5). If this would increase the Durable Form Aspect for this Transformation to level 4+, gain the Armored Form Aspect.
  • Increase the amount of Life Points you regain at the start of each Combat Round through Cellular Proliferation by +1(T).

Additionally, while in the Ajisa Namekian Transformation, increase the Dice Category of the Extra Dice from the Wise Fighter Trait by +2.

Powerful Fighter. All of the wisdom of the Namekian people, with the power to back it up. At the start of each Combat Round, or when you knock an opponent through a Health Threshold, gain +1 Powerful Fighter stack (max. 3). Increase your Wound Rolls by +1(T) for each Powerful Fighter stack you possess.

You may spend Powerful Fighter stacks as if they were Intelligent Fighter stacks against any opponent.

Proud Hide. You may spend 2 stacks of Powerful Fighter when using the Direct Hit Maneuver to reduce the damage you would take by -1/4 (before applying your Soak Value).

If you would take 0 damage from an Attacking Maneuver that targeted you, gain +2 Powerful Fighter stacks. If this would exceed the maximum, your next Attacking Maneuver gains +2 Energy Charges.

Ajisa Namekian Mastery. When you gain Mastery for the Ajisa Namekian Transformation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Pride is Power. The Proud Hide Trait only costs 1 stack of Powerful Fighter to use its effect. When using the effect of Proud Hide, you may instead spend 3 stacks of Powerful Fighter and 3(T) Ki Points to reduce the damage by -1/2 instead of -1/4.
  • Adjusted Transformation. You no longer suffer the penalties from one instance of Super Stack.

Legendary Trait

Pride of Namek. Once per Combat Encounter, you are not Defeated when your Life Points reach 0. Instead, when you take damage at 0 Life Points, your Life Points are able to be reduced into a negative value (including any excess damage that would have been inflicted when your Life Points were reduced to 0). If this negative value becomes equal to 1/2 of your Maximum Life Points, you are Defeated. If your Life Points are still at a negative value by the end of your next turn, you are Defeated.

While your Life Points are at a negative value, reduce all of your Combat Rolls by -4(T). You may spend 1 Karma Point to ignore this penalty for the duration of a Maneuver (including all rolls involved in that singular Maneuver or any Maneuvers caused by the opponent using a Counter Action in response to that Maneuver).

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