Base Examples

Perhaps it’s a home for your companions, or a business which makes you money. Maybe it’s a laboratory that you took over from a mad scientist, or perhaps a space cruiser given to you as part of your job. Whatever the reason, you’ve gained a base, and now you have to furnish it! Here are some examples of what your base could look like.

Note: Due to Bases being full maps these examples are merely a list of the size, durability, and qualities each would have. It does not account for placement, or spending extra to increase Square Occupancy. The Size for Bases with Multi-Floor Base is already -1 Base Size smaller. 

Capsule Corp

  • Size: Massive
  • Hardness: 2
  • Qualities: Barracks, Recruitment Agency, R&R Space, Culinary Facilities, Laboratory, Communications, Hangar, Training Facilities, Gravity Machine
  • Minimum Dev Point Cost: 29

Capsule Corp Spaceship

  • Size: Minor
  • Hardness: 3
  • Qualities: Training Facilities, Gravity Room, Traveling Base
    • Output: High
    • Qualities: Hikou, Space Travel, Auto Pilot, Life Systems
    • CP Cost: 10
  • Minimum Dev Point Cost: 15

Frieza’s Spaceship

  • Size: Major
  • Hardness: 4
  • Qualities: Traveling Base, Barracks, Culinary Facilities, Medical Facilities, Armory, Communications, Security Detail
    • Output: High
    • Qualities: Hikou, Space Travel, Life Systems
    • CP Cost: 8
  • Minimum Dev Point Cost: 20

Kami’s Lookout 

  • Size: Major
  • Hardness: 1
  • Qualities: Multi-Floor Base, Environmental Positioning (Upper Atmosphere)
    • 1st Floor: Room of Spirit and Time, Barracks, R&R Space
    • 2nd Floor: Training Facilities
  • Minimum Dev Point Cost: 20

Muscle Tower

  • Size: Moderate
  • Hardness: 2
  • Qualities: Multi-Floor Base, Security Detail
    • 1st Floor: Hangar, Armory
    • 2nd Floor: Armament x6, Barracks, R&R 
    • 3rd Floor: Armament x3, Training Facilities 
    • 4th Floor: Armament x3, 
    • 5th Floor: Armament x3, Self-Defense System
    • 6th Floor: Armament x6, Prison, Communications
  • Minimum Dev Point Cost: 50

Gero’s Lab

  • Size: Moderate (Minor for Sub-Lab)
  • Hardness: 3
  • Qualities: Laboratory, Sub-Base, Supercomputer (Sub-Lab)
  • Minimum Dev Point Cost: 10
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