• Race. Any
  • Transformation. Enhancement Power
  • Stress Test. Twelve (12)
  • Tier of Power Requirement. None

Muscular Proportions. When you use the Enhancement Power Powerhouse increase your Strength and Potency modifiers by one-half (1/2) their unmodified totals. Additionally, you will reduce your unmodified Agility modifier by one-fourth (1/4).

While using Powerhouse you can spend one (1) Actions and twelve (12T) Ki Points to increase both your Strength and Potency modifiers by four (+4T). You can apply this bonus as many times as you wish. Each time you apply this bonus reduce your Agility modifier by four (-4) to a minimum of two (2). Moreover, when each time you apply this effect increase the Stress Test value of Powerhouse by three (+3). You can willingly end this effect as an instant action. When this effect ends you will suffer 1d6 lethal damage for each application you have applied. This damage can NOT be reduced by any means.

As an example, if you spend twenty-four Ki Points you will increase your Strength and Potency modifiers by eight (+8) and your Agility modifier will be reduced by eight (-8). When this bonus ends, for any reason, you will suffer 2d6 lethal damage.

Unbending Tissue. While under the effects of Super Stack increase the Extra Dice you gain to your attacks by +1d4(T). Furthermore, Super Stack’s Extra Dice affect both your physical and energy attacks.    

Brute Speed. You can spend one (1) Action and ten (10) Ki Points to increase your Dodge value by one (+1) until the end of the next round. You can further increase this effect by one (+1) for every additional ten (10) Ki Points you spend. Your Dodge value can NOT excess your normal unmodified Dodge Value.

Uninhibited Strength. Once a round, when you are making an attack, you are NOT limited by your Capacity Rate and can wager any amount of Ki Points up your current Ki Point pool maximum. When using Uninhibited Strength, you grant all combatant’s the Combat Condition Superiority. After using Uninhibited Strength, your dodge value is reduced by one-half (1/2) until the end of your next turn.

Price of Power. At the start of each round of combat, you must take a Stress Test for Powerhouse. If you are using Powerhouse in conjunction with an Alternate Form increase the Alternate Form’s Stress Test by Powerhouse’s Stress Test value, plus three (+3) and then make your test. If you are using both an Alternate Form and an Enhancement Power, instead increase the Enhancement Power’s Stress Test by six (+6) plus Powerhouse’s Stress Test value then make your test.

If you are using more than one Enhancement Power add six (+6) plus Powerhouse’s Stress Test value to the Enhancement Power with the highest Stress Test value.

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