Super Evolution

As an Arcosian, your transformations exist to limit your power. The natural strength you were born with is so overwhelming that it damages not only your stamina just to keep it under control but it even gnaws at your sanity. Once you’ve been able to get that under control, however, you found that the power you held in such high regard has its limits. Those limits do not stop you, however. With fierce determination, you sought greater power and you found it: a new transformation, born from the very principle that once held your power back. By taking that concept to the opposite extreme, you’ve created an evolution that will not back down against any opponent. Your foes will fear your new might.

  • Race. Arcosian
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 28
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects: Enhanced Save (Corporeal/Impulsive), Size Increasing (Level 1), High Speed Form (Level 2), Power High (Level 3), Dedicated Transformation, Strainless
+4(T) +4(T) +4(T)+2(T) +4(T)

Apex Mutation. When you gain access to this Transformation, select 2 Meta Traits from the Metamorphosis Alternate Form for this Transformation to gain and you may choose to replace your benefit from Keratinous Plating with another benefit from Keratinous Plating while in this Transformation.

Additionally, you gain one of these benefits depending on which option you chose for Divergent Evolution:

  • Standard. You gain 2 stacks of Cruelty instead of 1 stack through Cruel Intentions when you successfully strike (hit) an opponent. Additionally, you cannot benefit from the effects of the Ferocious Speed Trait unless your current Tier of Power is 4 or higher.
  • Mutant. Gain +2 additional Meta Traits when you gain access to this Transformation.

Ultra Brutality. Increase your maximum stacks of Cruelty to 6. At the end of each Combat Round, instead of losing all stacks of Cruelty, only lose 2.

Once per Combat Round, you may remove 2 stacks of Cruelty to make a Basic Attack as an Instant Action.

Unstoppable Juggernaut. As an Instant Action, you may either: remove all Negative Combat Conditions affecting you or reduce the Damage Category of all attacks made against you to Standard until the start of your next turn. Each of these effects can only be used once per Combat Encounter.

When you are targeted by a Signature Technique, if you use the Guard or Direct Hit option of the Parry Maneuver and receive 0 damage, you may immediately move up to your Boosted Speed toward the attacker and then make a Basic Attack as an Out-of-Sequence Action.

When using the Guard or Direct Hit option of the Parry Maneuver, you may remove any number of Cruelty stacks to increase your Soak Value by +1(T) for each one before any calculations.

Ferocious Speed. Once per Combat Round, when using the Energy Charge Maneuver, you may spend 2 Cruelty stacks to instead gain two Energy Charges. You must have declared a Signature Technique for this Energy Charge Maneuver to gain this effect.

If you start a Combat Round with 4+ stacks of Cruel Intentions, gain +1 additional Counter Action for that Combat Round.

Super Evolution Mastery. When you gain Mastery for the Super Evolution Transformation, you gain the following benefits: 

  • Further Evolution. Increase the Attribute Modifier Bonuses (AG/FO/TE/IN/SP) of this Transformation by +1(T).
  • Everlasting Cruelty. While in this Transformation, you do not lose any stacks of Cruelty at the end of each Combat Round.
  • Focused Fighter. Remove the Power High Aspect.

Legendary Trait

Rising Bloodlust. When you knock an opponent through a Health Threshold, maximize your stacks of Cruelty. If you already had your maximum number of Cruelty Stacks, you may immediately use a Power Surge Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action.

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