Godly Powers

Divine energy flows through you, illuminating even the darkest corners of your being. Maybe you’re a god, or perhaps you’ve ascended to such a level of power as to temporarily join their ranks. Whatever the case may be, you find yourself evolving far beyond the strength of mere mortals, and you inspire fear and awe in those whose power is your lesser.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Legendary Form
  • Stress Test. 28
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 4+
  • Aspects: Enhanced Save (Corporeal/Impulsive), God Ki, Durable Form (Level 4), High Speed Form (Level 3), Draining (Level 2), Bright Aura.

Godly Training. If you spend Godly Ki Points on a Combat Roll, you may add an additional Extra Dice equal to your current Tier of Power Extra Dice to that Combat Roll. You can only use this effect once per Combat Round for each type of Combat Roll (Strike/Wound/Dodge).

Once per Combat Round, when you use a Signature Technique or Magical Ability, you may choose to reduce the Ki Point Cost by 1/2 through spending a number of Godly Ki Points equal to your Power Level.

Whenever you use a Power Surge Maneuver, immediately gain +2(T) Godly Ki Points.

Realm of the Gods. If you are facing any number of opponents that have God Ki, you gain 1(T) Godly Ki Points at the start of each of your turns. If none of your opponents have God Ki, each Godly Ki Point spent on increasing your Wound Rolls increases the Dice Score by +2 instead of +1.

While your Ki Points are higher than 1/2 of your Ki Point Pool, you can treat all bonuses marked with a (T) as if they were +1(T) higher. For example, a bonus that would be +2(T) is treated as +3(T) instead. If multiple bonuses are applied to a single Combat Roll or Aptitude, this effect is only applied to one of those bonuses. A good example is Durable Form, which increases the Soak Aptitude. If you have Durable Form Level 2, which gives two separate +1(T) bonuses, the total bonus would be +3(T) rather than +4(T). This includes the Attribute Modifier Bonuses for Godly Powers, but it does not apply to the Attribute Modifier Bonuses for any other Transformation.

Divine Transformation. The first time you enter this Transformation during a Combat Encounter, all opponents within 6 squares of you must make a Morale Saving Throw, TN Hard. If they pass, nothing happens. If they fail, you gain Superiority in all Combat Rolls against them until the end of your next turn. Increase the TN to Very Hard for all opponents who do not possess God Ki.

Godly Powers Mastery. When you gain Mastery for the Godly Powers Transformation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Recognised Deity. Remove the Draining Aspect and gain the Strainless Aspect.
  • Among Gods. Through the Realm of the Gods trait, you treat all bonuses marked with (T) as if they were +1(T) higher, regardless of your current Ki Points.

Legendary Trait

Divine Energy. At the start of each Combat Encounter, you gain a number of Godly Ki Points to use equal to twice your Power Level. The maximum number of Godly Ki Points you can possess at any one time is equal to 3x your Power Level. You may spend Godly Ki Points to increase the Dice Score of any Combat Roll or Saving Throw (except for Opposed Saving Throws that you have initiated) by an amount equal to the amount of Godly Ki Points you spent. You must decide to spend your Godly Ki Points before the dice have been rolled.

At the start of each of your turns, you may convert up to 10(T) Ki Points into an amount of Godly Ki Points equal to half the amount of Ki Points you spent. You can only use this effect of Divine Energy if you are currently benefiting from the God Ki Aspect.

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