Update Fixes 0.7.2 (1/14/2022)

Transformations > Added Class Up, Monster Form, Magical Formation, Mode Change, Full Power, Lightspeed Mode, Demon God
Pure Progress > Updated the effects of Stance Change
Dark Demon > Updated the effects of Dark Energy, Shadow Magic, Swelling Darkness, and Dark Demon Mastery
Metamorphosis > Updated the effects of Death Strike, True Terror, Burning Hatred, Efficiency, Bio-Suit, Unrelenting, Furious Onslaught, and Metamorphosis Mastery, updated the Stress Test values
Super Saiyan > Updated the effects of Aggressive Momentum, Limitless, and Super Saiyan Mastery, added the Sparking Ascension trait, updated the Stress Test values
Power Boost > Updated the effects of Keen, Boosting, and Power Boost Mastery, added High Power Boost (Stage 2) and Maximum Power Boost (Stage 3), and the Improved Power, Evolving Power, Power Strike, and Overflowing Power traits, updated the Attribute Bonuses, updated Aspects
Divine Halo > Updated the effects of Circle of Light and Restorative Light
Powerhouse > Updated the effects of Unbending Tissue
Godly Powers > Updated the effects of Divine Energy and Aura of the Gods
Super Full Power > Updated the effects of 100% Power, Overwhelming the Weak, Invincible, Super Full Power Mastery, Restraint of the Strongest, added All-Consuming Aura, replaced Full Power with Greater Power, updated the Attribute Bonuses, updated Aspects, updated the Stress Test value
Legendary Super Saiyan > Updated the effects of True Super Saiyan, Unlimited Power, Overflowing Power, Unstable Power, Legendary Super Saiyan Mastery, and Super Saiyan of Legend, updated the Attribute Bonuses, updated Aspects, updated the Stress Test value
Super Saiyan 4 > Updated the effects of Adaptive Body, Multiplicative Technique, Overwhelming Counter, Super Full Power Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 4 Mastery, updated Aspects, updated the Stress Test value
Super Evolution > Updated the effects of Apex Mutation and Rising Bloodlust
Golden Evolution > Updated the effects of Refined Brutality, Golden Physique, Golden Evolution Mastery, and Effects of Training
Mystic > Updated the effects of Mystic Mastery
Aspects > Added Natural Form, updated the effects of God Ki
Shinjin > Updated the effects of Celestial Potential, Far Seeing, Inner Peace, and Kiri Drain, added Divine Origin and Skill of the Watcher, removed Obscured Energy
Arcosians > Updated the effects of Brutal Assault
Saiyans > Updated the effects of Thrill of the Fight and Battle Fervor
Talents > Updated the effects of Potential of Shinjin, Tea Ceremony, Kiri Transfer, Saiyan Elite, Close Range Shot, Adept Warrior, Dynamic Pose, Desperate Transformation, Surging Strength, Under Pressure, and Far Shot, added Genius Designer
Vehicles > Updated the effects of Turbo Boost
Gear & Equipment > Updated the effects of Rapid Trigger, updated the rules for Crafting, added Sealing Talisman and Cooking Utensils
Actions & Combat > Updated the effects of Barrage Maneuver, Miracle Empowerment, Parry Maneuver, Rush Clash, and Energy Duel, added Duel Escape Maneuver
Attacking & Conditions > Updated the effects of Candy Combat Condition, added Slowed Combat Condition and Shaken Combat Condition
Transformation Rules > Added New Level of Power
Core Rules > Added Afterlife
Attributes > Updated the descriptions of Craft and Science
Spellbook > Updated the effects of Magical Enhancement, Magical Materialization, Four Witches Technique, Size Change, Time Skip, and Magical Binding, updated the Ki Point Cost of Life Energy Absorption, added Fake Moon, Solar Flare, Stone Spit, Body Change, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, and Mafuba
Frequently Asked Questions > Added page
Variant Rules > Updated Dice Creep System, Alternate Attribute Generation, Limitless Capacity, Experience Purchase System, Easy Game Difficulty, Life Box System, Pure Progression, and Accumulation of Power, added Experience System and Average Life Points
Signature Techniques > Updated the effects of Combination, Explosion, Rapid Fire, Elemental, Alotta Lotta Attacks, and Potent Beam, added Crushing, Sweeping, Shattering Blow, Magical Infusion, Widespread Magic, Explosive Magic, Quick Reaction, and Grappling Technique

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