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UPDATE FIXES 0.3.7 (03/27/2021)

Page Giant Form > General reworking and rewording of all traits for this form to bring balance. Page Talent > Neuromuscular > New Talent Page Battle Grounds > Battle Backgrounds > Add new link for battle grounds.

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.6 (03/27/2021)

Page Talents > Oozaru Focus > Made changes to talent. Page Talents > Saiyan Tail Resistance > Made changes to talent. Page Oozaru > Indomitable > Made changes to this trait. Page Oozaru > Dense Strength > New Trait. Page Oozaru > Bulky >… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.3.6 (03/27/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.4 (03/25/2021)

Page Core Rules > Agility> Swiftness > Changed to Speed. Reworded text for more clarity. Page Attacking & Conditions > DOT > Add clarity text for having multiple DOTs are once. New Page > Appendix > Added an Appendix – This is a WIP… Continue Reading “UPDATE FIXES 0.3.4 (03/25/2021)”

UPDATE FIXES 0.3.2 (03/23/2021)

Page Super Saiyan > Mastery > Change text for clarity Page Kaioken > Change Cost of Strength & Kaioken table Page Godly Powers > Paragon > Changes to bonuses from trait Page Talents > Ki Deception > New Talent

Bug Fixes 0.0.6 (05/22/2020)

Page Actions & Combat > Barrage > (Changed Text): Changes the damage modifier and damage type for barrage. Added clear text for soak against barrage. Page Attacking & Conditions > Steadfast > (Change TN): Changed the required TN to successfully pass a standard steadfast… Continue Reading “Bug Fixes 0.0.6 (05/22/2020)”

Bug Fixes 0.0.5 (05/06/2020)

Added new Non-Digital character sheet to site. Updated training system to give better purpose to condition ranges.

Enter the World of the Dragon

Welcome to the internet’s number one Dragon Ball tabletop role-playing game “Dragon Ball Universe.” Thirteen years of development DBU is the most advanced and extensive fan-created Dragon Ball role-playing game around. Our mission is to create the best and most trusted fan created role-playing… Continue Reading “Enter the World of the Dragon”