Gathering Ingredients

Depending on your environment, gathering ingredients can be either easy or difficult. While outside of a Combat Encounter, if you would like to forage for ingredients, you can declare any number of Standard Ingredient Types (see: Standard Ingredients below) up to 1/2 of your Insight Modifier. For each of those Ingredient Types, you can make a Survival Skill Check against a set of three TNs decided by your ARC. For each one you succeed on, you gain an Ingredient of that Type!

For ARCs, you should decide a different Difficulty Category for each Ingredient Type requested based on the environment the player characters are in to represent the different Ingredient Grades (see: Ingredient Grades below). For example, in an area where food is scarce – it may be impossible to gain Rare or Very Rare Hearty Ingredients and even getting enough to begin cooking with is so difficult that a Common Grade Ingredient is a TN Nearly Impossible skill check! Comparatively, in a lush forest, perhaps even a Very Rare Grade Ingredient is only a TN Medium.

Some Ingredients may be gained from Defeated enemies or be given by allies you meet along the way. Sometimes, instead of hunting, your ARC may choose to have you barter with shop owners or just take some currency they gave you. Ultimately, gathering ingredients can be as fun or as simple as your ARC likes! Some people may even go as far as to make adventures just to find some Legendary Ingredients!

How to Cook

To cook a Dish, you can select up to 3 Ingredients and then make a TN Easy Cooking Skill Check. Increase the Difficulty Category for this Skill Check by +1 for every Ingredient after the first and then increase the TN by the Grade Bonus of each Ingredient.

Between each Combat Encounter, you can cook a total number of Dishes equal to your Skill Rank in the Cooking Skill. Each Dish can feed an entire group (up to 6) of people and characters can eat a number of Dishes up to 1/4 of their Base Tenacity Modifier (rounded up).


Ingredients come in a variety of Types, each one shown below. Ingredients are used to build Dishes and while they can be consumed alone to settle a starving stomach, you gain no benefit from doing so. Special Ingredients can be consumed alone or in Dishes and Legendary Ingredients can only be consumed alone and cannot be cooked into Dishes.

Standard Ingredients

Ingredient TypeAttributeIngredient Examples
HeartyForce/SpiritMeat, Beans, Seafood, Mushrooms, Root Vegetables
FillingTenacityBread, Grains, Noodles, Dairy, Leaf Vegetables
SpicyAgilitySpices, Chilis, Peppers
SweetInsightFruits, Sugar, Berries

Special Ingredients

IngredientIngredient TypeEffect
AlcoholSpicyAt the start of each Combat Round for the next 3 Combat Rounds, roll a 1d10. If your result was 1-4, you gain Superiority on your Strike Rolls. If your result was 5-8, you gain Superiority on your Dodge Rolls. If your result was 9-10, you gain Superiority on both your Strike and Dodge Rolls.

When you lose the effects of Alcohol, you lose all bonuses gained from any Dishes or Ingredients you have consumed (except Legendary Ingredients).
Divine TeaSweetIgnore the effects of all Negative Combat Conditions affecting you until the end of your next turn.
Fresh WaterFillingRecover 1d10(T) Life Points and Ki Points.
HetapSweetYou may use any 2 Maneuvers that have an Action Cost of One Action as an Out-of-Sequence Action immediately.
CandySweetRecover 1d10(T) Ki Points and increase your Capacity Rate by +1/4 until the end of your next turn.

Legendary Ingredients

Senzu BeanCompletely restore a character’s Life Points and Ki Points, if that character was Defeated, they are no longer Defeated.
1/2 Senzu BeanRestore 1/2 of a character’s Maximum Life Points and 1/2 of a character’s Ki Point Pool. If a character was Defeated when they ate a 1/2 Senzu Bean, they immediately stop being Defeated and regain 2d10(T) Life Points and Ki Points instead.
Ultra Divine WaterMake a Corporeal Saving Throw, TN Very Hard. If you fail, you are Defeated. If you succeed, you gain +1 stack of Unlocked Potential.
Tree of Might FruitCompletely restore all Ki Points and increase your Attribute Scores (AG/FO/TE/SP) by +4. Use the Transformation Maneuver to enter the Doping Enhancement Power as an Out-of-Sequence Action.
EnsenjiRestore 2d10(T) Life Points and Ki Points. Additionally, gain the benefits of the Ki Multiplier rule (see – Transformation Rules), even if you are not currently in a Transformation. You lose any benefits from this Ingredient at the end of the current Combat Encounter.
Ki-Infused Mutant Arcosian TailRegain 2d10(T) Life Points and Ki Points and Increase your Attribute Modifiers (AG/FO/TE/SP) by 1/4 of the Arcosian’s respective base Attribute Modifiers. You lose any benefits from this Ingredient at the end of the current Combat Encounter.
Longevity SupplementGain access to the Ideal Condition Trait until the end of the Combat Encounter. If you were suffering from any Negative Combat Conditions when you consumed this Legendary Ingredient, remove them.

Ingredient Effects

There are three different categories: Standard, Special and Legendary.

Ingredients of the Standard category can be Common, Rare or Very Rare (see: Ingredient Grades). When cooked into a Dish, each Ingredient grants a bonus to their listed Attribute’s Attribute Score equal to its Grade Bonus. This effect can stack but only lasts for the duration of their next Combat Encounter. This bonus to Attribute Scores does not count towards any Prerequisites for Talents or Magical Abilities.

Special Ingredients are always considered to be of the Rare Grade. They can be eaten in a Dish or eaten during a Combat Encounter by spending One Action – at which point their effects will activate. If you consume them with a Dish, you may activate their effects at any time by spending One Action during your next Combat Encounter. You can only activate the effects of each Special Ingredient once after consuming them.

Legendary Ingredients cannot be used to cook a Dish and must be eaten by spending One Action. After doing so, you will immediately activate their effects. You can feed Legendary Ingredients to an ally by spending One Action while in their Melee Range. Any bonuses gained from a Legendary Ingredient will persist even after the current Combat Encounter, unless specified otherwise.

Additionally, when making a Dish with any number of Ingredients, you can activate a Dish Special if your Cooking Dice Score beats the TN by at least 3+. A Dish Special is an additional benefit that remains throughout the next Combat Encounter for all characters who ate that Dish. You can only select a Dish Special option for a Dish if you have the chosen Ingredient Type in that Dish. Dish Specials cannot stack.

Ingredient Grades

Ingredient GradesGrade BonusIngredient Examples
Common+1Shiitake Mushrooms, Tuna, Tomatoes, Pork chops, Apples
Rare+2Dinosaur Meat, Mount Paozu Fish, Filet mignon, Black Truffles
Very Rare+3A5 Wagyu Beef, Caviar, Fugu, Aji Charapita Hot Pepper, White Truffles

Dish Special

Ingredient TypesEffects
HeartyIncrease your Maximum Life Points by +10(T).
FillingIncrease your Maximum Ki Point Pool by +12(T).
SpicyIncrease your Capacity Rate by +6(T).
SweetIncrease all of your Combat Rolls by +1(T).
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