Monster Form

A monstrous transformation that shifts your body into a violent, terrifying beast. This may be the true form of your alien race or born from some kind of mutation or curse. Whatever the cause, this is a power that grows with you as it harnesses the depths of your primal abilities. While the power is immense, unfortunately this horrific transformation will not let you win any beauty pageants.

  • Race. Any
  • Transformation. Alternate Form
  • Stress Test. 10
  • Tier of Power Requirement. 1+
  • Aspects. Enhanced Save (Corporeal), Dedicated Transformation

Abomination. When you first gain this Alternate Form, select 2 Monster Traits to gain. Additionally, you may choose 2 Aspects for this Transformation to gain from this list: Durable Form (Level 1), High Speed Form (Level 1), Size Increasing (Level 1), Raging (Level 1), Bulky Form.

Size Increasing, Durable Form, High Speed Form and Raging can be taken twice, the second time increasing the level by +1.

Vile Technique. When you first gain this Alternate Form, you may create one Signature Technique with a Technique Point cost of 20 or lower. This technique has the Restriction Disadvantage with the set restriction being that you can only use this Signature Technique while in this Alternate Form. This disadvantage still applies its reduction to your Technique Point cost.

True Form Ascension. This Transformation is another aspect of yourself. As you become stronger, so does this state. Each time your base Tier of Power increases, you may increase the Stress Test Requirement for Monster Form by +3 to choose two Attributes to gain an Attribute Modifier Bonus of +2. This effect can stack with existing Attribute Modifier Bonuses and when you first gain access to this form, apply this effect for each Tier of Power you have reached after the first. Additionally, depending on your base Tier of Power, you gain these bonuses:

  • 2+: Regain an additional 1d6(T) Life Points or Ki Points (your choice) when you use the effects of Legend Realized.
  • 3+: Once per Combat Encounter, you may spend One Action to gain the effects of Legend Realized a second time. When you gain the effects of Legend Realized, you gain Superiority on all Combat Rolls until the end of your next turn.
  • 4+: Once per Combat Encounter, you may spend One Action to gain the effects of Legend Realized a third time. Gain +1 Monster Trait.
  • 5+: If this Mastered Transformation is selected by the Limit Break x Survivor trait of Ascended Form, gain the Perfect Ki Control Aspect and increase its Attribute Modifier Bonuses (AG/FO/IN/SP) by +1(T).

While this Transformation is the Maximized Transformation for the Full Power State, treat the Tier of Power Requirement for this Transformation as if it was -1 lower than your base Tier of Power (min. 1 and max. 4). You cannot enter the Forced Power State if your base Tier of Power is 3+.

Beast of Wrath. When you enter this Transformation or by spending One Action while in this Transformation, you may choose to add the Rampaging (Level 2) Aspect to Monster Form. If you do so, increase your Attribute Modifier Bonuses (FO/TE/SP) by +2 and gain +2 additional Aspects from Abomination or +1 Monster Trait – decide which upon gaining this Transformation. The additional Aspects or the additional Monster Trait must be chosen when you first gain access to this Transformation.

This effect lasts until you exit the Transformation or are Defeated.

Monster Form Mastery. You can Master the Monster Form Transformation starting from Tier of Power 2. When you gain Mastery for the Monster Form transformation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Self-Acceptance. You gain the Enhanced Save (Morale) Aspect and you gain the benefits from Beast of Wrath permanently. You do not gain the Rampaging (Level 2) Aspect.
  • Monstrous Power. Select two Attributes of your choice when you gain Mastery. The Attribute Modifier Bonuses of your selected Attributes are increased by +1(T).
  • Perfected Technique. The Signature Technique you created through Vile Technique can gain up to +2 additional Advantages that have a Technique Point cost total of 10 or lower without spending any Technique Points.
  • Natural Form. You gain the Natural Form Aspect.

Monster Traits

  • Bestial. Gain a Beast-Man Trait. This may be taken multiple times. 
  • Adaptive Toughness. For each Health Threshold you are below, increase your Soak Value by +1(T). Once per Combat Round, when you are successfully struck (hit) by an Attacking Maneuver from an opponent within your Melee Range, you may deal Lethal Damage equal to 1/2 your Soak Value to the attacking character.
  • Limber. Once per Combat Round, you may move up to 1/2 your Normal Speed as an Instant Action. Additionally, increase your Melee Range by +2 squares.
  • Extra Arms. While transformed, you grow two additional arms. These arms are able to hold weapons. Gain +1 additional Counter Action per Combat Round. During your turn, you may spend 2 Counter Actions to use any Attacking Maneuver as an Instant Action.

    You cannot use the Four Witches Technique Magical Ability.
  • Terrifying Visage. Once per Combat Round, as an Instant Action, you may select one opponent within 6 Squares of you. They must make an Opposed Skill Check, their Intuition against your Intimidation. If they win, nothing happens. If you win, they suffer from the Shaken Combat Condition until the start of your next turn.

    Increase your Intimidation Skill Checks by +2.
  • Magical Monstrosity. Gain one Magical Ability from the Spellbook with a Technique Point Cost of 20 or less as long as you meet the Prerequisites. Any remaining Technique Points can be spent on Advancements for that Magical Ability. You can only use this Magical Ability while in the Monster Form Transformation.

    Reduce the Technique Point cost for any Advancements gained for this Magical Ability by -2.
  • Mutating Beast. When you first gain this Monster Trait, you may select either the Captain, Technician, Speedster, Brute or Psychic option of the Evolutionary Peak Trait. While in the Monster Form Transformation, benefit from your selected option.
  • Monstrous Persona. When you first gain this Monster Trait, select up to 2 of your Attributes (either AG/FO/TE/SP) to be your Reduced Attributes and up to 2 of your Attributes to be your Increased Attributes. While in the Monster Form Transformation, decrease the Attribute Modifier of your Reduced Attributes by any amount up to -4 (for each Attribute) that would not reduce any listed Attribute Modifier to 0 (the amount is selected upon gaining this Monster Trait). Increase your Increased Attribute(s) by the total amount your Reduced Attributes were decreased by while in the Monster Form Transformation. If you selected 2 Increased Attributes, decrease this bonus by -1/2.
  • Bloodlust. When you knock an opponent through a Health Threshold, gain a stack of Bloodlust (max. 3). When you defeat an opponent, gain +3 stacks of Bloodlust. You lose -1 stack of Bloodlust at the end of any Combat Round you did not successfully knock an opponent through a Health Threshold.

    Each stack of Bloodlust increases your Strike and Wound Rolls by +1(T). While you are benefiting from Beast of Wrath, increase the total bonus from Bloodlust by +1(T), as long as you have at least 1 stack of Bloodlust.
  • Ravaging Charger. If you successfully strike (hit) an opponent with a Blitz Maneuver, you may make an Opposed Morale Save against that opponent. If they win, nothing happens. If you win, increase your Strike Rolls against that opponent by +2(T) until the end of your next turn.

    Reduce the Ki Point cost of the Blitz Maneuver by -2(T).
  • Petrification Plating. When you enter the Monster Form Transformation, gain +3 Plates. For each Plate you have: reduce all damage you take by -2, reduce the amount of Squares you can move through the Movement Maneuver or be moved by an opponent by -2 and reduce the Dodge Rolls of any opponent you are grappling as the Grappler by -1(bT).

    When you are successfully struck (hit) by an Attacking Maneuver, you may increase the reduction to damage from each Plate to -2(bT) for that Attacking Maneuver. If you do, remove -1 Plate after that Attacking Maneuver.

    If you are already in this Transformation at the start of a Combat Encounter, gain +3 Plates.
  • Brood Parent. Once per Combat Round, you may spend One Action and 12(T) Ki Points to create a Minion with the Minion Creation rules. In addition to this, this Minion is your race, has up to 2 of your Body Racial Traits and has +1 Monster Trait of your choice. This Minion also has access to any Manifested Powers you possess.
  • Monstrous Regeneration. When using a Legend Realized, add your Force or Spirit Modifier to your Dice Score. Additionally, regain +3(T) Life Points at the start of each of your turns while you are in the Monster Form Transformation.
  • Unstoppable. If you are knocked through a Health Threshold and succeed at the Steadfast Saving Throw with an 8+, immediately activate a Healing Surge as an Out-of-Sequence Action.

    When rolling a Steadfast Saving Throw, increase your Natural Result by +2.
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