UPDATE FIXES 0.8.3 (04/01/2023)

New Additions



  • A race of sentient plant creatures, these fierce warriors are finally at your fingertips. From the traditional small humanoids, to the more extravagant divergent evolutions, defeat your foes with tricky and savage strategies!


Super Saiyan 5

  • Unleash the pinnacle of primal fury with the ultimate form of Super Saiyan!

Savior from Heaven

  • When all hope is lost and the world needs a hero… the Savior from Heaven descends! Let out your inner beast with a burning scar that signifies the light you contain!

Master Class

  • Through dedication or perhaps by chance, you have a unique specialization towards a particular method of fighting. In a class of your own, you are ready to defend even time itself!


  • As the highest pedigree of Saibamen, it is your job to protect and rule over your subjects. With great prestige, you are capable of giving aid to your allies better than any other.

Greatest Warrior?

  • You are the world’s greatest warrior! Or… So you think. At the very least, everyone else does! You may not be very capable compared to the insane superhumans that surround you, but you have something a bit more nuanced than any of them… Luck!

Variant Transformations – Super Saibamen

  • You have surpassed that of the average Saiba-warrior! Through means unknown to most, you have become the peak of all Saibamen kind.

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