Transformations tend to have certain similarities or abilities that can be seen commonly appearing amongst them. These are known as their ‘Aspects’. When looking at a Transformation, most will give a list of Aspects that they possess. Aspects do not stack across stages, each stage has its own set of Aspects. Additionally, when using an Enhancement Power with another Transformation, their shared Aspects do not double up but if they share Aspects with levels, add those levels together to decide the level of that Aspect (up to the maximum for that Aspect).

What each Aspect means is detailed below:

  • Armored Form. Reduce all Lethal Damage you take to Direct and all Direct Damage you take to Standard. This only applies to damage dealt by Attacking Maneuvers.
  • Battle Uniform. When you enter this Transformation, you lose access to your current Apparel until you leave the Transformation. While within the Transformation, you are equipped with the Apparel described at the bottom of the Transformation’s page. Apparel given through Battle Uniform is a Special Item and therefore has no Break Value.
  • Bright Aura. When you enter this Transformation, you emit bright light that covers up to 2 squares from your position until the end of your next turn. An area covered in bright light removes the penalties from Limited Sight or No Sight, as long as they are created by the environment. You also benefit from the effects of Bright Aura while benefiting from the Power Up Maneuver.
  • Bulky Form. While using this Transformation, you must use your current Attribute Modifiers instead of your base Attribute Modifiers for the sake of calculating Super Stack. While you are in a Transformation with this Aspect, gain +1 stack of Super Stack.
  • Dedicated Transformation. You cannot use the Surging Strength Talent to enter this Transformation.
  • Draining. At the start of each of your turns while in this Transformation, you lose 3(T) Ki Points for each level of the Draining Aspect you currently possess. When calculating the Tier of Power for Draining, use the highest Tier of Power Requirement for any transformation(s) you are currently in instead of your current Tier of Power.
  • Durable Form. Durable Form has multiple levels. While in this Transformation, increase your Soak Value by +1(T) for each level.
  • Enhanced Save. While you are in this Transformation, gain Proficiency in a listed Saving Throw (which will be listed with this Aspect). If you already have proficiency in that Saving Throw, increase any rolls with that Saving Throw by +1(T).
  • Exhausting. If you leave this Transformation through any means, you suffer from Stress Exhaustion for 3 Combat Rounds. You also suffer from the Impediment Combat Condition on all Combat Rolls until the Stress Exhaustion ends.

    If a Transformation with this Aspect would transform into a higher stage of their current transformation or if an Alternate Form would transform into a Legendary Form, they do not suffer the penalty of Exhausting.
  • God Ki. While in this transformation, your energy is completely hidden from outside sources. Whenever another character or outside force attempts to use any kind of ability to scan or search for potential life forces, they will be unable to locate your character – this includes mechanical devices such as scouters. Notably, any character or creature that can track or detect godly ki can attempt to sense your ki as usual.

    In addition, whenever you make a Ki Wager and fail to successfully strike (hit) an opponent, regain Ki Points equal to half the Ki Points you spent on that Ki Wager.

    After gaining access to this transformation, you can sense God Ki even when not using the transformation. You cannot use two transformations with the God Ki Aspect at the same time.
  • Heartbeat. When you use the Surging Strength Talent to enter this Transformation with an Instant Action, reduce the Ki Point cost by 1/2. You may use the first effect of Surging Strength three times per Combat Round instead of once per Combat Round when entering this transformation.
  • High Speed Form. High Speed Form has three levels. While in this Transformation, increase your Normal and Boosted Speed by +1(T) for each level.
  • Long Transformation. Long Transformation has two levels. For each level, increase the amount of Actions spent by the Transformation Maneuver to enter this Transformation by +1. For each level of the Long Transformation Aspect, increase the cost of using the Surging Strength by the Stress Test of that Transformation. The cost of using Surging Strength to enter a Transformation with the Long Transformation Aspect cannot be reduced by any means.
  • Natural Form. You do not have to roll Stress Tests for any Transformation with this Aspect unless you use an Enhancement Power in conjunction with it, at which point follow the standard rules for Stress Tests. If you fail a Stress Test, you do not exit the Transformation, but increase the amount of rounds you suffer from Stress Exhaustion by +2.
  • Perfect Ki Control. Only reduce your Capacity Rate by 1/2 of the Ki Point Cost of any Maneuvers. This does not include any Ki Wagers applied to those Maneuvers.
  • Power High. When you enter this Transformation or knock an opponent through a Health Threshold, you must make a Morale Saving Throw, TN Easy. If you pass the Saving Throw, nothing happens. If you fail, you must either immediately use the Combat Recovery Maneuver (even if your Life Points and/or Ki Points are at their maximum) or suffer from the Guard Down Combat Condition until the start of your next turn. If you do not have enough actions to use the Combat Recovery Maneuver, you must choose to suffer from Guard Down as described.

    Power High has three levels. Each level after the first increases the Saving Throw TN by one rank. You can ignore the effects of Power High for the remainder of the Combat Encounter after you’ve suffered its effects a number of times equal to its current level. If you enter a Transformation with a higher level of Power High, the previous times you’ve suffered the effects of Power High count towards the amount you require to ignore the effects of the current level. Additionally, if you choose to willingly fail (see – Willing Failure) your Dodge Roll on any Attacking Maneuver with you as the target, you may treat it as if you had suffered the effects of Power High. If you are already suffering from Guard Down and choose the Guard Down option, reduce your Defense Value by an additional -1(T).
  • Size Increasing. While in this Transformation, your size is Large. If your size was already greater than Large, it does not decrease to Large. Increase the range at which targets are considered to be at Long Range by +2.

    Size Increasing has three levels. Each level after the first increases the size by one category (if that size is still less than their current size, they do not decrease their size) and increases the range at which targets are considered to be at Long Range by an additional +2. Additionally, for each level after the first, the transformed character’s melee attacks become a sphere Area Attack with a +1 to its size and the transformed character’s energy attacks become a sphere Area Attack with a +2 to its size. The Area of Effect for these Area Attacks expands from the target.

    For example, at the third level, a character would become Gigantic, have a Long Range of 14 squares, have a melee Area Attack that strikes all targets within 2 squares of the target and have an energy Area Attack that strikes all targets within 4 squares of the target.
  • Raging. The Raging Aspect has two levels. For each level of Raging, when you attempt to roll a Morale Saving Throw for the Rage Combat Condition, reduce your Dice Score by -2(T) and while you are in Rage, you get +2(T) to Wound Rolls.

    In addition, you count as being in Rage for any Traits or Talents that have effects activating while you are in Rage, if you are below the Injured Health Threshold. If this transformation has the second level of Raging, this effect activates at the Bloodied Health Threshold instead.
  • Rampaging. At the start of each of your turns while in this Transformation, you must make a Morale Saving Throw, TN Hard. If you pass the Saving Throw, nothing happens. If you fail the Saving Throw, select the nearest enemy target. If there are multiple targets within the same distance from you, your ARC decides which target is selected. You can only make Attacking Maneuvers against that enemy and you must make at least 2 Attacking Maneuvers with that enemy as the target during this turn. Additionally, you must make a Ki Wager of at least 6(T) on each Attacking Maneuver during this turn and you suffer from the Guard Down Combat Condition until the start of your next turn. If you do not have the Ki Points or Capacity Rate to make this Ki Wager, spend Life Points equal to the Ki Wager to add a free Ki Wager equal to the amount instead. The required Ki Wager from the Rampaging Aspect uses your base Tier of Power.

    If you use an Attacking Maneuver or Trait that can target multiple characters during a turn in which you failed your Rampaging Saving Throw, allies are also counted as enemies for these effects.

    Rampaging has two levels. The second level of the Rampaging Aspect increases the Morale Saving Throw to TN Very Hard and if you fail the Saving Throw, you must roll a 1d10. On a result of 4 or lower, you must select your nearest ally as a target instead of your nearest enemy.

    You cannot choose to leave a Transformation with the Rampaging Aspect unless you have successfully beaten the Morale Saving Throw for Rampaging this Combat Round.
  • Strainless. For this Transformation, you do not need to roll your Stress Test at the start of each of your turns if you would have to normally. You must still roll for your Stress Tests upon reaching a Health Threshold, as per usual. You lose access to this Aspect if this Transformation is used in conjunction with a Transformation that does not possess either the Strainless Aspect or the Natural Form Aspect.
  • Temporary Form. Temporary Form has 3 levels. A Transformation with Temporary Form can only be active for 5 Combat Rounds. Reduce the number of Combat Rounds it can be activated for by one for each level of Temporary Form after the first. When you exit a Transformation with the Temporary Form Aspect for any reason, even voluntarily, you suffer from the full effects of Stress Exhaustion as if you failed the Stress Test.
  • Weakening Form. If your current Ki Point Pool is below 1/4 of your Maximum Ki Point Pool while in this Transformation, reduce this Transformation’s Attribute Modifier Bonus by 1/2. You do not suffer this effect if you have entered this Transformation through the effects of the Surging Strength Talent.
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