Androids are said to have unlimited energy and eternal life. Due to their inorganic nature, they also have no aura or ki to sense. There are two types of supply, those that need a constant intake of energy usually stolen from victims to keep their power reservoir from draining and causing the android to malfunction, and those whose power continually replenishes ad nauseum.

With nearly limitless possibilities and boundless power, Androids are extremely commanding warriors. Powerful constructs built and shaped for battle, never slowing down, never giving up. Able to take extreme damage and dish out, even more, Androids are deadly and impressive characters on the battlefield.

Android Lore

Android Aptitudes

Attribute Score Increase. Both your Force and Tenacity scores are increased by +4 and your Insight score is increased by +2.

Age. Constructs don’t age and will continue to function up to roughly 300 years before malfunctioning. Cyborgs age like their counterpart species, however, the age rate is one to four.

Health Modifier. +4

Size. Various Android types have a height between 4’0” to 7’0” and weight from 180lb to 300lb. Android characters can choose to be Small, Medium, or Large.

Z-Soul. Androids typically focus on a singular goal with unparalleled determination. Androids could have a z-soul related to vengeance, perfection, purpose, loyalty or discovery

Android Proficiencies
Saving Throw: Cognitive
Skills – Select two of the following: Acrobatics, Athletics, Knowledge, Perception, Science, or Stealth

Cybernetic Upgrades (Android Trait) (Body).  All five of your senses have been cybernetically enhanced giving you powerful perception. While making a Skill (Perception) Check you will score a Critical when rolling a natural result of 8+.

Your life force cannot be sensed. Whenever another character or outside force attempts to use any kind of ability to scan or search for potential life forces, they will be unable to locate your character – this includes mechanical devices such as scouters.

At Character Creation, discuss with your ARC the type of android you are making and what bodily needs they may have. Do they need to breathe? Eat? Drink? Depending on their type of enhancements or if they’re completely robotic in nature, you can completely decide what your android needs. Machine Mutants, however, at least require to eat metal and/or machinery.

Damage Inhibitor (Android Trait) (Body). Tough, durable, and built for battle, Androids can take significant amounts of damage. Reduce all Standard and Direct Damage you suffer by -2(T). Damage Inhibitor is applied before Soak.

Lock On (Android Trait) (Body). You can lock-on onto a target allowing you to track their movements through combat – this ability does not function outside of combat. At the start of your turn, select any one target you are in combat with and declare you are locking on to them. When you are locked on to a target, increase your strike rolls against them by +2(T). Each time you lock-on to a new or different target, you gain the Guard Down Combat Condition until the end of the current Combat Round.

Android Combination (Android Trait) (Body). This type of fusion ability allows an Android to absorb another Android permanently. The strength of the absorbed Android fuels a huge increase in the dominant Android’s power. You may attempt to fuse with an Android within your Melee Range at the cost of 3 Actions if they consent to the fusion. When you fuse with another Android, you gain an instance of the Super Android Manifested Power and you gain a number of Attribute Points to spend immediately equal to the Power Level of the absorbed Android. You can gain a stack of the Super Android Manifested Power even if you’re at the maximum number of stacks for your Tier of Power and if you don’t meet the Tier of Power requirements. If gained this way, it counts towards your maximum number of stacks when you can gain more.

After absorbing another Android, you may also choose to increase your base Size Category to Large. If the absorbed Android and you were created by the same being, the Super Android Manifested Power increases your Attribute Modifier Bonuses (AG/FO/TE/IN) by an additional +1 as well for this stack and you may gain a number of Technique Points to spend immediately equal to twice the Power Level of the absorbed Android.

If an absorbed Android is 5+ Power Levels lower than you, you do not gain a stack of the Super Android Manifested Power.

Functional Purpose (Android Trait) (Mind). Each Android is built for a reason and depending on that reason, their abilities may differ. At Character Creation, select one of the following bonuses:

  • Destroyer. Increase your Force Score by +2. Additionally, once per Combat Encounter, you may increase one of your Wound Rolls by +1d4(T).
  • Protector. Increase your Tenacity Score by +2. Additionally, once per Combat Encounter, you may reduce one instance of damage you take by -1d4(T).
  • Companion. Increase your Personality Score by +2. Additionally, once per Combat Encounter, you may increase an ally’s Combat Roll by +2(T) before you know the result.
  • Researcher. Increase your Scholarship Score by +2. Additionally, once per Combat Encounter, you may decrease an opponent’s Combat Roll by -2(T) before you know the result.

Energy Absorption Traits

Power Core (Energy Absorption Trait) (Body).  Energy Absorption model Androids are powered by energy stored in a power core. This core allows you to recover, store and steal energy. At Power Level 1 increase your Capacity Rate by +6 and your Ki Point Pool by +12. Each time you gain a level add +3 to your Capacity Rate and +6 to your Ki Point Pool, this is in addition to any other increases you are entitled to. This effect is applied retroactively if the Power Core Racial Trait is gained after Character Creation.

Notably, due to the nature of your power core you cannot use the Surge Maneuver Power Surge. Additionally, the Maneuver Combat Recovery does NOT restore your Ki Points, it can only restore Life Points.

Power Absorption (Energy Absorption Trait) (Body).  Since this type of android do not produce their own energy, you need to absorb energy to replenish your power reserves. This can be accomplished in two different ways: one, by stealing it from someone else, or by charging at a source of energy. When outside combat, you can replenish your energy reserves by simply “plugging” into a power source at your ARC’s discretion.

Energy Drain Maneuver (Dynamic). While in a grapple that you have initiated, you can spend 1 to 3 actions to force the Grappled character to make a Corporeal Saving Throw, TN Medium. If they fail, they must make a Force Ability Check (if they are Holding Back, reduce their Dice Score by -2 for each stack of Holding Back), characters with the Magic Warrior Talent must use their highest Attribute Modifier between Force and Spirit. They lose a number of Life and Ki Points equal to the result and you gain Ki Points equal to the amount they lost. If they succeed, make the same Force Ability Check but they only lose Ki Points and only equal to 1/2 of the result (you still gain Ki Points equal to the amount they lose). For each action spent after the first, increase the Corporeal Saving Throw by +1 Difficulty Category and increase the result of the Force Ability Check by +3(T), using the higher of you and your opponents’ Tier of Power for the calculation. You can only use the Energy Drain Maneuver once per Combat Round.

After using the Energy Drain Maneuver, if you are a higher Tier of Power than your opponent, reduce their Grapple Checks until the start of your next turn by -2(T). If you are a lower Tier of Power than your opponent and your opponent fails their Corporeal Saving Throw for the Energy Drain Maneuver, you may immediately use the Power Up Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action.

Energy Absorption. If you successfully use the Deflect Parry Maneuver, you can absorb the attack you have successfully deflected. Carry out the attack normally as if it had struck you; however, instead of suffering damage to your Life Points, you instead restore the intended damage to your Ki Points. This cannot cause your Ki Points to exceed your Ki Point Pool. If the attack you absorbed was a Signature Technique and/or had a Ki Wager of +5(T) or higher, you may immediately use the Power Up Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action.

Siphon. You can absorb the energy your target extrudes when they attempt to dodge or are stuck by your attacks. If you successfully strike an opponent within your base Melee Range with any type of attack, increase your current Ki Points by +2(T), using your target’s Tier of Power.

Infinite Energy Traits

Unlimited Energy (Infinite Energy Trait) (Body). This type of android have an infinitely recharging power core, allowing them to fight theoretically forever. This cycle allows you to collect excess energy and effectively recycle it. At the start of each Combat Round before any character takes a turn you automatically restore +5(T) Ki Points.

Additionally, you can spend One Action to use the Surge Maneuver Power Surge during your turn. You cannot use this type of Surge Maneuver more than once per Combat Round.

Infinite Power (Infinite Energy Trait) (Body). When you use the Power Up maneuver, increase your Capacity Rate by 1/2 instead of 1/4th. Additionally, increase the bonus to Combat Rolls from Power Up to +2(T) instead of +1(T), but you can only use the Power Up Maneuver once per Combat Round and the benefits from Power Up cannot stack.

Machine Mutant Traits

Technological Integration (Machine Mutant Android Trait) (Body). Your body is able to integrate various weapons and items into itself, letting you call upon them like an extra limb. You may integrate a number of Basic Items and/or Equipment into your body equal to your Tier of Power. Integrating an item requires you to be able to hold it without interference and spend One Action to integrate it. You may use any integrated Basic Items as an Instant Action and you may apply the effects of a single piece of integrated Apparel without wearing it (this does not count towards your number of Layers and may allow you to stack the benefits of two pieces of Apparel of the same Apparel Category). Any integrated Apparel does not apply the Apparel Penalty and you do not gain the benefits of Doffing that piece of Apparel even if it is destroyed. Additionally, you may use any integrated Weaponry without suffering the Strike Penalty. Any integrated Melee Weapons can be treated as Unarmed when you make an attack by spending 3(T) Ki Points before you make your Strike Roll.

Once per Combat Round, you may use an Instant Action to destroy one of your integrated items to use one of the following effects:

  • Immediately use the Power Up Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action.
  • Immediately use the Energy Charge Maneuver as an Out-of-Sequence Action.
  • Immediately regain +2d6(T) Ki Points.
  • Immediately gain +1 Counter Action to use by the start of your next turn.

All destroyed items are lost forever.

Metal Body (Machine Mutant Android Trait) (Body). You have the ability to walk and move through metal walls as if they were liquid and can modify your body to defend against attacks you can see coming. You benefit from the Armored Form Aspect, even if you’re not in a Transformation, against attacks from the opponent you have targeted with the Lock-On Racial Trait.

Gain Proficiency in Corporeal Saving Throws.

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